What Are The 3 Core Energy Sources Of All Humans?

Does it make sense to you that humans cannot live without food and water? If it doesn’t, try to live without water for 3 days and  without food for 3 weeks. Both ways won’t be fun, I promise you that.

The core energy sources of all humans are food, water, and shelter. Life without these sources would not be sustainable. In any case, a family or a caregiver to develop a child, they have to be able to support their child until he/she is able to make their own living.

From the point where we have the core energy sources at sight, we have to procreate that energy and transform it into something happy, positive, and joyful. The best part is that we can share that energy with people and blast the happy waves around to make other people happy. Let’s break down the energy sources to make my point cloudless.

1. Water is the deepest energy source

Okay, air is first, but it still doesn’t count as something we should earn, but something we are enlightened the first moment we come out of the womb.

Depending on the years of the person, our body is constructed of 50-75% of water. Infants contain more water, while adults tend to have lesser percentage. Anyway, the major point is that half of our body weight is water.

It is irrelevant to remind you, but staying hydrated is lot more important than you think it is. The body needs water to function proper and to sustain all the processes of producing core energy.

Water is most famous for its five core processes:

1. Transporting nutrients and oxygen around your body

2. Getting rid of waste products

3. Controlling your temperature

4. The function of your digestive system

5. Keeping the skin healthy

How much water we need depends on many factors such as physical activity, age, diet and climate. Average person should drink for about 1.5-2 liters a day, but that’s not a core rule. As I said, depends on the climate and physical activity. If it’s hotter we need more water, or if we do the 200 minutes of workout we need for about 3 liters a day. Fruits and vegetables are also a good source of water.

5 Great tips to bind you with water are to:

1. Carry a bottle with you so it will be available at your hand, literally.

2. Drink a glass of water with every meal.

3. Eat fruits and vegetables, preferable at least 5 potions a day.

4. Always have one bottle of water on your desk (if you have desk type of a job, if not see tip number 1).

5. Drink one glass of water before, during, and after exercise (if you are fitness enthusiast)

2. Food is the source of all functions

Always, ALWAYS remind yourself that food is one of the most vital consequences of your mood. Lot of people listens to their mouth, and they lay away their healthy issues until it’s too late. They want to regain it after they lose it, but sometimes that’s impossible. That is why the facts about cigarettes and alcohol’s brain damage is really unhealthy.

I firmly believe that mood is connected with nutrients. It’s simple, if the brain gets what he wants, he will serve you as you want. I’ve never felt energized and light after eating a hamburger overflowed with french-fries, ketchup and mayonnaise.

The body will serve you as you please it. If you give junk to it, you will feel junk, it’s pretty simple. I am always for balance, because the quote says it all “Alcohol, because no good story started with eating a salad.” Drinking in moderate dosages is even healthy, so is junk food. One hamburger a week or one cheat-meal can even elevate dopamine levels (the chemicals that give satisfaction and motivation to a person).

What did we concluded? Regular, healthy diet is a must if we want positive energy, and moderate dosages of cheat meals and alcohol can make life more exciting, which is also a must if we want to create a life worth living.

Diets can be found all over the internet. The diet depends on your goals. And always remember, diet is not hunger and it can be used for gaining or lowering weight.

3. Shelter is the place to wander (for people without loans)

Even though shelter doesn’t seem so important, being without it and exposed on harsh snowy weather for 3 hours can cost us life. Most of the people work and create their whole life to secure shelter for their children.

Why do I say it’s the place to wander? Shelter stimulates our brain to wander and to make the free-thinking time available. Right under the roof on our heads, where we rest, we have the luxury to feel safe and think freely (only for people without loans).

Water, food, and shelter are the three most important core energy generators. Altruism is responsible for happiness, but so is having enough water, balanced diet, and safe shelter.

“Try to live without water for 3 days and without food for 3 weeks. Both ways won’t be fun, I promise you that.”

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