Life Would Be Perfect If …

Sometimes we wander off into our imaginary place where we paint life as a perfect equation. Those moments are precious and (usually) not lasting, but it’s always good to have them around from time to time. Pretty bad example would be where we kill our best friend.

Once a day, I lie in my bed for 10 minutes and wander off to a future place where I see myself in a spot with all the things I want to accumulate trough my vision. However, today we will not discuss on motivational topic, but on a topic where we can expand our imagination (at least some parts of it).

These 7 things have crossed our thoughts at least once in our lives, but we haven’t paid attention to them. This would be a good reminder of how life would be perfect if …Life Would Be Perfect If …

Life would be perfect if:

1. Sweatpants were always sexy

One viewable joy is seeing someone wearing sweatpants sexy as hell! But sometimes the “sexy” part is missing in the formula.

Only if the “sexy” part was always next to the sweatpants, the eyes would thank us for being in a spot and observing the person wearing it.

2. Mondays were fun

I think on this topic we think for at least once a week. Probably that day is the first day of the week.

If Monday was an open case to an attorney, it would have millions of lawsuits every week. Mondays are always mocked, hated and cursed, especially where the alarm rings in 6:40AM. The alarm in the morning, especially on Monday, is responsible for thousands of hated songs and broken phones. Only if Mondays were fun …

3. Junk food was healthy

Have you thought that if junk food was healthy the world would be heaven? But I happen to think that if junk food was healthy, we would crave for broccoli and cauliflower. That’s the human mind, always striving for something that will end up bad. Like Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit.

I love healthy foods, but that’s because I plan my future as a healthy and vigorous man, enabled to grow through harsh times and conditions. If I knew that hamburger with greasy French fries and coke was healthy, I would enjoy every bite and sip of that thing!

Let’s calm with junk food because I am already drooling.

4. Drama didn’t exist

I think that drama cuts out half of our lives. If we live, say, 90 years, we spend 45 years discussing things on topics that wouldn’t bring any good in our lives, just a pure waste of time.

Warren Buffett said that the only difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say “no” to almost everything. I guess that’s the part where we double our lives and trim the needless drama, signing us on the list of very successful people.

5. Guys weren’t confusing

We guys think the other way around.

The human organism, along with its mind, is the most complex, perfect and confusing mechanism. We have so many functions happening right now that we aren’t aware of, that we would need 1 mile long paper to describe everything (if not longer).

For starters, you heart pumps blood, your blood flow is circling everywhere in your body, your eyes percept the text, you are visualizing the things I wrote and you are inhaling-exhaling. These are not even 0.1% of the things you are doing right now.

There is vast complexity in our bodies that sometimes confusion is a small fee we pay to live in it. However, confusion has a beginning which we have to discover before it lays eggs. Actually, this stunt can be controlled.

6. Nothing was regrettable

Stupidity is closely connected to this topic.

In every niche, or circle of friends, we have a guy-girl who is doing the most stupid things and never seem to regret them. That’s also the part where Charles Bukowski narrates that “The problem with the world is that intelligent people are full of doubt, while the stupid people are full of confidence.”

However, I also think that we can control this part if we put in our mindset that every mistake is a lesson and every rejection is a cosmic re-direction.

7. Goodbyes were only meant until tomorrow

We all faced a moment of a long goodbye. It may was someone passing away or someone going to a distanced place. Those moments are heartbreaking, even for the superheroes we see in the movies.

It would have been great if those moments were until the next day when we open our eyes in the morning, hoping is not the alarm, especially not on Monday!

I hope this article brought you joy and fun for a couple of minutes. For more “life would be perfect if …” visit the image version!



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