75 Ways To Be Extremely Desirable Gentleman

Let’s clear the overall meaning of the word “gentleman” first, even though today we will focus more on relationship-type-of-a-gentleman.

A true gentleman is a man that is respectful to everyone in his niche (even outside of it.) It’s not just a catch to a girl you want to date and show her what kind of sneak you are. It’s a way of life. Being gentleman means to be respectful to elderly people, to a woman you would never date, and finally to the lady you would like to build your future with. Gentleman takes precise care of his appearance, is polite to everyone who deserves it, and is kind to all sort of women.

We need to be self-aware, mature, and courteous to acknowledge the true meaning of being a gentleman.

Even though it’s “endangered species” the race of the gentleman is still viable. For change, we can read this ways to be extremely desirable gentleman and make that change that will matter in this world (or at least to the girl that matters most in our world.)75 Ways To Be Extremely Desirable Gentlemans

1. Stay Faithful

Let’s just say this out loud and clear, REAL MAN STAY FAITHFUL. They just don’t cheat, period.

2. Admit When You’re Wrong

Admitting when you’re wrong will save a lot of time. Don’t feed your ego with it.

3. Say Nice Things

Always say nice things to her when you really mean them. There’s also no harm in saying nice things when she wants them to hear.

4. When She Cries

Don’t you lose your temper. Don’t utter a word. Hold her hand and make her feel calm and safe.

5. Love Her With Complete Trust

Just don’t think about your past. Forget how bad things ended up (if they did.)

6. Never Compare

The most stupid thing you can do is to compare her to another girl. (Comparing her with your ex could be wrathful.)

7. Don’t Overpromise

Don’t make promises you can’t completely fulfil. (Off the record, completely means 200% and not 100%)

8. Text Her Often

Simple messages like good morning and good night work way beyond your belief. (Do it on a daily bases, not when you feel like.)

9. Spend Time With Her

Spending time with your girl is nice, but don’t trash your friends.

10.Be Chivalrous

Do things like hold a door for her, help her into a car, hold her hand when crossing the road etc.

11.Lying Is The Devil

True gentleman never lies to his girl. And not only to his girl, but to anyone.


Treat your women with respect. Be polite and care for her, and everything she cares for.

13.Be a Good Listener

You have to listen at all times. Talk to your mates if you have to, but with your girl you need to LISTEN.

14.Romantic Gestures

Simple as writing “I love you” on note or calling her unexpectedly in the middle of the day qualifies as a romantic gestures.

15.Never Ask Her About The Last Guy She Was With

This is forbidden. More forbidden than the forbidden fruit!

16.Don’t Be Rude

Gentleman is never rude.

17.Never Blame Her For Your Mistakes

Blaming is never a trait of a gentleman, not even if it’s not your mistake.

18.Laugh At Her Jokes

Sometimes you have to force it, but laugh at all cost.

19.Have Pillow Fight With Her

Control your man-ish power here.

20.Talking Bad Behind Her Back

Not a good idea mate.

21.Dress Well

Always dress well in front of the public.

22.Reply To Her Texts

Or risk the life of your phone.

23.Never Ask Her To Buy You Something

That’s just pure simple douchebag-ness.

24.Never Forget Her Birthday

We all know what happens if you do (if you did it once you would never do it again.)

25.Pay For Dinner

Be well suited when going to a dinner.

26.Good Hygiene

Cut your nails, keep your hair combed. Have a good hygiene for all the important parts of your body.

27.Don’t Force Her

Even when you desperately want to watch your favorite match with a few pints of beer and she wants to go out shopping. Sometimes you have to go shopping.

28.Give Her Your Jacket When She Feels Cold

I understand that you will be freezing to death, but gentleman can never show that (By the way “I’m cold” is a good sign if you’re on your first date. That’s the part when she wants you to warm her.)

29.If She Can’t Sleep

Be more creative! “Just try to sleep” is not being creative.

30.Give Her Flowers

Not every day, but do it occasionally.

31.Notice The Little Thing

Little things matter to her.

32.Carry Things For Her

That’s actually one part of chivalrousness.

33.Compliment Her

Do that as much as possible, and a bit more.

34.Make Her Happy

Do whatever you can to make her happy.

35.Never Slap Her

Even if it’s just in a fun way.

36.If She Slaps You

Don’t utter a word. You probably deserved that.

37.If You Love Her

Don’t just say, show her every day, whenever, wherever you can.

38.Don’t Judge Her

Never, ever. It’s bad karma.

39.Expect Less

And give more.

40.Be Spontaneous

Women hate dumb guys.

41.Be Co-Operative

At all costs. It’s good for your mental health.

42.Smile Often

And you will see her smiling.

43.Don’t Take Her For Granted

She’s the best thing that’s happened to you, and if she isn’t there is more reasons not to take her for granted.

44.Hug Her From The Back

From the font means you want her; from back means you adore her. She likes both, and even sideways.

45.Kiss the Back Of Her Hand

Front, back, sides, and arm. Kiss all you can, while you can, but know your limits. Don’t overdo it.

46.Good Grammar Is Sexy

Never underestimate the seductive power of a fine vocabulary.

47.Watch The Sunset With Her

It’s romantic, especially for her.

48.Accept Her For Who She Is

Don’t let your expectations ruin what you are getting, you never know, it may be better.

49.Call her Beautiful Instead Of Hot Or Sexy

Once you’ve said it a few times, then you can call her a bomb.

50.Always Have Her Back

Gentlemen don’t hold on to grudges, and always forgive.

51.Never Let Her Walk Home Alone

You never know what you’ll get in return

52.Give Her Piggy Back Rides

And she’ll give you a better ride.

53.Boobs Or Butts Don’t Matter

They do, but don’t show it. Shhhhh

54.Don’t Swear


55.Hang Out With Her Friends Too, Not Just Yours

Don’t miss the opportunity.

56.She’s More Important Than Video Games

Overall “yes”. Especially when you’re losing.

57.Never Insult Her, Even If You’re Joking Around

It’s not what gentlemen would do.

58.Never Be Late For a Date

Work can wait, girls can’t.

59.Unexpected Surprises

Give them and get them. It’s a two way street.

60.Make Her Feel Like a Princess

Age doesn’t matter.

61.Let Her Rest Her Head On Your Shoulders

Rest will follow.

62.Never Make Excuses

Men aren’t good at it. We have to admit it.

63.Don’t Talk To Her When You’re Mad

You will crew something up.

64.Actions Speak Louder Than Words

And the girls see if you’re acting.

65.Girls Love Guys With That Cute Smirk

Yes they do!

66.She Comes First

Always. End of story.

67.Don’t Brag

But if she does, listen carefully.

68.Never Let a Day Pass Without Saying ‘I Love You’ To Her

At least a couple of times a day.

69.Forehead Kisses

Even if her forehead is sweaty.

70.Have Those ‘I Love You More’ Fights With Her

Make sure she wins every single time.

71.Kiss Her Spontaneously In The Middle Of Her Sentence

Especially when you think she’s about to get mad on you for your wrong doing.

72.Kiss Her When She’s Sleeping

Now, that’s a good thing to do, especially if she notices it.

73.Have Tickle Fights With Her

Just don’t kill her.

74.Saying Sorry Doesn’t Fix The Problem

It’s what you do after that count.

75.Be The Guy She Wants To Introduce To Her Parents

Not the one she’s hiding from them.

Manhood is something that is born within us after we gain maturity. It is the first “crack in the egg” before we become true men.



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