5 Ways To Get Rid Of Boredom Once And For All

Boredom is antonym for energized and enthusiastic. If those two words are on the others side of boredom, then it must be something we should get rid of, right?

People who have nothing to do, expect to breathe and get pulled by gravity are the ones who are bored. Also, boredom is closely related to misunderstanding, but we will get to it afterwards.

If you want to be enthusiastic and optimistic person, you will have to build something that will get your mind working every second of the day. You will have to be obsessed with your vision. To start that journey, you will need to know these 5 ways to get rid of boredom once and for all.5 Ways To Get Rid Of Boredom Once And For All

1. Find what thrills you

If you are frequently bored, then you are missing action. And not any type of action, but action with destination.

Action without brains and directions will only cause fatigue and boredom. If you accept to do 10 tasks all at once, you will get done none of them. That’s why you need to focus on the direction.

For example, if I want to become famous soccer player, I will not upgrade myself if I play basketball. If you want to get directions in life, find what gives you excitement, and you will never be bored again, because life is continuous lessons and learning’s. Michelangelo, an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, poet, and engineer of the High Renaissance who exerted an unparalleled influence on the development of Western art, said that he is still learning when he was 87 years old. So if you think there is nothing more to learn, you must be lacking direction.

Find what thrills you and pursue it.

2. Seek for hobby (if you still haven’t found one)

Hobby, just like work and vision, is something we must have in free time, the best way to occupy oneself is to find hobby (workout, tennis, running, hiking or playing Xbox, reading)

Every work requires energy and lot of thinking. For instance, if you work 8 hours a day on internet marketing, you need one hour of free activity to regain the balance in your life. Just let your stiffed thoughts take a walk while you do one hour of (example) running.

If you find yourself in a situation when you feel bored, find a hobby. It will help massively.

3. Clear all the unknowns

Few years back, I learned that misunderstanding leads to yawning and boredom, and I wasn’t sure what was meant by that until I skipped a couple of unknown words in one book.

We cannot like something we don’t understand. To clear all things out, we let our creativity express itself through visualization.

If you think what creativity is and how to become more creative, you will acknowledge that it has something to do with understanding and finding way to figure out how to express it as a picture in your head. For example, now I am trying to explain to you how to clear all the unknowns and I am explaining all the pictures in my head through this writing. And believe me, there is no time to be bored when I’m doing this.

Clear all the things you misunderstand and throw boredom in garbage.

4. Understand the value of life

If you think that boredom is not scary, just think how much time you have left to live. And if you have creativity and imagination, it becomes scary, right?

Life has no space for boredom and inactivity. Life has timeline that passes either you are enthusiastic or bored as hell. The world is going to function with or without your presence (for better or worse.)

You must be willing to do as much as you can in your timeline. It’s okay to lie down, or have a vacation, but the tempo has to continue afterwards. It can’t be stopped, especially not with boredom.

5. Your value comes after boredom

If you already know the meaning of your life, and how toxic is to be bored in your life, you will start to value everything you have time to do when you’re not bored. You will begin to appreciate your freedom, peace, cogitativeness, contemplation, rest and communication with yourself more than you used to. Simply, your life becomes a precious gift.

If you think about it, every second of the day has value. If we don’t value that second to make most of it, who the he*l will?

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