9 Analyzed Motivational Words to Carry Out Your Dreams

I’ve read thousands of quotes about inspiration and motivation, but I’ve gone through a phase where I need only one word to motivate myself. It gives us space to think about the word and we fit that word right into our life story.

No single one of us approaches the same to words and phrases, but that’s a good thing. It gives us space to think and assemble our own imagination. That’s why everyone has their own way of imagining while reading books, articles and even quotes.

Sometimes one word is enough to inspire us and make us connect our life story with it. I’ve gathered 9 motivational words to carry out our dreams and enhance our imagination.

1. Extraordinary

It’s a one word story. We are all extraordinary people caring something special in us. We do all the things in the world just to express our unique ability even though we do not know that. Believe that you carry something so special, that it can change the whole world. Do wrong things, do right things, work shi*ty jobs, fail, love the wrong person and figure out YOU. After getting yourself armored with experience there would be no one that will stop you from expressing the extraordinary out of you. Believe me; every mistake is going to lead you somewhere. You just have to do them, not to avoid them.

2. Foundation

Foundation is the second most powerful word after figuring out our extraordinary abilities. Finding ourselves and creating the inner paladin is the second step of becoming a one man show!

I’ve once read that every success begins with one man. Only one powerful man is enough to motivate others to bring about something. Steve Jobs and Jordan Belfort are great example of it.

Be the one man show, be your own foundation and be the paladin who fights for some cause. Create your destiny and open your own doors. That’s the only way we are going to experience our foundation.

3. Live

What’s the most important thing before death? The most important thing is to live. Life is meant to be lived the way we want it to be. We cannot spend our lives satisfying someone else’s life. WE are the most important souls in this world. This world contains 7 Billion worlds, because everyone sees different world through their eyes. Live the life you want to live, don’t spend it on someone else.

4. Destiny

Destiny is bull*hit. Excuse me for my harsh language, but destiny is something we create. I don’t believe in happy or sad endings as long as those individuals make them sad or happy. We create our environment and we create our luck. All the things we do form our destiny. The most powerful men says that there is no such a thing as luck. Think, ideas, try, do, do again, and again, keep doing, success. That’s the only way to create a happy ending.

5. Replenish

Sometimes we overdo things, and we experience fatigue. We need to heal, stop and listen to our body. If we open our ears inside, we will see that everything is told in there. We continue listening to our friends, family, grandparents, colleagues and all the people around us. Don’t ask about something you think is right. Listen to your inner self, meditate and find your inner voice. There is everything in there. Even if it’s a mistake you will gain experience, but it rarely make mistakes.

6. Encourage

Walking alone is not the way it’s meant to be. That’s not a destiny, that’s ludacris. If we share our inner self and our extraordinary abilities to encourage people to walk our path, we are going to form an army of heroes! I find the encouragement in wealth and happy people. They try to share their wealth, they quote their success, talk about their way through it. We just don’t listen. We should be selfish, but we cannot form our selfishness if we don’t surround our thoughts from successful people. If we ever have a chance to lift up someone, do it. Help them replenish, give some wise examples and continue with your journey.

7. Guidelines

Having happy and wealthy life is a matter of successful guidelines. Keep your motive up and support it with your guides. We must protect our well-being with some rules. For example, I chose that no one could ever be rude to me, because I didn’t formulate my destiny to give the credit to someone shout at me or tell me that I shouldn’t do it the way I do it. That’s the reason I started a website. I work out every day, I eat healthy, I sleep enough, and I work until I succeed. Those are my momentum guidelines.

8. Determination

Changing our mind quickly can also bring us to failure. Today I want to be famous singer and tomorrow I want to start a website. That’s not going to work. We need to focus on one thing, to be determined on one step ahead. Keep pursuing that step, and if you become a famous singer with hard work and talent, then you can start a website. Keep doing one thing, finish it and expand your limits after. Don’t jump so quickly. Keep your ground.

9. Oneness

I will copy one from my previous articles. It’s an example of a hard struggle in the mudflats during Navy Seal’s hell week.

Looking around of the mudflats there was apparent that some students were about to give up. It was still over 8 hours till the sun came up, eight more hours of bone chilling cold. Chattering teeth in the shirring moans of the trainees were so loud it was hard to hear anything.

AND THEN began to echo through the night. One voice raised in song. The song was terribly out of tune, but song with great enthusiasm. One voice became two, and two became three, and everyone in the class was singing. The instructors threatened us with more time in the mud if we kept singing, but the singing persisted, and somehow the mud seemed a little warmer, and the wind a little tamer, and the dawn not so far away.

How powerful is that guy? He is as powerful as his Oneness. Having something that other’s don’t is the true art of oneness.

Use and imagine these words wisely because they will carry out everything you want.

“We are all extraordinary people caring something special in us”

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