99 Everyday Reasons To Stay Alive

There are moments in life, if not every day, when we fall in harsh struggle with our mind. It’s always a problem that needs to be solved. It can be boredom, being nervous, or we can be generally wrapped up in our minds.

However, there are trillions of reasons to stay alive in this world, or during our “stay”, and try to accomplish our vision. Today we will shortly brief only 99 out of the trillion reasons because I cannot sacrifice my life writing all of them.

The following awesome everyday reasons will be pretty obvious, but it’s always a good reminder to people who need inspiration, which makes it all of us.

1. Recovery process

2. The first rain of Autumn

3. Stepping on crunchy leaves

4. Meeting new friends

5. Seeing old friends

6. Waking up an hour before your alarm

7. Beautiful sunsets

8. Shooting stars

9. Holding hands for the first time

10. First kisses

11. Catching snowflakes on your tongue

12. Fresh baked cookies

13. Digging your toes in the dirt

14. Listening to the wind

15. Singing to your favorite song on the radio

16. Collecting shiny things

17. Birthdays

18. Making new traditions on holidays

19. Passing tests

20. Getting paid

21. Tea before bed

22. Watching your breath on cold mornings

23. Bonfires

24. Weddings

25. Traveling to new and faraway places

26. Touching the lives of everyone you know

27. Finding money in your pocket

28. Hugs

29. Smiles

30. Pregnancies and new life

31. Compliments from strangers

32. Hearing a good song for the first time

33. Photo booth pictures with friends

34. Watching new trailers before a movie

35. Graduations

36. Buying your first lottery ticket

37. Lucky pennies

38. Laughing

39. Re-reading your favorite book

40. The white noise of a coffee shop

41. Blowing bubbles

42. Meeting someone famous

43. Getting through another year

44. Anniversaries

45. Freshly made pancakes

46. Late night adventures

47. Finger painting

48. Making love

49. Getting a new haircut

50. Putting on new socks

51. The smell of clean laundry

52. Healing

53. Falling in love

54. Jumping into pools

55. Fuzzy slippers

56. Seeing rainbows

57. Petting dogs/cats

58. Learning to love yourself

59. Full moons

60. Crescent moons

61. Taking pictures with a disposable camera

62. Going to parties with friends

63. New dollar bills

64. TV shows

65. Kicking old habits

66. Finding something you thought you’d lost

67. Taking naps

68. Sleeping in

69. Improving yourself

70. Clean bed sheets

71. Finding the perfect pair of jeans

72. Standing up for yourself

73. Eating your favorite dessert

74. Cooking yourself dinner

75. Being proud of yourself

76. Inside jokes

77. Setting goals

78. Taking days off to do nothing

79. Lightning and thunder

80. Seeing that there can be good in the world

81. Being a part of the good in the world

82. Realizing you’re never truly alone

83. Being so happy you’re crying

84. Your heartbeat

85. All of the people you have yet to meet

86. Discovering yourself

87. Breathing

88. Dancing (alone, naked, or with a partner)

89. Defending what you believe in

90. Crossing things off of list

91. Trying something new

92. Doing what you love

93. Overcoming your fears

94. Finding a balance in everything

95. Fighting off your demons

96. Accepting yourself

97. Creating new dreams to conquer

98. Being true to who you are

99. Surviving

All of the reasons above are things we manage to forget that are crossing our path on a daily bases. Remember, we either see the good things in life, or we keep looking reasons to stay in bad mood.

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” – Buddha

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