How Charles Steen Became Multimillionaire With a Sense Of Humor In Difficulties

Sense of humor can equalize the bumps on the way to success. If you are blessed with serenity, consider yourself a happy person. If you lack serenity then you can develop it.

It’s obvious that good sense of humor can make us likable and magnetic. Humor can help us gain success in any sphere. It will help us momentum failures, it will help us rise above them and will help us find our actions that will give us opportunities to get back on track.

“Every time we are able to find humor in difficult situations we win”

Good sense of humor lies primarily above modesty. Inexhaustible wit gave opportunity to Mini Lee Steen, with her 4 kids, to overcome her exceptional difficulties in the desert in Utah while her husband Charles was seeking uranium.

During the two harsh and struggling years, Charles and Mini Lee Steen nurtured their good sense of humor. They showed the difficulties to their kids as a game and made everyone enjoy. Thanks to that, the harsh times didn’t break the strong family.

In the end, like in the fairy tales, the Steen family won. Charles discovered the place with uranium, from which in three years he dug ore worth 17 million dollars. Afterwards, with time, the numbers went straight to the ceiling. Charles and Mini Lee Steen succeeded in lurking out of poverty and rise to the top of the world.

You can also do the same thing as Charles and thousands others did. Primarily, learn to count your blessings, the good things you have in this particular moment instead of counting your problems.

If it sounds hard for you, in the exact moment when bad thoughts start to occur, make and read list of your blessings every time you feel moody. We are surrounded with blessings every day that we choose to turn away. For example, health, love, respect and blessings that are given to us by our parents and families.

Learn to see problems as steps to success or any sphere you want to succeed in life. Every time you hit a problem, you are closer to success. Have in mind that every bad situation could be worse, like the guy who was sad that he didn’t had shoes on when he ran into a guy with no feet. Don’t let a day in the year pass without you reminding of the blessings you have, no matter how big or small they are. Try to separate a time of the day to involve your energy in helping others.

Also, remember that there is no unique or new problem. You can always seek for advice from the people who already solved it. You are never alone. The creator is always inside you.

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