We Have 60 000 Thoughts Per Day And 95% Are The Same From The Previous Day

Average day, on an average person, through his head emerge for approximately 60 000 thoughts per day! But the stunning fact is that 95% of those thoughts are the same from the previous day which leaves us with only 5% new and creative thoughts.

That’s the tyranny, we have limited way of thinking. People who occupy their life with the Same Previous Thoughts, mostly negative, have bad mental habits. They want to think more about the past, rather than to concentrate on everything they have positive in their life and to consider ways to improve.

Some of them are anxious about their bad relationships and some of the about financial problems. Some are even worried about their not-so-good childhood and other burdens with tiny things such as “how the merchant serviced them in the supermarket” or “the evil critic from the colleagues.”

People who think this way allow their concerns suck their life energy. They block the massive mind potential and they block the magic from getting in their lives on emotional, physical and even spiritual plan. This kind of people will never figure out that controlling the mind is the base of controlling life.

The most cheery, dynamical and satisfied people in this world don’t differ by the outer look (constitutionally). We are all flesh and bones. We all come from the same source. But, the ones that ask for more out of life, the ones that kindled their passion, awakened their true potential and truly experienced the magic of life, differ from the ones that live average. They primarily adopt the Positive View About The World and everything in it.



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