Everything I Need To Know In My Life I Learned From My Dog

Dogs are best friends. We don’t doubt that because they wouldn’t leave us even if it means protecting us from wild bears.

My dog is my first  inspiration as soon as I open my front door. He is so simple that he really knows how to enjoy the little things in life.

I wish everyone a hairy buddy to experience and acknowledge the things I did, eve to those who are allergic to it!

These 14 things I learned from my dog were a true revelation to me. Everything can be solved if we see the things in life simple.Everything I Need To Know In My Life I Learned From My Dog

1. Never pass the opportunity to go for a joyride

As we see the everyday normal drive around the city and in the park, the dog sees that as a joyride. They hang their heads out of the window and throw themselves completely to the wind.

We could also enjoy our ride if we know to appreciate the things we have.

2. When loved ones come home always run to greet them

The first thing I see when I arrive home is my beautiful Jack-Russell Terrier waving his tail with his tongue unplugged and jumping like crazy on my legs.

Only if everyone behaved like our dogs, we would all be happy for at least once a day and sometimes that’s more than enough.

3. Never pretend to be something you’re not

If my Jack feels like he’s not in the mood for dog food, he wouldn’t eat it, period. At the exact moment, dogs completely rely on their momentum feelings, not pretending that they are something less or more than that.

Life would be simpler if we behaved like dogs (without the licking balls part).

4. When you want something, look at it until you get it before it’s gone

If the tennis ball is out the drawer, and that happen to be when Jack is looking, he wouldn’t turn his eyes off it. Not even for a beef jerky!

If we want something, we have to focus on that thing until we make it. There is always exact time for an idea or something we want to attain, but that time needs observing and action.

5. If you want your lies buried, dig until you find it

Digging seems to be the best comparison with human life. If we want things done or problems solved we have to dig until we find the solution that fits the formula. Observe around it and start digging.

6. Take every opportunity to run

Running is one of the complete healthiest workout formulas for the whole body. It healthy for everything we possess inside our bodies, following with clear mind and actions done outside of it. Take every opportunity to run!

7. Take every opportunity to nap

When sleeping is outside of the equation, we are not able to function and focus properly. Sleeping is the first step to start the day as a fresh beginning. Take every opportunity to rest and take a good night sleep. Napping on your keyboard is not included.

8. Delight in a simple joy of a long walk

Regular walking, like most aerobic activities, is good for you because cardio-vascular exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, increasing overall fitness.

Together with diet and other exercise plans, it can also help with weight loss and tone up muscles.

Dr Craig Williams a sports science lecturer at the University of Exeter is a firm believer in the benefits of walking, and says: “It can improve muscle endurance as well as muscle strength, especially in the lower body. It is good for bones and improves the body’s cardiovascular system. It also helps boost circulation.”

Seems like a walk a day, keeps the doctor a away.

9. When you’re happy, dance around and wag your entire body

Nothing makes a person happy like his dance and wag while feeling the emotions of pure happiness. When I see my dog doing this stunt, I feel like instantly laughing. The positive vibes released from Jack are irresistible.

10. Never pass up the chance to snuggle

After all, we are all people who like to belong and be accepted in a warm community filled with good vibrations. Every time Jack has the opportunity he snuggles. No permission needed.

11. Always kiss the ones who are mad at you to make it better

If I see a toilet paper all over the house, it’s immediately followed by guilty body language and lots and lots of kisses. We can always make things better if we try to solve things with love.

12. Listen attentively and don’t offer a solution

People and friends around us, always ask for solution when they already know what to do. It’s always the best choice to let the person make up their mind because that’s the solution he would choose. If it’s a mistake he would learn from his own mistakes which will end up as his personal lesson.

Jack knows this as a fact!

13. Be brave, optimistic and completely present

If it’s about throwing tennis ball and branches, he is always in. If he is attacked by other dogs and bleeding, he is the bravest stone-hearted dog.

If we see the way as they are and try to make them better, as Jordan Belfort says, we will always end up solving the case, whatever that case is.

14. Give and accept love with every breath

Every second, Jack is completely in love with the things he owns. Sometimes he brags about his leash but that’s acceptable, since we would brag if we had handcuffs every time we went outside.

However, if we saw the things like our dogs we would never complicate things and make drama out of life. There are lessons all around us. We just have to focus on the outcome.



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