5 Exceptional Ways To Make People Like You

Around the world you connect with people. I happen to think that even if you walk in forests all your life, you would meet at least 10-15 people. And I mean dead no-man-ever-walked type of forests …

So how do you cope with people? You don’t need to be an actor or an impostor to make them like you. All you need to do is learn few things that will get you very far in life when it comes to connecting with people. In fact, you will like it!

The next 5 things you need to learn to make people like you will give you a sense that you already knew them, but you did not do enough introspect around it.5 Exceptional Ways To Make People Like You

1. Become Genuinely Interested In Other People

People love to have the sense of being investigated! Analyze yourself and you will recognize it as a fact. Of course, if it’s not some creepy guy in black coat looking at you from across the street … You don’t want to be interested in him (you may want to call the police)!

You have to become interested in people. Get to know them. Keep at looking their good sides, instead of the bad ones. Everyone has bad and good sides, and they will reveal the ones you look at.

It becomes really interesting when you acknowledge that becoming interested in people is maybe the only thing they need. Don’t you use this facts to dominate people for bad purposes

2. Smile

Did you know that even if you fake smile for longer period of time it will send signals to the brain to secrete chemistry of happiness that you are actually smiling? It really does!

I am high believer that positive energy floats around the air. If you don’t believe it, analyze how good you feel when everyone smiles around you, even if you’re not so happy at that particular moment.

Positivity is happiness, and happiness is smile. Everyone likes it, it is free to use, and there are facts that laughter is the best medicine.

One curve with your mouth can cure you from almost anything, can make people like you (some will even love you because of it) and it can open thousand doors! Don’t use it wisely; just use it!

3. Peoples Name is the Sweetest and Most Important Sound in all Languages

I’ve already said this earlier in the post about the 25 life secrets:

I will be honest on this one. I had vast problem when I needed to “name” someone I already know. It just blocked my mind. But when I figured out how good and important is to be named in a conversation, my memory improved instantly.

People feel appreciated! And for your own future benefit, when you want something from a particular person, say their name back to them when they introduce themselves. Then repeat the name in your head a number of times until you are sure you have it. Continue to use their name in conversation as much as possible to remove any chance of forgetting it. It personally helped me. And if you know me and my connection with names, you will be surprised!

4. Be a Good Listener. Encourage Others to Talk About Themselves

This connects with the first one. It’s actually a part 2.

Listeners are endangered species. Look at people around you and I am highly certain that you will notice this:

As you speak, participants make the face that they only want to speak out their words. They don’t even open the ears. They just wait for you to stop talking (that’s what they use the ears for, although they can do this stunt with their eyes too) and they immediately chat what’s on their mind, and all there is are a bunch of people who are talking to no listeners.

Be different. Be a good listener. Let people talk it all out. They don’t have so many listeners around. Be a bit of a secret to others. You don’t have to say it all. There are already a lot of people who say it all to you!

5. Talk in Terms of Others People Interest

Okay, be unique, but let’s see the whole point of talking with other people.

There is no point to talk to others if there is no common ground in the conversation. If you love trees and the other participants love chainsaws, you are in the wrong circle of friends buddy. It’s time to start another journey.

Finding common ground around a topic is the whole point of your conversations. I think that’s why the first conversation is the weirdest when you meet new people. You jump from one thing to another until you really connect on a certain point. The weather is great starter sometimes …

You get to learn this topic by listening, which is the previous headline.

Every dot connects with each other, and if you learn them all on an expert level, people will like you, believe me! Don’t regret and wish you knew few things earlier.



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