Social Networks Made Fitness Evolution Take Wrong Turn

Fitness is about good looks and health. If you are into fitness, it is your hobby, or it’s connected to your daily job. Today we will talk about the ones that do fitness as hobby and how fitness evolution badly evolved though the years.

Currently, we have vast social networks to share pictures with our entourage. People started using social networks to ease the connection between peers, family and workers, but as time passed by, the social networks pulled more out of people, instead of people pulled out of social networks in a good manner.

If you are in the fitness and healthy foods niche, you will notice that people on your social networks share a lot of healthy food meals and pictures of their hot bodies. That is totally fine. But if you see from their point of view, by working out and spending all their energy to show their body on their social networks, the benefits of workout and fitness become toxic, rather than beneficial. Not to mention that they make 100 pictures of one meal to take one perfect shot and share it all over their social profiles.

I am writing this from my own experience, not that “I see the things from 3th point of view.” We have to reconsider our goals,vision, and be healthy, instead of obsessed with fitness and sweating.

How many of us would work out and eat healthy if there weren’t any social networks?

Let’s add 4 more intriguing questions.

1. If you weren’t able to upload all your healthy achievements to your virtual crowd, would you still do it for?
2. Would you still run if there wasn’t Nike Plus or Runtastic to share your runs?
3. Would you still eat healthy if there was no Instagram or other social networks?
4. Would you still workout and eat healthy if you were the last person on the earth? (I am Legend is great example)

If you honestly would, then that’s your passion and you do it because you love it. You should probably get some job in the health industry and make a living out of it.

If the answer is honestly no, then you are doing it to be healthy and to get the after-workout feeling of joy and happiness. You still want to do it, but it’s more concerning your health than pure passion.

Both are perfect, and far better than no workout, but if the answer on the questions above is “no” and you still waste all of your time to get approval from your virtual buddies, then you should probably stop doing it and start chasing your vision, whatever that vision is.

People seem to forget that time is nonrenewable and we are not able to do all the things in the world in one lifetime. We cannot watch every good movie ever made, we cannot listen to every beautiful song ever composed, or see every beauty this world has to offer, but we surely can force to experience as much as we can. If we spend that nonrenewable resource on posting pictures of our hot body or healthy meals without any purpose, then we should stop immediately.

There was a time when I started working out 8 years ago, I told everybody that they MUST work out and eat healthy without them even questioning me anything on that subject. Not that I made wrong move, but some of them accumulated strong aversion towards healthy nutrition and fitness. I didn’t made wrong move by telling them that workout is good and eating healthy is right, but the wrong move was that I forced people to do something they don’t know what it feels like, without showing any example of it.

If I am energetic, happy, cheerful, and steamy hot looking, they would ask themselves of how is all that possible. If they don’t ask, they would unconsciously want to know how you pass your day, and want to be more around you.

People want freedom, rather than to be forced to do something. Even love works that way. “Love is like fart. If you have to force it, it’s probably crap.” You give freedom to it, and it will become true love.

What’s the conclusion?

The conclusion is, if you really want to work out and be healthy (without the virtual crowd) that’s more than fine. In fact, it’s one of the best things you have ever done. And if you do it, with all your heart and you are truly passionate about it, then you probably need to make living out of it somehow. The “somehow” part has to be discovered only by you.

Another conclusion is that you should never force people to do anything, but to let them learn from their experience. You can only give advice, if they seek it. If they make wrong move, they will know for the next time. And if they make the right move, they will go in the right direction.

We rather have to be an example, than a pile full of information without any illustration. Maybe this is the best thing you’ve ever read, but you wouldn’t take is seriously because it’s not written from Richard Branson or Albert Einstein. We have to build up something to make an example out of it.

“If you tell people how rich you are, then you probably aren’t”

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