5 Inspirational One-Liners To Remind Yourself Daily

Every day is a struggle, whether we find that struggle in getting out of bed in the morning, or paying our gigantic loans. We wake up with problems, we solve them and we go to sleep. That’s the normal daily routine of a human being.

When you interpret it, if you don’t have problems your life will be boring. And if you don’t sleep, you will never have sharp and executive mindset. Balance between life, sleeping and solving problems is a must process for normal and beyond normal reasoning.

I made a list of 5 Inspirational One-liners to make that balance possible, even if sometimes the problems seem to overrun our day.

Remind yourselves of these 5 one-liners every day regardless of your to-do list. Just say them out loud every morning and every night for at least 10 times.5 Inspirational One-Liners To Remind Yourself Daily

1. “I am amazing”

At first, we might say to ourselves “why the hell am I speaking to myself”, but believe me after a while you will start to believe that you are amazing.

You are the only individual crafted like the person you see in the mirror, you have impressive abilities and characteristics and you want to see the world as a better place through your vision.

We all possess these things, and with these things above we are amazing. Don’t doubt these facts. Not even for a second.

2. “I can do anything”

If Thomas Edison wasn’t part of this prayer, he would never have invented the light bulb and another vast number of inventions he did back in the days.

We are able to do anything. When I say anything I mean every bizarre thought you could think of now in this exact moment. We can do, mix, create and invent everything we have in our imagination. We just have to find the right ingredients to craft the recipe and execute until the creation is done.

Motivate yourself to stick to your dreams and vision. “I can do anything” is pretty simple one-liner to give you the boost of ability.

3. “Positivity is a choice”

Smile and laughter are optional. Even if you believe they aren’t, if we do them on purpose we give false facts to the brain that we are actually happy and we truly become happy. And this is a fact.

So if you think that the day is dark and you don’t seem to solve, but to bury yourselves with problems, just throw those false facts to the brain and start digging those problems away. We have the power to choose what happens in our lives, but we have to discover that the power lies in things we say to ourselves, especially the ones we say every day.

Positivity is a choice, remember that!

4. “I celebrate my individuality”

One of the greatest powers is to have individuality, not attached to anyone or anything when we’re trying to make decision.

It’s more important to remember that we have the individuality all the time, every second of the day, but we clinch to things that affect our decisions, such as society, family, friends, materialism and all the things that block our thoughts.

We have clear minds that are able to reason our way to the best of us. If you’re not on the way to being the best of you, start doing it now and become one in the future.

Celebrate your world around 7 billion others because every human, even every animal, is a whole different perception of the world.

5. “I am prepared to succeed”

If you still aren’t, this will help you grab the wealth.

If we still haven’t decided that we are prepared to succeed, we will never be able to take course of actions for success, because success and happiness are two of the hardest things to grasp and stick to in this world.

Spark that fire in your brain that you are ready to overcome and smash every obstacle in your way to get your success on track. Without decision that you are actually prepared to get success, it will never get you far if you start your life longing journey. Success is not a place, but a state of obtaining and maintaining.

Being amazing, knowing that we can do anything, choosing to be positive, celebrating our individuality and being prepared to succeed are one of the best ways to have the life you always wanted. Start the journey and keep it with the 5 one-liners above.

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