Top 10 Spiritual Tonics For Life You Always Imagined

In case to fight with everyday troubles and problems we have to be at peace with ourselves. If we are “off the rails” with accordance and balance, we will go “nuts”.

There are medical cures for almost anything, but I know that every person is capable to fight and find a way to overcome every problem or sickness along with the power of their minds. We are capable of doing miracles. We just have to convince the little rascal in our heads.

Today’s topic is the 10 spiritual tonics that will fix our balance to fight everyday troubles and causes for accumulation of bad vibrations. We will start with worrying.Top 10 Spiritual Tonics For Life You Always Imagined

1. Stop worrying. Worrying kills life

It’s very interesting that worrying is invented by our minds. If we have the power to control our minds we will grasp that worrying is a node in the mind. It’s useless, non-existing time stealer. It kills every second as soon as it’s activated.

If there’s problem, it’s always solvable. If it’s not solvable, it’s not a problem, because if we seek there is always at least one solution for every problem.

Worrying kills life.

2. Begin each day with a prayer. It will arm your soul

When we begin our day with a prayer or as we say “a goal”, we activate our part of the mindset where we strive in that direction. If we say to ourselves that we are stupid and clumsy, even though we have high IQ, we will become dull, believe me.

So start each day with a prayer. My personal prayer is:

“Bit, by bit, day, by day, I will spend all my energy on making better tomorrow. I am willing to spend every second to achieve that goal and weight down all the stuff that drags me. Every day I will support my thoughts towards that goal to achieve it. I work more than I need, I sweat on a daily bases and I am in perfect health condition.”

You are more than welcome to invent your own or steal mine. But I highly recommend unique prayer for every person.

3. Control appetite. Over-indulgence clogs body and mind

I had a part of my life experiencing over-indulgence. Controlling appetite is same as success, as I have explained in one of my articles.

Over-indulgence satisfies the momentum happiness, while on long term it will ruin our health and creativity. Eating a crispy hamburger is pretty good while we chew it, but the food process won’t bring any good to our organs and mental health.

We have to feel easy, like we feel when we are on a healthy diet. You should “feel like flying” from light and healthy food supporting all your inner needs, and hamburgers and cakes won’t bring us any wings.

4. Accept your limitations

While we are powerful complex organism, we also have momentum limitations. If we want bigger firm, or better house, we have to accept the fact that we are limited in the particular moment.

Wake up, say the prayer, and go for happiness and success on long term, even if sometimes it might take your momentum happiness and self-satisfaction. It’s same as in self-indulgence. Eating broccoli will not taste as hamburger, but after one hour we will fly while the burger boys will lie like a lazy bison’s.

5. Don’t envy. It wastes time and energy

The process of envying someone takes time and energy to think about that person’s attainments, beauty, and belongings. Those are thoughts that shouldn’t be even a second in our heads.

Wear your uniqueness all the time. You have to convince yourself that no one is like you.

That will give you self-worth and power to make rightful decision. Believe in yourself.

6. Have faith in people. Cynicism sours the disposition

“It’s amazing how far you can go when someone believes in you.”

If we surround ourselves with people who support our work, even if that work is selling popcorn in front of the cinema, we will have the power to make a popcorn industry!

It’s really important to have faith and support people around us. Even if we don’t quite think that the idea is right, we shouldn’t blow all of our “why it’s not going to happen” to the participant.

Always support if you feel that’s right for the person’s health and growth.

Faith continuously shows and proves that it’s number one cure and number one reason for all the inventions and successful accomplishments. Have faith!

7. Find a hobby. It will relax your nerves

Hobby relaxes and clears our minds. I find it best in workout and exhausting training. Every time I finish my training better than yesterday, I feel worthy of myself. Therefore, I have power to write this article, eat healthy nutrition and spread positivity as much as I can. Most of all, it gives me health.

You can discover and find your own hobby. If you still haven’t, the very next second is the right time to do that.

8. Read more books to stimulate imagination and broaden your views

There is nothing better for imagination and widening your views like a good book. Brian Tracy’s and Napoleon Hill’s books and writings are guilty for me starting and going forward with this website.

If it weren’t for books to broaden our views we would never grow mentally to invent and formulate the world we have now. Everything we want to find and fulfill in our life is written in a book. We just have to persist in reading, and it will turn out to be the best thing that happened to us.

9. Spend some time alone for the peace of solitude and silence

If we are not able to spend some time alone, we are not at peace with ourselves. We have to face our own skeletons because the second we are left with ourselves we keep digging our best and worst fantasies.

If we strive to dig the best fantasies that fill ourselves with positive energy we will find the infinite power and ability to bring our vision. Heart of the rose and two other techniques are the best starters for this stunt.

10. Try to want what you have, instead of spending your strength trying to get what you want

In short, learn to appreciate what you have. If we want to accumulate more of whatever we want to accumulate, we have to be satisfied with our momentum state and work towards something we want to achieve in the future, as Jordan Belfort says.

Spend more energy on appreciating the things you have and spend the rest to accumulate what you want to have in the future.

“If you have a family that loves you, a few goods friends, food on the table and a roof on your head, you are richer than you think.”

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