The Minimalist Guide To Make You Live Happily

If you analyze yourself, including your environment, you will see that happiness is stated as “endangered species.” We can rarely find altruistically happy fellow.

The reason for this is because life is not studied and looked from another point of view. Sometimes we have to stand out from what our brain want’s to think and add what we really should look up to.

When you see how many points of happiness you miss, you will realize that your thoughts make you modified with false reality. Being happy is not easy. However, if we are ready to conclude the five points as facts that will make you live happily, you will see that being happy more of the time is possible.

1. Know that after all, life is simple. Do not complicate it.

When you analyze life (yours for example) you will see that everything you do is a consecutive step of action. Going to the store takes for you to take money in your pocket, walk or drive to the store, find and buy the product, pay it, and return back to your home. Even going to the store is consecutive steps of action.

Not to mention a bigger vision or goal you have in mind. It takes lot more actions than just buying a product from the store, but the measure of success and buying a product from the store takes the same action on a bigger scare, with more invested time. After all everything you want to have is action. Failure is an excuse from lazy and mindless people.

Action and simplicity will constantly prove to be the best two measures to achieve anything you want.

2. Be generous in your thoughts, deeds, and things.

One really generous woman said: “If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” It is great comparison how one human should spread his soul to a bigger dimensions. Being kind, altruistic, charitable, noble, big-hearted and honorable is all part of being generous. The word itself takes overall meaning of one rightful human being.

Including your thoughts, deeds, and things your generosity will show you the way to be happier than before. Most of all it will show you the one and only altruistic way to be humane.

Insert vastness in your soul and you will shine happiness in a bigger radius.

3. Remember that things go according to your karma – whether you like it or not

Karma is a bit*h. It’s not a baloney expression. Your soul knows exactly what you deserve according to your actions, and doing the right things will always lead you to the right place.

People give away their hopes when they see that their good deeds don’t return with good outcomes. And that’s exactly what they receive, bad outcomes. And on the top of it, they choose to be “wiser” and lock their emotions in them, throw their goodness away, and act like bitterness and soullessness is the only option in this cruel world. All truth in the previous statement is false.

If you do good deeds, and expect to be return with good outcomes as fast as possible, you will always end up bitter, but if you do it because you really are generous human being, you will always receive good outcomes. Give time a little bit of time. It always ends up good, believe me.

4. Obey the law of the universe (Tao)5 Facts That Will Make You Live Happily

Taoism is a science because it is based upon a detailed understanding of underlying physical, chemical, biological, mathematical, psychological, and political theories and laws.

Science rests on the assumption that all events of the entire universe can be described by physical theories and laws. But the sciences studied in our universities deal with the material universe; they cannot deal with the spiritual or immaterial universes, which cannot be observed directly or indirectly through our senses.

Taoism acknowledges that all elements of the universe are subject to the same physical theories and laws; therefore, the physical theories and laws of the material universe are applicable to the spiritual universe. Taoism is a complete science, and an understanding of Taoism results in the complete understanding of the entire (material and immaterial) universe.

Aside from the complications, the theory is that all good have bad sides, and all bad sides have good ones too.

Just like seeds that cannot sprout in spring if they were not over-wintered, we cannot know what heat is if we’ve never been cold, or what happiness is if we’ve never been sad. So too Yin and Yang can never exist in total isolation from one another―each is a different side of the same coin; both are constantly interacting and changing. In the end all activities that are Yin in nature culminate in the appreciation of all that is Yang―note the position of the Yang symbol relative to the Yin. This inseparable dualism persists through all things: food, attitudes, personal characteristics and thoughts.

5. Be positive under any circumstances

Positivity is a choice. You can be broke and homeless and still be positive to do something about it. On the other side, you can be rich and secure from all material aspects, and be pessimistic person. It takes the desire to be something.

“Every time you find humor in difficult situation you win.”

You can always choose to be positive in any situation. Even if your life is in crisis, you have to believe that it will be better, following with your consecutive actions in that direction, because faith means nothing without action. Don’t lie to yourself that it will be better if you don’t do something about it. That’s the part where faith works. Faith and positivity is something YOU need, not your environment. Everything falls apart without action, remember this part.

By adding this knowledge in your life you will be happier. That’s a fact too!



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