9 Sneaky S#IT Your Ego Says That Alienate Your Spirit

Often, ego is taken as something dark and “nose-up” type of a thing. Ego is a person’s sense of self-importance and self-esteem. It’s far away from being cocky.

However, we never seem to distinguish the difference, so let’s keep going with the wrong definition.

Your ego is powerful tool, especially if you use it as a tool of cockiness. As a matter of fact, you always know whether you do things from your soul and spirit, or you do them to feed your self-esteem. Everyone is capable to distinguish right from wrong. Even my one year old niece knows that.

The 9 Sneaky (pardon my word) S#it your ego says will alienate your spirit away from you in every sense of well-being.9 Sneaky S#IT Your Ego Says That Alienate Your Spirit

1. “I am victim of circumstance”

The “bad luck” is made for people who seek failure, rather than fight to succeed. Luck has nothing to do with success, and the only one who creates circumstance is you. If we start to blame circumstances, you are the one who does that to be a victim. Everything makes you a victim of your own circumstance.

“I create my own reality” is the perfect fit for things that happen to you. Everything happens for a reason, and if you end up as a success or a failure, it was the reason of wrong or right choices. At last, everyone has a choice.

2. “I live in a scarcity. There is never enough”

Let’s have a minute here. We don’t appreciate things until we lose them.

If we learn to live, as Jordan Belfort says to “see things as they are, not worst as they are and then SEE them better than they are and MAKE them that way”, we would appreciate every breath and every second.

Take yourself as an example and you will see that you already have everything to make you satisfied with your situation.

“I live in abundance. There is always enough.”

3. “I am alive temporarily and that is scary”

One thing is for sure. You are alive temporarily, but if that thing makes you constantly scared then you are in a big mess, my friend.

Instead, Steve Jobs for an example, used that as a motivation, because our time is limited and that should be the best motivation a human can have. There won’t be always time to do the things you can do now.

If you are being scared to take that step out of your comfort zone, then life is really scary and you are will be the one who stands in the back in the dark corner.

Use every second to fulfil your vision. Wreck those scary walls! Your ego will prove your self-importance through constant action and experience. Don’t feed yourself with things you haven’t experienced.

“I am alive temporarily and that is awesome.”

4. “I am always messing up”

We got down to the fragile part.

No one can see your greatness if you think that life happens to you. The circumstance and situations are your creation. You are happening to life. It’s the other way around.

The steps you take on daily bases will take you to your checkpoint. It’s really important that you feed your mind with positive thoughts, and “I am always messing up” is not one of them. Be happy with yourself; don’t try to cover anything in front of public. Accept your flaws.

“I am on the right path at the right speed.”

5. “I am fighting to get by”

If we use the word “fighting” to describe something we love to get by, then we don’t chase the things we love.

If you try to get by to a thing you love, you feel that you beat yourself up to get that thing. Of course there would be hard times and struggles, but fighting and beating yourself up are not the right descriptions for something you love.

“I am safe to pursue what I love” would be the authentic mindset on something you would like to have in near future.

6. “I am not good unless I prove it”

“If you find yourself constantly trying to prove your worth to someone, you have already forgotten your value.”

Our spirit is destroyed when we try to prove our uniqueness. Trying to prove something to people makes you detached to them. Trying to satisfy people will never turn out to be success. Not everyone thinks as you and they will never be satisfied nor entertained.

For example, Eddie Murphy is hilarious stand-up comedian and his jokes makes me laugh, but some people would say that he is racist, imbecile, idiotic and what so not. And Eddie Murphy just entertains, whether or not he proves his jokes to the crowd.

“I am good just beacause.”

7. “At least I am better than those idiots”

And again, comparing yourself takes your uniqueness. One crucial thing to sharpen your focus on your vision is never to compare with people. NEVER EVER.

When you stop worrying what people think of your actions and goals, you will find yourself standing alone on your unique way to success. Hug those with same vision as you and you will have a wolf-pack against a couple of rabbits. Your consecutive action will be easier with the right people beside you.

“Everyone has their place and I am cool with that.”

8. “I am in competition with the world”

Competition is a great thing. It gives ideas, motivation and inspiration to achieve greatness. But if you see yourself constantly as a bunny trying to run from a pack of wolves, you will never throw that heavy bag off you.

See yourself as a magnet trying to find your other half. You are individual that is trying to find the right niche and to complete your vision. See everything happening on your behalf, whether is bad or good. Those times will give you character to endure the hard way to the top.

“I am in harmony with the world.”

9. “It’s complicated”

Biggest minds and geniuses knew and still know that everything is achieved step by step. Time is just a tool that cannot be stopped. It will pass anyway.

Nothing is really complicated. Everything takes a slope of actions, even if it takes thousands of them.

“Everything is simple.”

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