5 Ways Why Leadership Is Not Destined For All

Being a leader is not for all and that’s a concrete fact. Some people don’t even want to be leaders. They would rather be walking alone and building their own success as a worker or individual.

However, leadership is a way of life. Leaders take everything that depends on them and carry it as a load for the rest of their life. One moment can shake and break it all, but for a true leader that moment never happens.

I’ve analyzed and watched hundreds of documentaries of how the leaders get to make that leadership, how they sustain their position, and how they even manage to make the business grow.

Here are the 5 ways why leadership is not for everyone and why some people make the mistake that should never happen.

1. You are not a leader

The most obvious is that you’re not a leader, you are not creating your destiny as a leader, or you don’t even bump your head to be one.

Leader is a person that gets thrilled by stress; it moves his blood in a positive way. If being a leader is more of a stress than a growth for you and your well-being, then you are not one. Either build yourself in the future to be capable of solving load of stressful situations, or don’t even try to become one when you’re not even thinking of being one.

2. Leaders are stress masters

Many of us, reading this now, are not capable of getting the remote without thinking that “the channel is okay” even though it’s a stupid long-lasting commercial. We don’t even want to solve our own problems in case to enjoy because we are Too Lazy to get the remote, and I don’t even want to write about solving a lawsuit against your firm.

Some people don’t know what is like to be an actual leader. It’s hell of a stressful job, but some people love solving stressful situations. Great leaders have a Master Mind to control all below them even when they are not present.

However, more stress than average is not for all, and that’s final.

3. Making a difference between harmful and right

An actual leader possesses the ability to put aside their emotions when their business is on the spot. Doing the good thing and the right thing makes a difference. Some people may screw it up and you have to fire them. That’s for the best of your leadership, because some people are weaklings and some are fearless gladiators. Leaders know this and they just fire them and they always try to create a team full of gladiators.

After being capable of recognizing the difference between harmful and right, we can become true leaders. Steve Jobs didn’t even think twice to leave someone on the street without a job if he screws his master plans.

That’s just what a leader is. It is forming and leading the right team and winning over a thousand battles in this world.

4. Leaders open doors

Short advice from – Denise Morrison, president and CEO of Campbell Soup Company

“If I could give my younger self career advice, it would be this: Don’t wait for doors to open. Open them yourself by being persistent and thinking strategically about your career. Plan your career destination, develop a personal mission statement, and build relationships with sponsors and mentors.

“And above all, network, because networking is working. Your ability will only take you so far. Your relationships will take you the rest of the way.”

Some people are never capable of opening new doors by themselves and I don’t talk about the one in your backyard. Opening new doors, lurking in new and unrevealed adventures that may bring you more stress or more success is what opening new doors means.

Some people just don’t have it in them and that may also bring them to a better place in life. Maybe some place where they will Find Their True Happiness.

5. Purpose and passion

I’ve had conversation with people older than 40 and they don’t even know what’s their passion or purpose in life. If it’s man, he knows that he have 1 or 2 kids, he have a job that pays his bills, and he is truly unhappy. You can even see it on his face.

If it’s female, she is a mother of 1 or 2, working a proper job, usually less played than her husband, and she has the under-eye luggage since she got the first child. I mean, people don’t even discover their purpose and passion, not to mention knowing it and going for it.

Purpose and passion is a must. If you want to find it and become a true leader, you better analyze yourself and find something that thrills you. It doesn’t matter if you are 40 or you have 10 kids, but find something that will bring you true happiness and self-satisfaction.

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