12 Ultimate Steps To Maximize Your Self Care

Life has no point if we don’t feed our body “robotics” to stay healthy. In fact, we cannot live well if we don’t take care for ourselves.

We should also love ourselves. After loving ourselves we shine with energy around people and we are able to spread our love all around. Self-care is essential topic.

First thing we need to do is to stay healthy. Everything comes after health, because health is the first and most important thing to one human (I guess in animals too). After being healthy, we have to take care for our body, our inner functions, and our psychological part.

Since everything is inside our body, eating healthy superfoods is the closest thing related to health and self-care. However, today we will focus on our psychological activities and actions.

The next self care steps will maximize your understanding of a person with good traits.10794_287531018062420_828109581_n

1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it

We believe in a thing called gut. The gut will give you a feeling of what’s wrong and what’s right for your choice. Why most of the people don’t steal? It feels wrong. Why most of the people don’t lie? It feels wrong. You get my point?

We know what’s wrong and what’s right, but sometimes we scam our minds away from it. Always listen to your feelings. They will guide you in the right direction.

2. Say exactly what you mean

Most of the quarrels occur because we are not precise.

If the persons we talk to understand us wrong and pursue with that conclusion, the talk will escalate in a fight.

However, being honest can also lead to an argument, but that argument can be solved. The argument from misunderstanding can be rarely solved. Always be honest, and sometimes even rudely honest. Say the precise thing you want to say. Don’t cloud your emotions.

3. Don’t be a people pleaser

I was a people pleaser 3 years ago. If a person wanted to taught me into something, he only needed to tell me that 3 times and I would agree with it, even if I would never do it myself.

That means that we don’t have “the me” person. We shouldn’t try to fit in with pleasing. Actually, people will respect you if you have your time organized, rather than to be a butterfly that lands on every flower.

Find your vision and don’t please people and their desires.

4. Trust your instincts

I mentioned the gut in #1.

The gut is the instinct that will lead us. The gut leads people in false relationships, frauds, blackmails, hurt and pain. But what your gut says is that “A knight in shining armor is a man who has never had his metal truly tested.

People who never experienced bad stuff will never have revelation over happiness, life and success. I’m not saying that we should lurk in bad things in life. Just trust your gut. It will always lead you wherever you should be headed.

5. Never speak bad about yourself

Often, when we face bigger problems, our guard is down and we would rather be in everyone’s skin, than in ours.

When the guard is down, our self-esteem is on the lowest level possible. We let all the bad energy flow in our well-being and we lower the expectations of ourselves. Bit by bit, this is stacking and we could find ourselves to the point where we feel bad and even speak poor about ourselves.

Not only it will feed bad people around you, but your friends won’t respect you anymore. Who likes a person that doesn’t even like himself? Even if Adrianna Lima didn’t like herself, she wouldn’t be the beauty that we see virtually.

Trust your gut, be the best version of yourself and never speak awful about yourself.

6. Never give up on your dreams

People without dreams will never find inner love, self-confidence, or self-determination. There is no such a thing as fulfilled life without a dream. I refer the dream as a vision, something that we only see in our inner pictures, something that we might never get, but we find in every bit of hope.

The conclusion tells us that people without a dream are people without hope. Have a dream and pursue it. It’s that simple sometimes. It’s scary if you don’t know what your dream is. If you already know, make everything circle around that vision.

7. Don’t be afraid to say no

As we know that we shouldn’t be people pleasers, we should learn to say one word that will save us big time.

Saying “no” to the right things will give us time for the things we should say “yes” to. Do you want to be an attorney? What was the first thing that came to you? If you are me, the first thing was that came to my mind was “definitely no.”

Ask yourselves questions and see your reactions. Say no to things that don’t matter so you will give space and time to circle around your vision.

8. Don’t be afraid to say yes

On the contrary, saying yes to the right things will lead you to your dream.

As we previously said, we should listen to our inner self to hear the answer of every question. Don’t be a dark corner by saying no all the time, but say no if your well-being firmly knows it’s a “no.” It looks complicated but it’s very simple if we learn the technique.

9. Be kind to yourself

Even though we learn most of the things through failure and overcoming harsh times, we should be always kind to ourselves.

One exercise I’ve learned is to be thankful for everything that has happened to me, because it will always lead me to another and better place, and it will automatically remove me from the past.

By choosing to say “yes” and “no” in different places and being kind and thankful for your momentum state, will surely bring you happiness.

10. Let go of what you can’t control

Some things are out of our control. Why the guy next to you wears strange glasses, or that his green hair cannot be changed?

You cannot control people’s behavior, but you can control your own. As it was said “The biggest change begins with the change in you.” You surely can control yourself.

11. Stay away from drama and negativity

Only time when drama and negativity is important is when you act in a movie and you need to do a role when you are dramatically negative. If you don’t act and you are not a part of a role in a movie, don’t do drama, never.

Drama and negativity are infectious. In a community of positive people it’s easier to be positive than to be positive in a negative community. It’s frequently said that we need to surround ourselves with positive people because sometimes that’s the only way to become a positive person.

Drama is the only thing I personally hate. I hate every second of drama. That’s a wasted second, and some people don’t get that drama is never solving anything. It’s only prolonging and leading to a faster death with fewer things done. That’s how we should see drama.

12. Love

When this word is mentioned, people always think of relationships between lovers.

Love can be used to describe an immense desire to become something or to be with someone. It’s not always a love between you and your partner. It can be love with your family, friends or vision. The happiest people fall in love with the little things in life and start to appreciate every moment.

I hope the things you read today will change you as a person for better. We all deserve a happy life.

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