The Top 10 Signs You’re Succeeding In Life When Your Emotions Tell Different

If you think you’re wandering alone trying to raise your voice so everybody can hear you roaring, you’re damn wrong. In fact, you are surrounded with people who fight bloody combats in their minds between success and failure.

Whoever told you that life and success comes easy is either pleasing you, or talk nonsense. Life is a balance of good and bad times along with picking out the best lessons out of both experiences. The theory of yin yang shows life as one simple equation.

However, our main goal is to see ourselves happy being worth in a community. Unconsciously we want to be appreciated for what we do. It’s best to find your talent and spread it with the world. However easy it may sound, the previous sentence determines a life span of your whole life!

In the next top 10 signs that you’re succeeding in life you will surely find at least couple of emotions with whom you fight harsh battle.

1. You are determined more than ever.

Determination is the first thing you do conscious that will take you directly to your wishes. Determination means that you already have a clear goal and willing to sacrifice everything to grab that goal with both hands.

Emotions will rush over you to go back to the old habits. They will try to tuck in every negative thought to cut you off from your vision. Determination will determine (as the word says itself) that you will firmly stick to your future plan no matter the cost of the bill you have to pay.

If you ever feel this way, you are doing it right. Don’t flow away to your doubts for short-term satisfactions. GO FOR THE LONG RUN.

2. You feel like breaking down.

At the exact moment when you feel like the world falls down on you is the moment you have to decide two things: go down with it, or elevate stronger than ever.

If you read books about self-determination, watch seminars and listen to audio books you will notice that all the knowledge is used to encourage us through harsh times – the ones where the world falls down on us. They remind us to see beauty behind the thorns on the way.

Life is one big test where we have to see through all perspectives. The price we have to pay not to blur our dreams when encountering the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Know that giving up is going to take everything you wanted away (depending on your struggle.) So combine your energy and explode it out to raise yourself.

3. You firmly want to give up.

Following the sign of the hard struggle when you feel like breaking down, the mental state to give up will invade your mind. That’s really a sign that you are doing the right thing. I would state it as finding comfort in the discomfort.

Have in mind that you are encountering thousands of negative energies, angry drivers, wireless signals, toxic air, and what so not.

Rely on the side that you’ve been brave enough to get to this exact point after all the problems and circumstances, so don’t give up when you’re one step ahead of seeing the sun!

4. You choose to avoid night-out over work.

Everyone needs to hang out from time to time. We exchange thoughts, enjoy the time with our biddies, and have a fun time. But sometimes night-out needs to be avoided if we have crucial work to finish that might take us closer to the vision. And don’t get me wrong. I am no workaholic too.

We need to see from the perspective that we earn night-outs without having a hesitation of unfinished business at home (or work.) When we have all things done for that particular time, we can enjoy as much as we can, but not before that.

Free time needs to be earned thought previous successful days of work. Believe me; the best memories are made when you have nothing left behind to occupy your mind.

5. You are less with wrong people.

First, I am no introvert, but quite the opposite. When I was having a tough, lonely period in my life I acknowledged the brightest lessons.

In those times you reveal your true friends and people who care about you the most.

While being lonely may seem like a dark period and something might be wrong with us, that period of our life is the enlightening. You are left alone with your experience to form your future.

Also, do not avoid people to reveal yourself, but when it comes to your future plans, take criticism seriously, but not personally. That’s what most people do. They criticize ideas and visions. You mustn’t let that touch yours.

6. You are occupied with your success.

I think when being asked for occupation, we should answer with “success.” Emotions play with our mind when we determine to succeed in life. As I previously mentioned, we all have bad habits that have to be removed. That’s not easy at all.

Success should make us happy. It shouldn’t mean that “success” is endless money and one mile houses. It means finishing consecutive small tasks every day. The big picture will come at the right time. Like a painter crafts his masterpiece. Piece by piece, Leonardo da Vinci made Mona Lisa.

If you are occupied with executing small tasks every day, you are walking the right, unique, authentic way of yours.

7. You exchange life for something only you see.

First off, you sacrifice life with everything you do daily. You literally give up (something important and most valued) for the sake of your considerations. You exchange life for the picture in your head of rightfulness.

You see, when we imagine things EVERY DAY, we attract things we imagine. So when it comes to sacrifice we better do it for our perfect picture in our heads.

And no, you are giving up life for nothing. You switch every second and hand out struggle to your vision. The most interesting, frightening and motivational part is that you don’t know whether you will make it. But as we know, it’s all about perspective.

8. You know your goal as soon as you wake up.

Waking up may be the hardest part of the day for some people, but not for those who have clear concise vision (of at least) how they should spend their day to be closer to a better tomorrow.

Every one of us can easily create positive and creative way of thinking in a short period of time. If that time is in the morning, there’s a probability that the whole day will be spend positively.

Since the body falls asleep, “the machine” stops and rests until the morning. After that, the machine needs to be fed with an instant motivation to drive us around daily problems and obstacles on the road.

Imagine life differently. Find more comparisons, maybe funnier ones. You mustn’t look things as real as they are. The mind can expand as long as you’re willing to. Feed your mind with beauty in the morning.

9. You are struggling like every success.

When you walk the hard road, know that millions of people went through it. They even walked uglier roads to grasp success.

As billions of people passed the car tests and driving lessons, success means life is putting you to a test to see if you’re hard enough to endure it.

My thoughts were that you are not alone. If you were in somebody else’s shoes, you will see that your road is “piece of cake” according to theirs.

Know that people struggle through life to get things worth having.

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10. You are not alone.

Whoever reads this, you are not alone. You interact with the world. You attract the things you imagine. You are feeling exactly as you are now because of circumstances you made or attracted. Sometimes (even though very rarely) we are victim of circumstance, but you have everything you need to change that.

It’s never too late to change your community, your life, your world. If you think you’re on the right foot, the world will get in accordance with it. If you want to change it’s never too late, either at 18 or 98.

If you still think you’re not succeeding in life, one of the wealthiest people on earth succeeded when they taught they are lost in life.



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