Should We Blame Modern Age For Our Comfort Zone

It is estimated that the human race originates 6-7 million years ago. Through that time, humankind has been imported in a cycle of evolution.

The instinct itself have shown us that we have to fight to survive (get food, protect our family, and simply build a life to survive). The cycles of evolution has shown us no mercy and choice, but force ourselves to build a perfect combination of flesh, bones, and a brain to control our bodies.

In the last hundred years, those 6-7 million years ago of evolution has twisted our mechanism because of one crucial factor: life is really easy now according to ancient times.

People used to grab their swords and bulky armors, walk for thousands miles, and fight reckless battles to hold their possessions and conquer more than they have.

Moving back in present time, we pretend to have problems and harsh life without remembering the history. There are people who think that getting up in the morning is a problem nowadays. Time has twisted the meaning of ‘easy’ and ‘hard’.

However we formulate our way of thinking, we can connect the evolution with our so-famous “comfort zone.”Should We Blame Modern Age For Our Comfort Zone

Comfort zone and Ancient Times

How do we know what is comfort zone? Do you think humankind knew what comfort is? Do you think “previous us” had a choice but to hunt and fight with angry wolves, tigers and uneducated phylum to protect their families?

Nowadays, we inspire and motivate to find a job, to wake up for work in the morning, or to work more for our vision, while our prior humankind had no choice but to wake up with the instinct to survive the day.

You see, “Comfort zone” is made-up term to make distinction between successful and unsuccessful people. It’s something made in the last hundred years with the development of technology. Everything that evolves is so perfect, but used so erroneous that humankind has reduced their values to minimum.

Instead of going for what truly matters, our painting skills, our natural talents in any sphere, and mostly a dedication of knowledge in a direction, we tease the phones and put the worst values in front of the rightful virtues. And after all of it, we expect magic to happen and think that luck has to do with everything.

However worse we have gone with the bizarre thoughts, we still have the hunter in us.

The Hunter we used to have

Once the brain has stretched, it can never go back to its old dimensions. That’s why “the hunter” will always be in our lobes.

If you haven’t heard, the so-called Hysterical strength, or superhuman strength, is a display of extreme strength by humans, beyond what is believed to be normal, usually occurring when people are in life and death situations. Common anecdotal examples are of mothers lifting vehicles to rescue their children.

The extra strength is believed to come from adrenaline, though incidents are rare, unrepeatable, with no examinable evidence and few witnesses; research into the phenomenon is difficult, though it is thought that it is theoretically possible.

I believe this superhuman strength is chained in our potential, and a little bite is only needed for one person to succeed in life.

Since prehistorical times, we rebuild and upgrade our brain’s capacity to a level only know as the 10% myth, which describes that we only use 10% of our brains capacity. We deeply know that the hunter is active over these percentages. The next steps will reminisce ourselves to awaken the sleepy hunter and widen the knowledge of comfort zone.Should We Blame Modern Age For Our Comfort Zone

Awaken the potential in 3 Simple Steps

However lazy it may seem, the only motivation we need to have is that time is passing by, whether you read this article and get the knowledge out of it, or lay in your bed and watch “Family Guy.”

It’s the lucky ones that know how fast time is passing by and do something with full power in between days. Rarely people use time as a motivational tool, although Steve Jobs was one of them.

Step 1: Oversee your Thoughts

Most people don’t know themselves. They don’t even throw a dime to figure out and connect their life to figure out where to improve and where to steer.

The beginning of all knowledge is to know yourself and to acknowledge every weakness and power of your potential.

The truth is, even your weaknesses will guide you in the right direction, but first step is to know them. Let the ego aside when it’s “you” on the line.

My personal help was meditation. Since I started meditating (8 months now), I saw that we have thousands of thoughts a day that keep dangling that won’t bring any growth to ourselves. Not to mention the stability and focus I acquired. And the tricky part is that I realized everything in 10 minutes of calmness a day with myself.

For starters, and for your own sake, discover yourself before you do any other step. We get disoriented in wrong things so deeply that we get scared of going back and starting all over. See your wrongs as experience and what “not to do.”

Step 2: Expand your Capacity

It’s always a hard lesson to know yourself, but expanding your capacity is a choice you have to renew all the time.

The point is, we react (negative and positive) to situations because of our capacity and previous experiences. When we get to know the point of a situation from every aspect, we can conclude the reaction to it. Imagine the outcome if two angry fellas argue who came first in the line. But if the first angry fella had bigger capacity, he would know that maybe this guy had a family tragedy and the smartest thing is to let him be first.

When we expand, we lose the selfishness and help people. “I am the most important thing” is not the solution to make greater good on a bigger scale. Even if we truly care for ourselves only, helping people without the need to return the favor, will give us more in the future. That is how the law of attraction works.

There are many exemplars of this through history and time. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to read their writings and expand our capacity from it. Just connect dots and you will realize that we must oversee ourselves to expand.

Step 3: Know that everyone is Different

We just say things like “he/she is different than me”, but we don’t conclude that your reality is science fiction to his/her and the other way around.

Through life, we will meet thousands of greedy b*stards and false lovers who are so deep in the greed and cherish wrong qualities that it may destroy our reality for humanity and even drag us to think that greed and wrongness is the only way. That’s how uniqueness is destroyed and how you get to flow in with the herd.

You have to seek and find people who have same vision as you.

With knowing “thyself”, expanding our capacity and knowing that everyone is different, we will be forced to get out of the comfort zones. We don’t have to fight animals in 2015, or fight for territory. All we need to do is grow mentally and rise above the dark clouds.

Too many wrong and right things have happened for you to be here right here. They expand 6-7 million years of evolution. You are bigger than your tiny opinion of you. We are all unique deities.

Use this knowledge to get more out of the New Year, risk being comfy most of the time, and appreciate your existence more than you did in 2014!

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