Why Goal Setting Is Like Playing Hopscotch

I remember when I used to play hopscotch. We were searching the right stone (the best was part of a brick), hitting the right cube and jumping without touching the lines. It was a whole process, and the idea was to win first. It was a competition.

We were always preparing to be winners, to have competition and to overrun their tactics. It’s since we were little boys and girls. That was happening thousands of years back. As they say “the game is same, but the rules are different.”

I would be lying if I say that Hopscotch is the same as being a successful person, but I will repeat that the game is the same, but the rules are different. We are playing on another level, on a more grown up way. And the positive stubbornness is forming since young age. If you hit out of the cubes, you wouldn’t just throw the stone and go home, but you try again until you hit the right one and continue.

Lurking through the game of hopscotch, there are 3 motivational factors that connects goal setting to being a success starting right now.

1. Find the right stone

The game has to be played. If we want to start playing it, we have to find the best flat brick stone that will match our throws. We have to be prepared before we make the first throw.

It’s same before starting a job. We go to college, we start as a trainee, and we’re prepared to start the fiesta. The most important thing in choosing stones is to determine if you really want to play hopscotch. If you don’t, you can always play hide-and-seek, capture the flag or swing the statue. There are millions of choices, but you have to find the one thing you really want to do.

Vision is the most important thing according to millions of great successful man and great successful women. Steve Jobs said: “I would rather gamble on our vision than make a ‘me, too’ product.”

Find something that the will make you think the first second you wake up. It doesn’t have to be something everyone does, but something that will build you as a person and as a character. And again, it doesn’t have to be hopscotch.

2. Positive stubbornness

As I previously mentioned, the positive stubbornness grows since we were little kids. The toy-soldier always wins even if he was beaten by the bad guys. The hide-and-seek continues even if the first time we’ve lost and the hopscotch continues even though we hit the wrong cube, or outside of them. It’s all about continuing with our positive stubbornness until we finish first. On Monday we may lose, but on Tuesday we will be a winner.

There will always be battles and struggles, inner or outer ones, with people or with our thoughts. The thing that wins is our mindset continuing to be stubborn even after hundreds of defeats. Being defeated is always a lesson, and being a winner always comes from learning by our mistakes.

If we want to be successful, happy or in a happy relationship, we have to be positively stubborn about it. Solve everything in your way, find the right thing that fulfills you and go for it until it becomes a success. It doesn’t matter in what kind of area you want to be a winner.

3. Being a winner is not final

Since we played hopscotch we knew that one win is not final. Also goes for a loss.

Today we can win, but tomorrow our friend Tommy can win the play. It’s a never ending fight.

What most people don’t get is that they think they will work until one period of time and that will be it. NO, it’s never going to end. Even if you go to pension, you will work something around. Don’t plan to settle, until the last breathe of your life.

It’s okay to go to a vacation, to take a rest, to go for a holiday, but it’s not okay to stop. Winning is not final. Even if you are in the best moments with your love right now, something will tangle that up because that’s life.

I would highly suggest you to change your mindset and to KNOW that you will never settle because without a purpose life is meaningless. I don’t even have to ask you if you agree. We all know it’s the truth.

Lose, win, observe, continue, win, lose, observe, vacation, continue, win, lose, holiday, massive problem, solve, win, lose …. This is life.

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