10 Incredible Ways To Increase Your Productivity

In this world where every hour is a rush hour, people would offer money to get the knowledge of how they could increase their productivity. It’s a relief to know that computers and internet can offer this without getting any penny from you.

First thing got my mind wandering. What can I do to increase my productivity as much as I can? I do things and yet I see that I have no time left. Actually, when we realize what we do through the day, we will conclude that 50% of the things can be thrown away without any consequence.

The 10 incredible ways to increase your productivity will stir your wheels and make you realize that you have time to double your productivity.

1. Tackle your hardest task in the morning

One of the basic principles of personal productivity is to tackle the hardest tasks, the ones we don’t want to do, first thing in the morning. At first it will be hell because we always choose the easy way instead of the hard. While tackling the hardest task in the morning we will make routine that will leave the rest of the day to do the easy ones.

2. Ready, set, GO!

The second way to increase our productivity (although a bit dramatized headline) is to set a timer between tasks. If we give ourselves time, we will always find a way to be lethargic instead of valuable. Set realistic time and start doing your exercise. Day by day you will see that you’ve become faster and you can spend more of your time on another task.

3. Remove the daily distractions

Put your phone on silent, close all the unnecessary tabs (if you have virtual job), close all the windows (unless you live in the nature) and switch off the television. Everything that distracts your focus must be thrown away. That’s a great move to increase your productivity.

4. Are you giving the best of yourselves?

One of the questions to help our awareness is to ask ourselves: Am I doing the best I can, or my vision is too shallow? Maybe you should change your tasks or your job. That also leads to cognition.

If we don’t grow every day and we don’t push more and more, we will never increase in anything, not just in productivity. Always be better than yesterday.

5. Take a good sleep

One of the problems that make productivity hopeless is not getting enough sleep. If you barely wake up in the morning because you’ve watched funny cat pictures or you stuck on your interesting homepage on Facebook, it has to be sanctioned. Sleep is inevitable for being productive and dynamic.

6. Narrow your focus

I’ve seen people, my colleagues, work for 2 hours and do something that can be done in 15 minutes. I was wandering what’s the secret of their unproductiveness.

I watched one of my pals doing something on Word Press. He wrote 3 words, stopped for 1 minute and continued. He wrote 300 words in 2 hours. I figured out that he is not focused AT ALL.

Focus your attention on your momentum task. That’s how you can sharpen your work and do more in less time.

7. Tell people your goals

It’s strange how our mind works. If we tell people about our goals, we instantly do more to get those goals done. No one wants to see losers.

Tell everybody what’s your goals. Don’t tell your overall vision, but tell your short goals. And be careful of overdoing it, because no one wants to hear all about you, even if you really do all that.

8. Saying no is a must

Say no. If you don’t want something you say it. “Hey buddy, let’s go and walk around the neighbourhood?” NO. There is no time for you to walk now. You have tasks, you have limited time today and you have a clock ticking next to you. You will walk on weekdays. Saying no will drastically increase your productivity.

9. Don’t multi-task

I am also a big fan of doing 3 things at once. I would rather take 10 bags than go twice to the car, but my 10 bag trips always ended up with a mess. Some apple would slip in the dirt from the bags, or I might drop some bag and break all the eggs.

Multitasking is for disorganized people. Get your stuff together and narrow your focus on one thing.

10. Don’t update your social profiles

I would suggest you to delete them, but if your work depends on them you shouldn’t.

Social networks are the biggest time stealer’s according to new studies, especially in the younger generations.

Have your social profiles, but don’t update them. That will help you withdraw in the shadows.

By following these 10 things, you will be twice as free, or twice as productive. Now you can do things in 24 hours that you could previously do in 48 hours.



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