5 Ethics Of Life You Avoid

To be ethical means to be aware of the consequences of our actions. What do we mean by that?

Often we forget to realize how we affect the environment. Our actions encourage people to do something, or we are just a person to spend useless time with? Well, our presence is precious if we are aware of our qualities.

Our ethics of life and their real meaning are worth invaluable price. But first, we have to be aware what are they and are we really using them in everyday life.'Moral principles' highlighted in green

1. Before you speak – Listen

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”

If we master the ears, instead of master the ego every time we run before the participant’s mouth, the world is going to be a better place. Just think how would you always react if you really understood what’s the intent of your chit-chat buddy?

That’s possible if we LISTEN more than we speak. That’s the point of all conversations. Don’t try to be the star of the table, or any contract you try to make. Everyone is more realistic and open if you only try to understand and wait for their full expression.

In the next conversation open your ears and be a listener. You will realize that everyone has intent and they always show it to you.

2. Before you spend – Earn

You probably know a friend that spends more than he has. Well, your friend is not a visionary, and living in the moment without an ideal for the future (at least for the next five years) is not a trait of successful person. Do YOU know what do you want to accomplish in the next five years?

Ask a person what’s his vision and you won’t receive any answer. How do we expect that person to be a success if his roads are empty? That’s the first question on your job interview.

“If you don’t know where you are going, every road will get you there.”

We can all say that “we don’t want money” and “money is not an issue in our world”, but REALITY is that you won’t be able to make your dream come true if you don’t know how to earn, collect and invest monetary value. That’s final.

If you want to enjoy you need to be a visionary, and that includes “earning before spending.” Even you can take that as e metaphor in every aspect.

“If you want to be famous, earn your fame”
“If you want to be the best author, earn your written words”
“If you want to be happy, earn your happiness”

Everything you want to spend, first you need to earn.

3. Before you write – Think

Especially with technology, every word we put in the social networks is never going to fade. Take that as a “danger sign.”

As you write your next sentences (like this one) have in mind that they will always store to the limitless memory on Google servers. With your sentences you form a type of online character.

Aside from the virtual world, we write letters and notes to our notebook everyday (at least some of us.) Have in mind that every word written on a piece of paper is your mind flown from your motor neurons to your hands. That means that you carry out your thoughts in the real world.

Why is it always mentioned to have a “WRITTEN PLAN” for your day, or so called to-do list? It’s because you already said your thoughts somewhere, and you will always feel bad if you don’t success doing them. You feel like you snitched yourself.

So, after reading this, next time you write sentences, maybe your to-do list or plan for your next project, think of it. You may have some better ideas to tell yourself or your audience.

4. Before you quit – Try

Even if sometimes we have extraordinary ideas, and also very realistic, we never seem to take any action to try and fulfil them. That’s the whole point in quitting before we even start.

Just take one of your ideas through the day. If you invest time to make authentic plan, and dare to take action according to your plan, you will always succeed. Even if that’s not the best plan, you will find another one along the road. All it takes to succeed is to take action in “at least” known goal. Even if your goal is a billion dollars, you can obsess to make ideal plan and invest your time in that direction to make that dream come true.

The thing is, we are not aware how powerful our mind is with carved goal. “Happiness is progressive realization of a worthy ideal”. When you have clear, exciting goals and ideals, you will be happier in your own skin and in your own world. You will be optimistic and positive about it.

Next time you want to quit before you even start, dare to try!

5. Before you die – Live

And in the end, before you die – live. One day everything is going to be black in the unknown sphere. Every one of us has a timeline that passes, whether you fulfilled your vision or not. Planning and action will lead you to your vision before you leave your body. Your vision is the most important “bucket list” in your life.

Your vision can be anything, and that “anything” can be real if you expand your thoughts and limits. The mind is the most powerful thing in the universe. Combined minds created the world we live today. Everything that was created was someone’s plan and action. Don’t dare to die before you fulfil your vision, because after all, we all lay down in the coffin with the things we did and didn’t do.

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