Here Are The 5 Leadership Tips For The Younger Generation. You Need To Know This!

Being young and careless is fun. Actually it becomes even funnier when you acknowledge that you have to finish college and work for the rest of your life. However, that’s not a bad thing. Then the REAL LIFE begins!

Going from phase to phase, from college to getting a real job, from getting a real job to becoming an actual leader, we have to know a couple of things before throwing ourselves in action.

Taking action and being an actual leader are two distanced matters. We’ve got to know that we are leaders, to believe in it deeply. After having the strong belief that we are leaders, we have to apply that knowledge. To apply it, I will try to direct you towards the right path.

Here are the 5 leadership tips for the young generation.

5 Leadership Tips For The Young Generation

1. Don’t be, you ARE unique

Here is the first belief. We all have different fingerprints, we all have the one and only physical look in the whole world (including twins), and we have uniquely formed brain. Knowing these three facts makes us unique.

BE your own leader and create the crowd you want to lead. Be their inspiration, not their imitation. Formulate your unique brain in the right direction. BE UNIQUE.

2. Compete yourself

Being unique is the starting point. After knowing that we are unique, we have to upgrade that uniqueness in leadership. How are we going to do that?

Competing yourself never ends. It starts the day we are born and we keep improving until the last day of our lives. It’s being better than we were yesterday.

Have you noticed that a true leader, leading a small or big group, have something in him? They have better motive than all the rest. They have the energy to take the group and lead it every minute, every hour, every day, every year, and sometimes for decades. That’s where the light of the uniqueness shines and being better than yesterday never stops.

Compete yourself, gather information’s, listen to video courses, but make sure you always do it with passion and being better than yesterday is inevitable.

3. Give credit to your attainments

I’ve noticed that people give up very easy. They may solve the first problem, the second, the third, even the tenth, but eventually, they will forfeit on the 11th. They lack motivation and inspiration to continue with the process.

Being a true leader means having the power to solve endless problems. To have the power to do that I think I’ve found a little shortcut.

When I feel like life is really hard and I’m not worth it, I always get back to my attainments. I think of how many people I’ve helped, how many people I made happy, how many problems I have solved, and that the world needs me! What would they do without me!? There would be no help during bad times, no smiles on family and friends, and abundance of unsolved problems. You made this world work perfect and that’s literally a big deal! Don’t forget that.

True leader never sits on his hands, especially not when times get tough. Think of the virtues you spared. This world needs you, especially your crowd!

4. Always have your plans written

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve done as a teenager was when I was “remembering” everything. There is no such a thing, especially not with all the distractions that 2016 presents us.

True leader have the plans written, from A to Z. There is no “I will remember it” when we lead a group. We have to have it all written, either on paper, or in your notes on your smartphone, iPad, laptop or computer. If you are not a leader now, I know that you will become one. And when you become a leader, you will have to take notes of those written plans. Just accumulate the habit of writing your plans so you won’t have hard times afterwards.

5. Inspire others to bring the best in them

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. —Jack Welch

Now we came to the last tip of a true leadership. It’s the power to inspire others to bring the best in them, to have real life followers (not the ones on Instagram).

When we have the knowledge that we are unique, we compete ourselves every day, we have our plans written and we know that this world wouldn’t be the same without us, we will start to inspire others to bring the best in them. To find the same things as we did. The uniqueness they’ve always tried to discover.

Become a leader and inspire others to do the same. We need more authentic leaders around here, especially ones from the younger generations.



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