5 Practical Tips To Stop Procrastination Once And For All

In the modern world today, we have millions of distractions every next second. Even at this particular moment I am listening the air conditioning and it’s making strange sound. That can be a tiny shift of focus too!

Not to mention phones! There are so many trendy apps in 2015 that draw so much attention, it’s nearly impossible to stop and do one thing at a time. However, you might have cure in you.

Procrastination is a self-made product. You are the only one to blame. Not your phone, not your air conditioning, but you and your brain. To stop procrastination, all it takes is to be self-aware of the five things we are going to extend.

1. Identify Your Most Important Task

In the morning, people often have more mental and physical energy and fewer distractions and scheduled tasks. Once you have completed a difficult item on your to-do list, the sense of achievement might make it easier for you to approach the rest of the list.

While most people like to leave the hardest task for the end, successful people differ. Throw everything you have on your mind and remove all distractions near you. It doesn’t have to be “silent hill” around you, but removing every distractive object you can, would be a good beginning. I even threw my phone for 6 months to improve my focus on things that matter.

So if you read this in the middle of the day, tomorrow is a perfect day to remove all distractions and kill your most important task first.

2. Meditate

Meditation is one of the best techniques to clear your mind, literally. In those particular moments of silence, you will notice how many foolish distractions you have in your mind. Many of you are not even aware of your own mind. Not until you start the technique of meditation.

The brain is the most complex, and on the other side, the most perfect thing you own. You have nearly 60 THOUSAND thoughts per day! You can’t be able to control that mayhem. Not until you sit down, look inside your inner self and decide to eliminate and lesser the chaos of unnecessary thoughts.

I prefer to do it in the morning and start my day, but that’s not a general rule. You might want to test this on you. We are all different.

3. The Stop ‘n’ Back Mind Technique

Meditation is definitely improving focus. But if you cannot control “your beast” through the day up in your head, not one technique is going to help you. I would like to call it Stop n’ Back technique.

Let’s say, right now with my brain I had a thought about how beautiful this day was, and how great time I had, but that’s not my job now. I have to write this article down right now. Period.

So what should you do?

Every time you choose to execute a task (preferably your hardest one in the morning) practice the stop n’ back technique. Whatever comes to your brain throw it away and have a sense of present time. Feel your body as it sits on the chair (probably) and get back on the task.

4. Generate Your Own Unique Time Of Each Task

For some people it’s hard to focus on tasks longer period of time. While practicing focus takes patience, some people are simply more peevish than others. That’s why it’s smart for you to work on the stopwatch.

I know. I hate working under pressure, but the sooner you realize your temper-watch the faster you will be able to improve.

I find it hard to work with narrowed focus on a task longer than an hour. No toilet, no phones, no sip from a glass. Just working on a thing without any bit of distraction.

I see that some people are able to do it longer, while some are not even able to focus on a task for ten minutes.

If you find yourself in one of those, I prefer that you should open new tab (if you work on a computer) and open my favorite stopwatch website. It will surely help you improve. It is 100% guarantee!

5. Don’t Think Too Much!

At last, I think you all think too much!

From so many thoughts, the brain has its own defense mechanism. Let’s clear this out; the brain is not made to make you happy. It is made to reconsider you to protect itself.

Sometimes you have to look at your brain as opponent, and fights against it. Remember the comfort zone? It’s all made from the brain so he won’t have to deal with your consequences.

The brain hate risks. It will keep making stories until it succeeds to reconsider you to avoid hard tasks, and adds procrastination as your characteristic. And as the quote states: You got to risk it for the biscuit!

Tasks take immediate execution. I would like to call it f*ck it – Motivational Factor. Observe a bit, and go for it. The brain will always win if you give it time to think.

I would be glad to hear your persona tips to remove procrastination in the comments below!



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