STOP And START Doing These Things To Create a Better Life

We all have a choice. We make bad or good choices that will deflect us in a random direction. Choice by choice we create our personal unique life.

We can go on for days giving knowledge of what is good or bad and at the end of the day it will only turn to be advice. So let’s start noting “these things” as advice.

Creating a better life is a permanent continuous process. If life was easy, everyone would live it right. With the tips below you will probably find yourself in both lists.

The first advice would be to start reading the tips below to create a better life.

STOP And START Doing These Things To Create a Better Life


-Play the victim card

The only victim for your momentum feeling is you. So if you think you are to blame for the life you live you are probably right. However, here comes “but” part …

BUT, if you think the weight of the world is on your shoulder, it will always stay like that. So reconsider the fact that you are 1/ of the world, and even more.

Inspire yourself to get your way through. It’s not your fault that the world is twisted. You are only guilty because you feel guilty. Stop doing it and make your own perception.

-Making excuses

Every time I read this one I remember of my grandma, and honestly she is my only inspiration to stop making excuses.

If you need approval, show the world your true magic, not the pain in your back. The easiest way to get you short attention is to make excuses.

People want to hear that you’re not doing well. Not everyone is good soul as you. Not everyone knows that altruism brings happiness. Not everyone appreciates humanity and moral uprightness.

So STOP making excuses. Every problem has at least one solution, and if you really have pain in your back, the doctor would like to know about it, not your relatives.

-Letting society tell you how to live

Imagine as you leave your ears open to all the advices of your surroundings. How would that turn out in your life?

All your ideas are bad to someone and all your personally would be wrong for someone. You can’t change what people think of you. Be your personal society.

I would firmly advice you to read the words of life from the 12 tycoons.

-Trying to make other people happy

Are you feeling guilty of everyone’s personal failure? If you do, you need to stop that.

One of the hardest things in life is to be happy. Imagine what could you achieve if you were happy and positive all the time, even during the hardest times and problems. In fact, you won’t see those things as problems if you were happy, but as obstacles that can be easily solved.

If your vision is to make other people happy, then you should start life coaching. Otherwise you will only spend your life on something you would never be able to change. Give advice, but don’t try to make someone happy.

That’s what we do. We give advice and spread love. If we give more than that, we would be worsening our life and the life of others. Stop trying to make everyone happy. It’s already going hard for you.

-Relying on others to make you happy

As we grow up, we understand that we are the lone walkers on the path of happiness. The most we could do is to find our fitting entourage. Even then we can’t rely on others.

You are your own world and if you give that world on concession to someone else to make it happy, imagine what you would sacrifice. You sacrifice your own freedom.

Don’t give your freedom. Fight for it and be your own type of happy.

-Doubting yourself

Doubt is the best award of procrastination.

Whether or not you do a particular thing, you cannot put that thing in the middle. Doubt is the doom hole between “yes and no.”

So next time you find yourself in the hole of doom, choose between two simple answers: yes, or no. Don’t waste your life in the neutral zone.

To be the best version of you, I would highly advice you to read: f*ck it as a motivational factor.

START Doing These Things To Create a Better Life

-Enjoying alone time

Most people are afraid to be left alone with their skeletons, and being alone scares the crap out of them.

One of the best self-revelations can be discovered when we are fully alone with our mind.

I would highly advice you to start meditating. Those 10-15 minutes of the day will dictate the happiness afterwards.

-Turning off gadgets and go outside

By “gadgets” I mean technology.

One of the crucial things today, the reason for all inactivity around the globe in modern society, is technology.

People evolved for hundred thousand years without any gadgets, and all of a sudden we get massive blast of technological development and get stuck in that world like “The Matrix.”

You can start with turning off your phone and just flew out the door. I did make it 6 months without a phone, so you can at least try to put it aside for a couple of hours.

-Positive Thinking

Even in the hardest times, this life hack can be game changer.

Positive thinking has 0 side effects and only good outcomes.

Being positive today is enormously hard life task. We cannot grasp how many factors play role in our everyday life, such as positive ionization, the wireless network signals, the radio, the polluted air, the chemicals in the food, the pesticides in fruits and veggies and the hormones used to grow animals faster. These are things (I bet some of you) you haven’t even thought about.

So if you are strong enough to stand out, be unique in something, be positive.

-Believing in yourself

Believe in yourself assassinates doubt, for every time we have doubt, faith will give us the authentic answer.

If the “no” answer tickles you every time you doubt, learn the 4 significant things when handling rejection. After this, you will start to see no as a cosmic redirection, instead of failed attempt.

-Making your own happiness

[Tweet ““Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” – Gandhi”]

People wait their whole life to meet happiness along the road. Happiness doesn’t work that way.

You have to see happiness this way.

Happiness is emotion that we lack with our brain. It’s something we produce as individuals, so happiness is not a man/woman, not a product, nor a monetary value. Happiness is being satisfied with your own presence. It cannot be made or given from someone else. If it can, it won’t last, and we will be giving our freedom of choice in other hands.

Start seeing “you” as happiness. Unravel your mind to think that way.

-Expressing your creativity

Our creativity is what we should always strive for.

Creativity is not a talent. Very few have talent since birth, but that doesn’t make them creative.

Creativity is unique way to express ourselves. Creativity solves problems, makes arrangements happen, wins arguments, falls in love and make mistakes.

Creativity is way of thinking. We are always surrounded by it. We just strengthen that muscle every day.

My advice to you would be to start reading books, meditate, and throw yourselves in to take overall responsibility for your actions and consequences. These things will always make you grow.

I will even give you 33 ways to be creative!

-Acknowledging your desires/dreams/wishes

I was personally asked three years ago: “What do you want to be in life?” After “I don’t know” I got even easier question: “Where do you want to start?” And guess what? I didn’t know that either.

After realizing what we truly want to do in life, we can get kind of idea where’s the starting line.

So my personal advice would be to experiment and try different things. If you really don’t fit in some job or environment, at least you will be sure what you don’t want to do or be.

Grow. Persevere. Evolve.

-Make everything you want happen

Maybe if you really knew that you are capable of this power, you would start using it.

If you say now, “I want to go to Washington”, you wouldn’t be able to afford that journey. But if you start collecting money and if you give particular time to it, you would be able to do it, and that’s 100% guarantee (just an example …. who wants to go to Washington instead of Cuba anyway?!)

Everything you can imagine is possible, but time tickles people. They want everything right now. That’s definitely not possible.

So give time and work for it. You can have anything you can imagine.

-Making your own happiness tips

As we are all unique and different, we all find happiness in different varieties.

If you know what makes you happy you have the easiest start.

Find your type of happiness and enjoy your presence to it. Happiness is found in the continuous positive thoughts + your unique direction.

-Helping others realize they can make their own happiness

If you are truly happy person, and you shine with positive energy, you will see that people want to know more about you, since happiness is really hard “labor job.”

Share your knowledge of happiness. Tell people that you are happy because you do what you TRULY want, and believe it or not, they will start to look under every stone and tree to find their dream and start pursuing it.

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