3 Unusual Techniques To Remove Your Frown Face

The thoughts are vital, vivid materials consisting of tiny bundles of energy. Most people don’t even throw a dime about the nature of their thoughts, and yet, the quality of our thoughts forms the quality of our life.

The thoughts are part of the material world, like the ocean, or like the street you walk every day. Weak mind can rarely take course of action. But the strong, disciplined mind that can be attained with every day exercise is able to achieve impossible things. If we want to live fulfilled life, we have to take care of our thoughts like the most precious gift. We need to fully remove our inner self riots. We will be wealthy awarded.

In one of my previous writings I’ve mentioned that we have approximately 60.000 thoughts per day and 95% of them are the same from the previous day. With the techniques below, you will throw this fact in garbage.

The next 3 unusual techniques will drastically help you remove your frown face. They only work if you constantly do them on a daily basis.

1. Heart of the rose

For this extraordinary technique you only need a rose and a quiet place. Natural environment is the best choice, but a quiet room will do it.

Next thing you should do is sit and watch the rose in her heart. Imagine the rose as life: along the way you will encounter a lot of thorns, but if you believe in your dreams, in the end you will wipe all the thorns and meet the heart of the rose.

Keep looking in the rose. Notice her color, quality and shape. Grasp her fragileness and think about the beauty that stands in front of you. At the beginning you will encounter other thoughts, deceiving your mind off the rose. That’s a sign of your inexperienced mind. But do not worry; progress will come soon enough. Just bring back your attention to the thing you are focused on. Soon, your mind will be more disciplined.

For the efficiency of the ritual, you have to do it every day. First couple of days you might find difficult to focus for 5 minutes. We live in a rush hour. Silence and peace are unusual in the 21th century. Most of you would say: “I don’t have time to look at flowers”, but that’s the same as saying that you don’t have time to enjoy children’s laugh or walk on the beach.

Be persistent and spend more time feeling the heart of the rose. After a week or two you will be able to spend 20 minutes doing this technique without wandering around. That’s the first sign that you have control over your mind. Your mind will be your servant. He will do as you wish.

Remember, either you control your mind, or he controls you.

2. The technique of Opposite Thinking

Every one of us can easily create positive and creative way of thinking in a short period of time. The process is straight forward: when you notice that unwanted thoughts lay in the center of your mind, exchange it with another positive and grateful thought in the exact moment.

Imagine your mind as a slide projector and every thought you encounter is a slide. When you see negative slide, immediately change it with positive.

The first step is to be aware of the thoughts you have. Self-realization is the basis of mastering yourself. The second step is to acknowledge that the easy walkthrough for the negative thoughts is the same easy access for the positive thoughts. Concentrate to be cheerful and filled up with abundance of energy. Feel happy. Bear yourself as you do when you are happy and enthusiastic. Stand tall, breathe deeply and force the power of your mind to the positive thoughts. In a couple of minutes you will notice significant energy.

If you continue with the execution of you negative thoughts, after a couple of weeks you will see that bad thoughts have no power over you.

“Negativity is like embryo. It starts small and grows frequently. After a while, it will form its own life.” Don’t let this happen.

3. The calm visualization

You can do this technique in any quiet place. Sit, close your eyes and stay calm and breathe deeply. You will notice that after 2-3 minutes you will start to feel relaxed. Start to visualize about everything you want to be, or attain in your life.

If you want to be the best father in the world, imagine how you play and laugh with your kids, answering to all their questions with open heart. Imagine yourself handling difficult situations with generosity and love. Mentally practice the way you are going to react to similar situations when they occur in reality.

The magic of the visualization can change a lot of situations. You can use it to become more efficient in your job, to strengthen your relationship, or to develop yourself spiritually.

Using this method permanently can accumulate financial gains and abundance of material goods, if that’s what you truly want.

Always remember that your mind have a magnetic power to attract everything you want in your life. If something misses, it’s because that doesn’t exist in your mind. Keep the best images in your thoughts. Only one negative picture can poison the way you think.

When you start to experience the joy from this ancient techniques, you will grasp the ancient abilities of your consciousness and you will start to release the energy and potentials hiding in you.

From my personal experience, these three ancient techniques from the book by Robin Sharma “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, made a huge impact over my positive way of thinking. If you do them every day, I guarantee you will start to feel vigorous and unstoppable.

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