Without Action, Faith and Positivity Your Life Will Go Down The Burning Hill

Looking at your momentum situation, you will conclude that either way you belong where you are, but if you want to change something you will have to think different.

What’s the difference between you, and the one you want to be (unless you are already there?)

Metaphorically speaking, life is like walking a thorny road with no shoes on. You can always stay where you are, but as you pass more and more thorns you will conclude that they don’t hurt anymore, but they lead you in the roses.

Now, if we switch to reality, your life is consisted of many problems on your way. Even if you don’t chase any vision, and you are bored to death, you will still find and create problems. It doesn’t matter if they lead you somewhere or not. The main problem in solving problems is creating the wrong ones and solving them. That’s one hell of a problem-ception.

At least to take a little push, you will need to know the key 3 things to avoid getting down the burning hill ( life without fulfilled vision.)

Without Action, Faith and Positivity Your Life Will Go Down The Burning Hill1. Action

“I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough, we must apply; Being willing is not enough; we must do.” – Leonardo da Vinci

The first thing we should do to keep on the thorny road is action. Without action you will create a state where you’ll be mind-shackled. Without applying the thoughts in the physical words, we create a state of self-prison. We create a person inside our head that doesn’t allow any thoughts to go through the hands and legs. That’s also a bad habit.

If you want to DO things, you must apply your thoughts in the physical world. It’s not the stupid people are not full of doubts, as Charles Bukowski says; it is the ones that don’t DO.

People are genius. Just think of how many successful ideas you have through the day. And you won’t believe that 99% of them, with a little bit of action can become real. As soon as you chose to switch your mind to the next one, without taking action for the previous one, you create a chain reaction of successful ideas gone forever.

Action is the first key to success, to sustain a healthy and lovable relationship, to balance overall health, and even to be happy.

2. Faith

“Faith includes noticing the mess, the emptiness and discomfort, and letting it be there until some light returns.” – Anne Lamott

Many people grasp the word “faith” as a strict religious word. However, the word “faith” is a powerful self-believe.

Having strong faith in something, even if that’s having a mole on your forehead, you can have it. There is nothing more powerful than faith combined with action. Those two things created the world we live today. Everything was just a thought, before someone took action for that thought. Just imagine how powerful the previous sentence is.

That means everything we imagine as soon as we start thinking for the perfect future can be real. With faith and action we can make everything real. That’s why Pablo Picasso said “Everything you can imagine is real.”

Your capability to think big is always at your service, but that loop must go out of the line with having faith that your action will give the bright future. Who the hell knew they will be successful? There is no formula to success and happiness, unless you risk your time with action and faith. Every digit of money and every bit of happiness can be can be spend if you leave your action and faith in other hands.

Action will get you far, but faith and action will get you further. The third one, combined with the previous ones, will get you to walk the roses after the thorns.

3. Positivity

“Optimism is a happiness magnet. If you stay positive, good things and good people will be drawn to you.” – Mary Lou Retton

The third and the last piece of the puzzle is the positivity. Unless you are positive about your action and faith, you will be a gray wall. Positivity gives color in your mind. You can always change the color of your thoughts with some sparkle in them.

Every problem has a solution, and action will solve it, it definitely will. Positivity on the other hand, will show you to enjoy the time solving it. Because you exactly know how hard is to look positive through some serious troubles.

Many people solve problems with hard struggle, often leading them to a serious sickness. When we’re under stress, our mental functions tangle. We make massive blockage and riot to our usual functions in our body. Every sickness lurks in with weak immune system.

Tiredness from chasing your vision is a great thing if you see it positive. Problems are the key leaders to our vision, if you see them positive. But also tiredness is really damaging if you see it negative, and problems are stressful if you see them negative. Positivity gives the color. It’s your choice to choose the color.

So the bottom line would be that life is hell of a tangled massive confusion. But with the right action, faith and positivity, life is hell of a great place to live. Do not choose you road down the burning hill. Climb the mountain of greatness! Just say f*ck it and motivate.



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