How To Apply The Law Of Attraction In 5 Miraculous Steps

The “Law of attraction” is something we do unconsciously with every moment spend in our lives.

When we leverage on the good habits in life such as waking up early, being persistent in one direction, making to-do lists on a daily bases, having a vision for the future (what would we like to possess and where’s our place going to be) we keep getting closer to greatness.

You see, when we imagine things EVERY DAY, we attract things we imagine. You probably felt the bad luck picking you when everything seems bad and worthless. It’s because we keep relying on the bad emotions and keep thinking that “bad luck gets us every time it picks.” It is how the law of attraction draws. There are no scientific proofs, but there are h*ll lot of examples. People don’t just get happy, successful or find the right love. It’s all a matter of combined circumstances that lead us in that direction which we attract.

The 5 Steps to apply the law of attraction will explain this matter extensively.Apply The Law Of Attraction In 5 Miraculous Steps

1. Discover a purpose

[Tweet ““Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” – John F. Kennedy”]

It’s really strange when someone doesn’t know what they want to be. I mean, you know that you like success, valuable life and to be circled with happy family, but you have no idea how are you going to do (attract) that.

The gap between the happiness, success and happy family is something we call purpose. Imagine an endless road filled with black and red roses. That’s the road you got to walk to have the 3 things above. During the black roses you have to imagine the red ones, because the road will keep displaying the black ones. It’s how the energy vibrates and sends frequency to add more red/black roses (along with your imagination.)

So discover something you would stick to even when times seems like every corner will be filled with black roses. Try to imagine that purpose behind every rose.

Now, no one can do that for you.

If it helps, my purpose is to see the world as a one bond by inspired and healthy people that help each other when times get hard. I want everyone to see the red roses, and I am going to fight for that the rest of my life.

You are going to have to discover your journey.

2. Use positive affirmations

[Tweet ““Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.” – Jim Rohn”]

Positive affirmation is a technique used to program the subconscious mind to effect change by repeating (or meditating on) a key phrase to bring about the desired outcome.

Every day, if not every hour, is designed to be with ups and downs, like the heartbeat.

The positive affirmations are something we use all the time, no matter if we are up or down.

We can’t always motivate and inspire when we feel moody. We have to do it all the time, even when we feel like the whole world circles around us. Look at everything around you as your gain. Even when you help your family, your friend, even a homeless person, you do it to help them and by that consequence you feel good. You see? You do it to make yourself feel worth.

So use this technique every day, even on your rest day, and even on vacation. Make your subconscious think positive.

We frequently see people praying to fix something bad, but we don’t see people praying and showing gratitude when they have everything they need (example: perfect healthy condition.) Always use positive affirmations. Not just when you feel like you need to regain something. It’s harder to attract something good in bad times, and it’s easier to sustain good situation while we have it.

Maybe it’s a myth, but they say that your subconscious is 30.000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. Even if it’s not 30.000 it sure is more powerful.

3. Meditate

[Tweet ““When there are thoughts, it is distraction: when there are no thoughts, it is meditation.””]

I really don’t know how I was solving all my problems before I started meditating. Even if I miss one day of meditation I feel strange (in a bad way.)

Meditation is a technique that will help us find our purpose. If you don’t remember, #1 was your purpose, your starting point.

By meditating we calm our frantic thoughts. We cannot discover anything with frantic thoughts and entangled mindset. It’s like trying to find needle in a haystack. That’s impossible.

At first, you may feel uncomfortable to sit straight and you wouldn’t be able to concentrate even for a minute, but give it time. You won’t believe how you’ll start to see your thoughts. They will become a straight line, instead of 10 things done before completing your first task.

You will start to remember where you put your car keys!

4. Take Action

[Tweet ““Action is the foundational key to all success.” – Pablo Picasso”]

Okay, let’s be realistic here. I also used action to write this stuff down!

Action is the key to every god damn thing you want to have! If you lie down and watch the ceiling, the law of attraction probably would be that gravity wouldn’t suck you up!

Away from the sarcasm, action is the starting point to everything. You want to be happy? You will have to take action and do what you want to do, instead of what society wants you to do.

Do you want to be successful? You will have to take the action in the direction of your vision and strive for that for the rest of your life. That’s big choice and decision we all have to make.

So remember, when you want something, no law of attraction will work unless you DO, which means take action in that direction. These 29 most frightening life questions will wake you up to take action.

5. Express Gratitude

[Tweet “”Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.””]

If you have a heartbeat, that may be your starting point to show gratitude.

Many people express gratitude when they get the salt they can’t reach on the dinner table, without expressing gratitude because they have hands to reach that salt.

We are uniquely combined creatures that want to reach some goal in life. Without appreciating your state of being and the things you have at the moment, how are you so sure that you will find happiness with the things after?

Expressing gratitude is every day prayer, religious or not. We have brains to visualize miracles, hands to make miracles and legs to lead our path to those miracles.

“My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.” – Stephen Hawking


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