4 Health And Wellness Aphorisms That Will Back-Pedal You

Health and wellness … What a cliché, right? It’s one of the most talkative topics these days. It’s not even strange that it is, since all the misbalance’s come from not caring for ourselves and not giving a dime for our health.

Well, today we will discuss on the cliché topic and what can we do to regain our health and bring back our balance. It will only work if you follow the words I write.

Since the last 2 decades, medicine has overtaken the world market. They have taken over the world’s population under their feet. If you are not a person who is addictive to medical pills, most of the people are. They take pills so they could fly over problems and live life with no emotions.

However, I am not going to make poor commercial for medicine, but I am going to try and reconsider your way of living for the sake of your healthcare. These health and wellness aphorisms will give you a hard time in the beginning, but change your life on long term.

1. What you give is what you get

Yeah, life is like a boomerang in every way, either We Declare About Karma, or we talk about health. All the things you put in your organism will serve you as their nutrition value. If you want to have clear and cloudless thoughts, you will have to feed the little rascal up there. If you don’t eat Food For Your Brain you will never get feedback the way you want to have.

Isn’t it strange that sometimes you can think of number, name or sentence right away, and sometimes you can’t even remember saying it the first time? Lot of factors play the role of clarity, but munching healthy is one of them.

You better swipe that boomerang appropriate because it won’t return the way you expect.

2. The groundwork of all happiness is health

If you don’t approve this, you’ve never been sick. The only thing a sick man wants is to be healthy. They don’t talk about money, they don’t talk about power, they only talk of how they will they live when they get better, especially the ones who have life-risking sicknesses.

I’ve noticed that people who survived cancer, or other life threating diseases don’t give a damn what people think of them, how much money they have, or why his hair is looking a bit messy (just guessing on the last one). All they care is that they are healthy and happy. And they start working out, eating healthy and they don’t stress for nothing.

I mean, do you need to get the disease to be aware of it? Quit those Slow Killing Cigarettes, eat healthy, workout regularly and sleep 7-8 hours. Let your clear vision do the rest.

3. There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does

Okay, let’s clear the concept of dieting. I’ve noticed that being on a diet is a new way of showing your bragging rights and starting a “hey I care about me and I am hot” conversation. Diet is not about bragging; let your results show that.

Being on a diet is way of life. There are also diets to gain weight, to lose weight, or to stay the same weight you are. So next time you say you are on diet, you should also be aware that you may tell your “crush” that you are getting fatter than you are. Be aware how you use the word “diet.”

I choose a healthy lifestyle, a life-longing diet. I give my body junk food when I feel like I need to shock my organism and satisfy my brain (once a week). My brain is craving for junk food the second I see one, but patience and wisdom stop me from doing things I would regret after.

It’s the same with being a successful marathoner, professional athlete and what so ever named “professional” and “successful.” There are moments you would crave to give up, but you’re reminded of long term results. That’s how you can become a success, professional in any kind of field, and that’s how you stay healthy.

4. “Don’t ask the doctor, ask the patient.” – Yiddish Proverb

To know what it feels like, you should ask the one who survived it. I had a family member with cancer. After that member passed away, I was aware what is stress doing to a human, what are cigarettes doing to a person, and how important is health for us.

The first thing I’ve learned is that we shouldn’t stress for any god damn thing in this world. How Is Stress Going To Help if you’re not able to fix it? Nothing will change if you stress about it. It’s okay to be a bit anxious about a speech or a massive problem, but to stress and risk your health? Nah, no thanks.

The second thing I’ve learned is that cigarettes are the best slow killing poison ever made. They stack every day for years, and one day they will stab you within. Your inside will rotten. They will make you suffer every cigarette you have ever smoked in your life. What’s worse is that it will be too late. There is no coming back, believe me. Only miracle will help you.

The third and last thing I’ve learned from my family member is that health is everything, literally. All the billions of dollars in the world, all the funny jokes in the world, all the things you think that matter, doesn’t amount when you are sick.

I am begging you to start your healthy lifestyle and start living life for long term happiness rather than a couple of minutes of joy. Be a winner, be a professional, and most of all, Stay Healthy!

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