9 Reasons That Losing Weight Is Similar To Success

As I have previously shown the old and new picture of my physical shape I’ve learned a lot when I firmly decided to get a good looking body. Not that I only lost weight and got attractive body, but I learned that life and success can be compared to my process.

People think that life has a lot of spheres and different areas, but the truth is, life is just one mindset. You can be self-determined in love and get a beautiful relationship, you can be self-determined in the way of being successful and you can be a success or you can be self-determined in losing weight and get a great looking body (not to forget that you will feel ten times better). It’s just that you can’t scatter your mindset all around. That’s where balance need to take its place.

However, I have learned that the one sphere or one mindset have a lot in common in both losing weight and being a successful person.

1. Both Include Self-determination

As I previously mentioned, self-determination is the master of all achievements. If you firmly stick to one idea and go for it until you fulfill that idea, you will figure out that your dedication of time directed in a guided way, was the reason you succeeded. If you want to be a success or god-like beauty, you have to be self-determined.

2. Both include Perseverance

Okay, you can say that you are self-determined all you want, but if you don’t overcome the worst of the times or the harsh times, you will never get your future fulfilled as you want it to be fulfilled. Stick to your master and prepare your swords because both include inner battle, harsh struggle, and superior motive.

3. Both include a level of Stubbornness

I’ve been in a conversation where I have been damn wrong about the subject, but I have kept to my ideas that actually everyone gave up and I was the winner. Of course I don’t do that anymore, but I have built a level of stubbornness which helped me in my life. When we are having inner struggle, we should be stubborn about the idea that was there in the first place. We will have reconsidering thoughts all the time, but as the quote says “When you want to give up remember why you started.

4. Both show Long Terms Results

First three days when you choose an idea it sounds perfect. You start executing things with enthusiasm, you have nothing going on in your mind but the fulfillment on the idea, but after one week you start to feel a little pessimistic. You knew that it takes a long term to see the results, but you don’t want to cope with it.

If you want to see plenty of rewarding results in any sphere in life, you have to plan to see them on long term. Period. And if you have results in short term, you won’t learn any god damn thing from it. Have in mind something that can’t be achievable right away, but something that will get you occupied for quite some time.

5. Both Strengthen Your Character

Weight loss and success strengthen your character. Not when you finally lose weight or when you can say that you are successful person, but on the way to the top you learn that you are different person now. And you will see that when you connect with people. They will speak different with you, they will respect you more because you have value and you’re different in the eyes of another. You’re not that fat chubby lazy as* that you were few years back. Now you are a success, everyone likes your presence, and you have plenty of ideas waiting to be executed.

6. They both Won’t Work Unless You Do

I think this is stating the obvious, but it has to be told. If we want something, we are going to be alone and even sometimes the only person walking. Even some of your friends might try to reconsider you that “you look great this way” or that “you don’t need success.” To be honest, you don’t look great if your stomach is further than your head. You need to cut that, diet that. And don’t lie to yourself that “you are fat” when you are 5’7 and you weighs 110 pounds. You don’t need to lose any of it then; you need to clear your head of the idea that you are fat. It’s same as success, it’s never enough and it’s a blur. But you have to set limits because if you become a workaholic, you will never see other beauties that this world and people around you has to show.

7. They both have a second of Decisiveness

You know how I started 8 years ago? I got wasted one night, I smoked around 2 packs of cigarettes, and when I woke up the next morning, I felt like s*it. Not that I know how s*it feels like, but I’m pretty sure it does that way.
I went to internet café, I lighted up my last cigarette and I said to my friend: This is the last one I’m smoking with you. He laughed like a dull-witted whale, but you know what? That was my last cigarette. I started working out and that process is going on for 8 years now.
What I want to say is that every great idea has only one second of decisiveness. One second of “I’m done being fat” or “I’m done being broke.” Not a day, not a month, but a second. And it’s very similar to the f*ck it as a motivational factor.

8. Both are High Mountains

It’s not like you need to literally climb a mountain, but it’s the best metaphor. Weight loss and success are high mountains, especially if you don’t have any support. Both are attainable because millions have done them, but both are mind-reconsidering, harsh, deceptive, illusory things. Be prepared to climb that mountain in your head.

9. Both are Achievable

I don’t want to spoil you, but they are both obtainable. Millions have done it, they are both hard as hell, but they are more than possible. I really love when I see someone lost 200 pounds, or succeeded from being a broke. That’s what motivates me. I find people that walked my way before me. Not that I can’t do it myself, but its great motivational boost.
Find what drives you, what positively stresses you, and come again re-read this article. I promise you it will help you. You are not alone. We may not be big numbered, but here you will find positive encouragement.

“Life is just one mindset.”

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