5 Mental Capabilities To Join The “Day Dreamers”

It must have been a while since you heard the combination of words “mental capabilities”, or it’s been more than a while …

Everything moves too fast. Life, tempo, sleep, days, nights, years, and even centuries. It creeps me out sometimes.

More often, I reminisce myself of the meaning of life. Day by day, I get to think about my future and my daily happiness.

Should we just become masochists, and beat ourselves from work to see a better tomorrow, or just flow with the feelings and do whatever we want to do.

If we flow in the emotions and peer pressure of our dark silent voice, we might as well go into darker paths. We may fall under the addiction of narcotic and alcohol. There must be something different, or as the believers say: “something magical” down forward.

In my thoughts I lost myself and found something that will be spark in many mindsets. The 5 exceptional mental capabilities to join the day dreamers is phrase to intrigue our motivational part in the brain.

1. The Daily Masochist

Don’t even think that this is the precise definition of the word masochist. It’s a phrase to describe our harsh daily routine. The routine of the successful people.

Even right now, I don’t really want to write this article. And when I sat down, I forced myself to write, and so far so good! The words just flew through my fingers.

On the track, “The Daily Masochist” is the routine of the successful. Every day, we force ourselves to do things that we would rather left unfinished. We go that one step forward when it seems like the only way is going back. We BOOST our psyche to go beyond the limits.

If we were made to do what we feel, we would never improve ourselves, the environment, nor the world. It’s what our self-motivation and self-determination does to us, that gives results beyond the limit, the consecutive daily masochism.

2. Imagination

What we have as humans, is something that no animal has. Imagination.

Imagination has the power to go beyond every god damn experiment and chemical process, telling that people can’t do something. “It’s not scientifically possible.”

People hold such a huge power, and turn themselves so low-minded with daily insignificant situations, that it’s even sad to watch them go through life with no narrowed focus and precise goal.

I personally did one exercise after reading “Goals” from Brian Tracy that proved myself the power of imagination. I wrote a letter with things I would like to have in 6 months that looked unimaginable in that time. I totally forgot about it.

After 8 months, I found that paper in one of my dusty drawers.

Believe it or not, from 10 things on my list, 8 were done in the first 6 months, one wasn’t done, and the last one was done in the 7th month. I guess I infected my reticular cortex with my goal and made it through. That was the first time I felt the power of the imagination on my skin.

3. The 4 Minute Mile Myth: Positive Thinking

Doctors and scientists said that 4 minute mile was mission impossible for runners. They said that the human body would burst below that time.

Until 6th of May 1954 the myth stood a chance. But not for Roger Bannister. He broke the four-minute mile barrier during a meet between British AAA and Oxford University at Iffley Road Track in Oxford.

“The 4 minute mile was meant to be broken John Michael Landy, West Santy in America, or by me, and I was determined that I would do it.

The main memory was that the weather was to bad to attempt it. If you are running on high wind and sticky track then your time would have to be 4 seconds faster than it would be on an ideal day. And I was watching the flag on the church, and it was flattering very strongly. But then just before we decided to have the race, it flattered less strongly and I realized the weather was improving enough to make the full effort. And so I told Christopher Chataway: It’s on!

Perhaps, they said, well the record cannot go improving, so it must come at some point when it stops. That might be four minutes. So the Swedes gave up saying: “It’s not possible. We can’t do it.” John Landy ran 4″02″ several times and then he said:” it’s like a brick wall.” Now as a medical student it didn’t seemed to me logical that it wasn’t possible to knock off couple of seconds.

And the first lap I felt so full of running because I haven’t’ done any training for deliberately 5 days, but then in the 3th lap we sipped back to 3 minutes and 1 second, and Chris Chattaway then went it to the lead, and then I felt that I have to do the last lap in less than 60 seconds. I felt that almost the finish line was receding from me. It was so difficult to put all my energy. I was almost able to reach the finish line and then I collapsed because other were holding me.

And then about minute or two later was the announcement, the result of event 8 is Ergy Bannister of Exeter and Merton Colleges in a time which a subject to ratification would be a new British record, a new Old Comers record, a new Empire record, new European record, and a New World Record in a time of three … and that is when the crowd exploded and cheer, and nothing more was heard.

We do all look for challenges especially when we are young, and I was very glad that it could be done on the Oxford track.” – Roger Bannister

Bottom line, the 3th mental capability of Day Dreamers is positive thinking! It’s going beyond the limits endlessly. Now the world record is one mile distance is 3:43:12.

4. Approach From Every Corner: The Ability to Percept

The ability to solve any type of problem is to percept it from every corner.

It’s been said that every problem, no matter how big, has at least one solution. Therefore, looking at it from every corner will make that solution feasible.

Often, the perception of others, and how people feel gives kindness a meaning. Not everyone feels good and cheery at every moment. Not everyone has the same opinion as we do. Everyone is raised under different roof. Even our brothers and sisters are 180 degrees different and we are raised under the same roof and parents …

The ability to percept and “walk in persons shoes” proclaims that we must mirror ourselves in other people characteristics. Simply to feel and experience the persons way of thinking and connect verbally. The power of the biggest salesmen, businessmen, and athletes is the power to approach things from every corner, either a people or a problem (and almost every problem is with people, or influenced by it.)

5. Arousing Curiosity

Curiosity, as the last step in this article, is also the first one to spur the other four. It’s the first spark to push the other four in the daily mechanism.

Why do we live? Because we are curious. The first question every morning starts with: What if … ? Even if the question ends with “I continue sleeping”, It’s still an act curiosity, which never succeeds because we have to activate the Daily Masochists and go to work …

Aside from the jokes, the curiously to try ten thousand times gave Thomas Edison the opportunity to invent the light bulb, it gave Steve Jobs to grow Apple Computers and many other legends to invent something that was scientifically “impossible” during that time.

So the first thing you need, to even activate the Day Dream is to ask yourselves, what if … That endless questioning will always leave you on a track no one has ever been before. So, what if …



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