The Purpose Of Life Is a Life Of Purpose

The American author Robert Byrne simplified life in a quote.

Meaningless comes from purposeless. You can work in a company, you can have kids, you can have money, but you can never be happy if you don’t have purpose of life. All your life you will depend on the moments when you are happy for no particular reason. If you don’t strive for something, you will never have a happy life. You will rather depend on happy moments.

To clear the word “purpose”, we have to justify the idea of what is the meaning of each individual. It may sound funny, but once you were once the quickest sperm cell that won the race and no race is won without a purpose.purpose-of-life

What’s my purpose?

We may find it hard to believe, but Albert Einstein didn’t consider himself as an extraordinary individual. He saw everything simple and clean, while the entire world looked at him as a mad scientist. He was looking at things so simple, that everything made sense to him.

The point is, we are all different individuals, and we have different and meaningful purpose to contribute in this world. If we take Einstein for example, he knew that he was meant to make a drastic change in this world in the law of physics (not minding that humanity will use it as a nuclear weapon).

The world can be changed by selling colorful balloons, if that’s your purpose. It doesn’t have to be mastermind tactic. Those balloons will give a happy moment’s to all the kids around the globe. You make a difference with every single step you make.

I started to believe that every wrong and every right will always lead us to our purpose. No matter what it is, or how it’s done, as soon as it’s done with your good intentions. For example, if you tell your boss that you think you truly deserve a raise because you work too hard, you may be even doing a step that will leave you unemployed, or it may give you a better position. Both ways will lead you somewhere. Sometimes it’s better to experience the bad times to feel the good.

But as I mentioned, it needs to be done with your good intentions. Once common mistake that people do is hiding their emotions and going with their heads in the walls. As soon as we start to avoid the inner voice that used to guide us our whole life, or the gut, we instantly distance our way off the purpose. That’s where the biggest dysfunctions happen. We will start to be sad, anxious, meaningless and most important, purposeless.

“Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.”

One of the biggest revelations, before I started generating money, was that I personally lived in the world where I thought everything worth having comes fast. That’s the biggest scam of all times. Neither love, wealth, happiness, comes in a day. Everything comes with purpose, passion and being in a complete harmony with your vision. Everything should circle around your vision.

“You can’t produce a baby in a moth by getting nine women pregnant.” – Warren Buffett

Did we learn something today?

We learned that we are all send here by gift with a special purpose. Whoever you believe sent you here, he sure meant you to do something. I saw the movie “Noah” yesterday. At the end of the movie, he was able to choose, whether he mutilates both of his grandchildren and extinct human race, or hope to have a better humanity? He chose hope.

So let’s not bring Noah-from-the-movie down and make some difference around here.



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