How To Be Extremely Self-Confident (Even If Society Tells You Otherwise)

We have a lot to chit-chat when self-confidence is the main subject. If we narrow the focus, we can conclude that we also have society as a part of the picture of our self-image.

It’s really hard and complex to save the high opinion of “self” while the surrounding considers otherwise. It’s same as 2pac says: “Me against the world.”

Along the way we discover positive people that encourage our ideas and unique potentials, but the vast majority tucks in pessimistic opinion of everything that surrounds them. Even ask yourselves. How easy is it to find pessimist these days? In a couple of seconds I filled my hands with them. So the question is: How to be incredibly self-confident in your society? I guess we will reveal that in the following answers.

1. What have you achieved?

You, I, and everyone else achieve hundreds of small tasks per day, but we don’t have the habit to reminisce any single one of them. When we turn back, as kids build castles from Legos, we see that those small things build a giant castle in the history of humankind.

One person is a history of himself and the whole story of one human being creates his character.

It’s crucial to rely on your awards behind you not because of society, but because of creating a world you see that is perfect for you. Perception is how you see things, object, and situations with your own eyes. People will frequently tell you that you’re not doing well and they will find any excuse they can dig only to justify their own failure and diminish your success.

Self-confidence wouldn’t exist if people didn’t exist. That proves that society builds or destroys self-confidence in many different ways. That can be even your closest friends.

To cure insecurities and self-doubt one should rely on his previous achievements. I firmly believe everyone has something to be grateful for, and we have to constantly build castles in the present time so we can turn back to them in the future.

Throw yourself in action and make the biggest castle anyone can imagine!

What have you achieved?

2. How do you perceive Life?

We spoke about perception and life as a mirror of our reflected thoughts. But I don’t know how many people even know that every single human has another point of view and perception. That makes 7 billion perceptions that play big role in this world.

Even if there are 7 billion opinions mixing up in this world, we narrow the focus on one person “YOU.”

Many people don’t even know how they perceive things. They judge life as luck and connections and they don’t even believe that they can be amongst the successful and happy people. They believe their life will go miserably because they were born in the wrong place.

We have a starting point of a pessimist that perceives life as a lottery ticket “wins once I a million, but most of the time its guaranteed failure.”

Self-confidence comes from perception of things. It’s rather “I can do this” than “I think I won’t make it.” It’s relying on a chance of success in things, rather than relying on a direct failure.

It really is like that. We all have sensory organs that don’t perceive situations the same and that define perception of life.

I honestly discovered my thoughts when I started meditating and doing to-do lists. I reversed life 180 degrees on better. With meditation I saw my tangled opinions of life, and with my organized to-do list I gave direction to my physical actions.

Ask yourself: “Am I going in the authentic direction that suits my history, or am I just flowing with the other sheep’s in the herd?” Discover your perception and ask again:

How do I perceive life now?

3. What’s your strength?

We all know people that are passionately curious in a particular area of expertise. I happen to know dozens of them. The desire to discover deeper in a subject is “the calling” we all need to answer.

By knowing that our strength is the truest way to follow, we discover that no opinion of society is more important than our dream of becoming genius in a particular area. Albert Einstein’s life is a great example of it.

Society force us to be slaves of the fear they have and by pursuing it, we fail to enlarge the strengths we possess. We become “they” rather than “me.” We become “normal” rather than “unique.” Every greater successor in the world did it because they spotted their strengths they’ve formed through life experience, or as we quote it, as “building castles” along the way.

By accompanying experience along your life, discover your true powers. Everyone is formed to create history in the world. It’s really important to find that power or so-called “strengths.” So:

What are your strengths?

4. What’s your weakness?

As no one, not any single one of us is perfect, I would define that everyone plays a part in the downsides.

As Yin and Yang explains the interconnections of balances in good and bad, we are the same- dark and white sign.How To Be Extremely Self-Confident (Even If Society Tells You Otherwise)

Without the bad and imperfect sides in out beings, we cannot be whole. That’s what even makes life perfect: the good and bad times in it.

We, as human beings, lack the knowledge of imperfections. People don’t even sit to think that there is far more wisdom and knowledge in books or out there than the limitations we possess. Everyone thinks they’re perfect every morning. That’s why most people cease to grow.

Life is constant growth and overcoming weaknesses. There is far more potential in you than you think there is. You can get it by deciding that you will grow every day. Self-confidence will come along the way.

5. Where are you headed?

Directions are far more important than knowledge. Most people lack self-confidence because they don’t really know whether they like what they do or not. Insecurities invade like ants when they smell lack of direction.

We need to stop and take a second to think what we are crafting with the determination and behavior. If there is something we want to avoid, it’s crucial to reform the way of thinking.

Society plays big role if we ask for directions. It’s great thing to be your own advisor in cases like this. Of course, it is true that society forms our way of thinking, and our closes friends have great roll in it. But when it comes to our life, we need to sit down and think for authentic directions without any consultations.

We can see that the world is made of people’s innovations. They had clear conscious of directions and they were so self-confident and foolish on the way that actually their dreams come true. Thanks to those legends, we have the world we live in today.

It’s never late to make another innovation. It’s never late to take a turn and switch another road. It’s all about perception and how we handle the hard things in life. We will always be influenced by society, but self-confidence should be far more superior to people’s opinion.

I would gladly hear your opinion of self-confidence and clearing your mind of negative thoughts to gain even more self-confidence in the comments section.

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