33 Epic Ways To Stay Creative

Creativity always tries to lurk through the actions and find a way to express itself. It’s really disturbing when we know we are creative, but we push away the good habits and build a solid wall on the path of creativity.

However, this is neither fatal nor final. We have the power of choice and each choice defines our way to happiness, wealth, success and fulfillment of our vision. All the good things we want to possess come from the power to imagine and create clear non-existing image in front of our eyes and make that image feasible.

When we say he or she is creative, we conclude that the individual is able to express their emotions under the best light. We are all able to do that, as I previously mentioned. We just block the creative waves from the brain to happen in the real world. How can we fix that?

Today we will focus on the 33 epic ways to stay creative. Neither of them will trap your visualization from happening.33 Epic Ways To Stay Creative

1. Make lists

Making lists is one of the best ways to discover and break down anything into smaller pieces. Start doing this stunt.

2. Carry a notebook everywhere

Got an idea, write it down. These days “notes” on I phone or any other smartphone will do it, but I highly recommend notebook.

3. Try free writing

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should start today. You will be amazed how capable and rich you are to express your emotions on a piece of a paper. Even if you suck at the beginning, you will drastically improve in no time. I suggest a journal of 100 words every night (example: how was your day). Focus on the positive things.

4. Get away from the computer

But first, read the rest and start with epic creativity.

5. Be otherworldly

Sometimes we need to relate to an imaginary or spiritual world. That’s when the magic happens.

6. Quit beating yourself up

“I’m no good, I am failure and I let everyone down.” If we keep saying a lie for days that lie will become reality and no one is a failure. Stop beating yourself up and focus on the positive things you do every day.

7. Take breaks

Take a break. Almost all of us want to be happy and successful, but we need time to rest our brains and recharge our batteries.

8. Sing in the shower

I know some of us belong to the group of “retarded whales” when we sing, but that shouldn’t stop the rock star inside us when we take a shower. Let the emotions express themselves. Don’t block creativity in those 10 rocking minutes.

9. Drink coffee/tea

Popular belief labels tea as a healthy drink and coffee as bad. Mounting evidence suggests that both are good for you because they’re brimming with antioxidants (antioxidants protect healthy tissues from “oxidants,” also called free radicals).

10. Know your roots

To “know your roots” means to know your genealogy, ancestry, where you came from. The names of the people you descend from, their story’s, what they did for a living, etc. If you know your roots you know what country/countries you come from, how your family got to be where they are, why they went there, and when. Have a sense from where did your being emerged.

11. Listen to new music

If we live, say, one century we still wouldn’t be able to hear all the songs made in the world. Of course we don’t even want to, but enriching our ears with new music according to our taste on a daily bases, will make us richer.

12. Be open

There is not one reason to be restricted to express our emotions. Be open with everyone you meet and feel free to be authentic.

13. Surround yourself with creative people

By following and analyzing rich and successful people, I personally concluded that they had their personal growth hit the ceiling when they connected with people same as their creative interest. You will find good example in this list.

14. Get feedback

Get your feedback. It will bring about your creativity in a ways that will make you think on different scale.

15. Collaborate

As we concluded in #13, we have to surround ourselves with people to grow. We are all living in one world and under the same sky for a reason.

16. Don’t give up

Persistency is the key to success. Don’t you ever give up when you know you started it with a clear vision. Motivate, inspire, find alternatives, but never let it slip away when you know it’s the right thing. Creativity will guide you sooner or later.

17. Practice. Practice. Practice

Practice is the only way to make something close to perfect because total perfection will never exist. Find ways to grow in a particular area by expanding your knowledge with practice. Persistent practice will prove to be one of the best successful factors.

18. Allow yourself to make mistakes

Rejections and mistakes are cosmic redirection. Mistakes will teach us “how not to” do something, while knowing “how not to” will become “how to” in a different context.

19. Go somewhere new

Learning new cultures and enriching our eyes with new places will boost our creativity in every way possible. The best people I’ve met always turn up to be nomadic.

20. Watch foreign films

Foreign films will teach us new language (at least some words). Another language is always good for creativity.

21. Count your blessings

Jordan Belfort said “see things as they are, not worst as they are and then SEE them better than they are and MAKE them that way.” This will help us understand that counting our blessings will give us positive state and liability to be more than we are.

22. Get some rest

Especially a vacation on a new place is a must (at least) once a year. As we mentioned before, we need time to rest from each and everything.

23. Take risks

Taking risks is inevitable for every aspect of growth. One of my best motivational factors of taking a risk is the f*ck it moment. These days even taking a walk is a risk.

24. Break the rules

Rules are made to cripple environment, at least some of them. Breaking the rules combine taking risks and growth.

“Know the rules well, so you can break them effectively.” ― Dalai Lama XIV

25. Do more of what makes you happy

It’s as easy as that! Do more of what makes you happy. These 14 ways to quick happiness can give you some starting point.

26. Don’t force it

Anything you have to force is bad. Persisting in a vision and forcing a vision is totally different. Do not confuse forcing with being persistent in a thing you know its right.

27. Read a page of the dictionary

Have you ever listed a dictionary and wanted to read a whole page out of nowhere? It is a great way to enrich our knowledge and knowledge is linked to creativity.

28. Create a framework

If we have an idea of something we should always do a framework and clear analyzes of “how to.” Don’t plan on spontaneous success because there is no such a thing.

29. Stop trying to be someone else’s perfect

Acquiring skills from wealthy persons by reading their successful stories is great way to start with growth. But if we want to be someone else’s perfect we are just wasting time AND creativity. Knowing that we are unique is the first creative boost.

30. Got an idea? Write it down

Once an idea pops out, immediately write it down. We have 60.000 thoughts a day! One can easily slip away and that might be “the one.” Be sure to catch every idea on a piece of a paper.

31. Clean your workspace

I have seen a workspace where you can throw a pencil and it will be gone forever. These places that look like atomic bomb exploded in them need to be permanently clean. We spent (at least) 5-8 hours a day working in that mess. I would prefer hygienic place to clear my thoughts away from every pile of junk next to me.

32. Have fun

At the end of the day, who doesn’t want to have some fun? Some find it on the workplace, some find it in the clubs and some find it home with their kinds. Blessed are those who find it in all three ways!

In any case, fun is inevitable for expressing our happy emotions.

33. Finish something

Remember something you have left in the middle and try to execute that thing. It will give you an emotion of fulfillment.

All of the things above are to bring about the best way to lurk our creativity in the real and physical world.



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