Inspirational List Of 10 Random And Unrelated Things

Inspiration is around every corner for those who seek. It can be found through good and bad times. It has no rules and regulations.

No matter what our visions or goals are, we have to keep inspiring repeatedly until that inspirations shove our actions to fulfill our goals or visions.

This particular inspirational list of 10 random and unrelated things will give you a sense of how life can be seen optimistically from every corner of bad and good experiences. Inspirational List Of 10 Random And Unrelated Things To Remember

1. Time heals

If you want your wounds to heal, the first thing you should do is give it time. Time is the gauge slope of how things are done.

It’s the broken mind that wants everything here and now. Nothing is actually worth if it’s given to you in the next second. Not even your wounds healed.

Bottom line: However you see life, it must be pain to encourage growth and experience, and the slope between the two dots of pain and growth is time.

2. You are worth everything now

See your body as a fast racecar. If you give your car to a professional driver, he will drive it better than you (unless you are professional driver). But if you try to compete with racers, when all you used to do was driving around traffic, you don’t honestly stand a chance.

Bottom line: You have everything right now to start being a professional in your niche. So, use your time to become something out of that “racecar.” The car won’t drive itself.

3. Walls can be destroyed

“You are only confined by the walls you build yourself”

If you think walls are stopping you from finishing your actions, then you have never imagined how it would be if you destroyed that wall. And if you give it a thought, there are no walls, just lack of imagination and lack of executed actions.

Bottom line: Walls can be destroyed!

4. The sun always rises and is always beautiful

Today may not turn out to be the easy, but tomorrow the morning breeze will bring you the new sunrise. This metaphor alone is the biggest motivation to start the day.

Remembering the first one” time heals”, we can tell as a fact that nothing worth comes in a day. New days will bring you freshness and energy to finish your actions. After all, nothing worth having comes easy.

Bottom line: Morning breeze and sunrise are your first inspirational factors.

5. Children know the answers

It’s strange that even though still not formed and shaped, children know what’s good and bad. Goodness, altruism and moral uprightness is in us since day one.

The bad news is that children are little sponges. They suck up everything they see, and sometimes the things they see are not good examples. That’s how kids become smokers and even alcoholics. How would you imagine a color you have never seen?

Bottom line: Paint your kids with bright colors.

6. There is music in everything

At last, music is combination of vibrations, since everything vibrates on given frequency, even the stones.

You don’t have to start singing to find the music. It just lies in every little stone around you.

Life is a combination of right and wrong choices, which both bring you to an unknown future. You will either be a conductor, or you will be a violinist.

Bottom line: After all, life is one big orchestra.

7. Logic doesn’t produce magic

Everything will seem logical when it’s already done. However, there are trillion of things that still haven’t been done for the first time.

Logic takes place after we already know the process, but logic cannot be discovered if we don’t expand our views. It wasn’t logical to drive a car two hundred years ago. But now, if you try to discover (even on Google), you will see that it is very logical.

Bottom line: Logic is produced by magic.

8. Trees can grow through rock

Persistence and time are one of the best factors for success. Even trees know this as a fact.

Every day we overcome problems. When you are far away with your success, getting out of bed may be a funny problem, but doing it every morning at 6AM may seems like the hardest.

Even the tree doesn’t stand a chance getting through a rock in the beginning, but after a while they start spreading their roots all over it.

Bottom line: Time and persistence are two vital things in life.

9. Your heart expands when it’s broken

However harsh it may seem, our heart expands when it’s broken. If no one helped you with your success, you will know how hard is to make it yourself, which will make you help people.

If you’ve been let down by your loved ones, you would know how it feels to be let down, and you won’t do it to anyone.

It’s not about being heart broken, it’s about learning from your own feelings and spreading your knowledge with wide and open heart.

Bottom line: Learn the goodness from your broken heart.

10. You should do it now

One of the most inspirational quote I have read is from Steve Jobs:

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.”

If you think about it carefully, everything you don’t enjoy doing is wasting your time. Remember that the things you love can’t be always easy, but you will simply know it is the right thing to do.

Do the things you love now. One day you will either explain stories to your grandchildren with pride or with sadness.

Bottom line: There is not one reason to stop pursuing the things you love. You should start now.


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