8 Positive Affirmations To Perfectly Approach The New 2015

Every human being deserves to live a good life. For that outcome, people need to conclude that the brain is tricky organ. It’s so complex, that even with these technologies and advanced medicine we cannot discover the overall functions of it. It’s also a mystery how the law of attraction works with that tricky organ up there. In this post, Srinivasan Pillay describes the law of attraction scientifically.

Every decision is a two way street. The exact decision will attract abundance or scarcity in every sphere in your life. It’s crucial to have positive thoughts even for the worst fears in our lives.

I firmly believe that 2015 is going to be a year of success and growth! To facilitate this, we will remember few things we already know.

The next 8 positive affirmations will perfectly shackle your life to fulfillment, happiness, and abundance in every division.

#1 Guard Your Time

We all know that time passes and it doesn’t look like a big deal, but off the record, time is literally killing us. Time kills people and that’s a fact. It might take even up to 100 years, but at the end it will kill you.

But also, fearing this fact is a two way street. The first conclusion is quite motivational, while the second is similar as I said it in the first paragraph “time kills you.”

If we see both ways, time kills you and that should be motivational. Life is consisted of these tiny made-up seconds that are made to give you directions and motivate you to do so.

Bottom line would be that guarding your time is the first “food” for your brain. Give the time a meaning and you will start putting shields on it.

#2 Let Kindness Rule

Kindness is the white door to compassion. Understanding others and being kind to people is not only a good thing, but we can sense it in our gut that it’s right thing to do.

Being kind is our choice, it’s free, and we can do it everywhere. Doing good deeds for people make us feel good.

Also, closely connected to kindness is gratitude. People appreciate kind people without noticing that. People are attracted to kindness and inspired to pass kindness to another person. It’s kind of a healthy disease!

So make your kindness rule and restore humanity this year, at least to the ones around you.

#3 Create Good Habits

Scanning the whole day of a person, we can conclude that it is consisted of chained habits. As soon as we open the eyes in the morning we follow a pattern of habits including creativity. So the whole day comprises of different habits connected to each other.

The habits consists inferior or tip-top daily routines. For example, smoking and drinking alcohol belong to the inferior daily routines. We cannot see growth if we follow a pattern of inferior habits. On the other hand, we can possess the tip-top qualities and habits as waking up early in the morning (prevailing habit in the successful people), eating healthy and feeling fresh, making to-do lists and executing them every day, and working out (at least 200 minutes of workout per week).

We all know the good habits in the daily routine, but we lack inspiration and motivation to start and maintain that tempo. This year is perfect excuse to start having them.

#4 Choose to Focus on the Good

Easier said than done, the positive affirmation to choose good over thousands of inadequate side-effects is making the right choice. Positivity twists reality and breaks a thousand laws of physics.

I firmly believe that the world overflows with really disgusting and unfair lives and situations. But I ALSO believe that it overflows with generosity, humane people and moral uprightness. Reality is also a choice we have to stick to, and the best is to stick to the good parts.

So when the world throws the reality in your face, lurk through the mud and see the sunshine!

#5 Start Each Day with Goals

Goal setting is comprehensive topic of discussion in most self-improvement books. After all the knowledge, it seems that goals are the biggest inspiration to start the day.

Imagine a situations where you play basketball without baskets. You can run all you want and dribble the ball like a pro, but as soon as you reach the end there won’t be any finish. It’s same in real life. You can be the best at a thing, even a genius, but if you have no goals you will destroy yourself lost in the world.

If you have discovered yourself and you have vision that brings tears in your eyes when you imagine it, start executing goals in that direction. Time is limited. One day you won’t have time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Rule #1 (guard your time), remember?!

#6 Find the Best in Others

Since birth (my nephew for example) little humans have compassion in them. They always give stuff away and even share their food!

Altruism is given to us as a gift since birth. As we give things and food to our children, they know that for growth and happiness we have to share this gift with people. It doesn’t matter if its bump or a tycoon, little fellows know that all people are good inside. No matter what, we are all good from inside since birth. We mustn’t lose that trait.

If you don’t have nephew to be your example, you were once that nephew couple of decades ago. Find the best traits in people before you cripple your soul to see the bad sides in each person.

#7 Be the Best Version of You

It does matter how we see ourselves as the best version. The answer to the question varies in every individual. Although I firmly believe the best version in all of us lies within these positive affirmations.

Every day, even the next minute, we have the option to be the best version of ourselves. That includes all the positive affirmations we’ve discussed about.

The uplifting spirit we own is the version we have to strive towards. As we previously stated, every situation divides in two sections: see the good in it and grow, or see the bad outcomes and decline every possibility.

This year I feel the energy in people. We had enough of the wrong decisions. It’s time to throw ourselves in new challenges and choose to attack the fears that will make the best version feasible.

#8 Believe anything is Possible

You know what? I don’t believe this sentence is competent enough to prove that. It lacks words because it is unfinished.

Believing along is not enough. Making this possible in the physical world includes hard work and sweat. Even though faith is the first step to making things possible, without work in the equation we cannot do any steps forward.

If we see it only as “believing will make everything possible” it will end up as a piece of cake, which in fact, is a lie. People cherish the faith while they won’t take any action. Try to have faith by looking at a wall and see if there will be any results. We both know the answer to that.

To push the belief forward we have to work towards and discover the possibilities.

Do you find these positive affirmations helpful? I can already see uplifting spirit in the new 2015!

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