How To Be Charismatic: 7 Well Known Manners Of Charismatic People

How can we say if someone is charismatic? We can instantly feel it!

These people have developed manners and skills in such a way that it orbits them with magnetism that inspires confidence and adoration.

By developing these skills, charismatic people transform the energy and radiate positivity wherever they go. We can be “that guy/girl” too by stealing the wisdom of how-to.

However, becoming charismatic involves paying careful attention on how you interact with other people. The traits that make up charisma are positive and appealing. Here are the 7 well known manners of how to be charismatic.How To Be Charismatic 7 Well Known Manners Of Charismatic People

1. They place the spotlight on others

The problem with interaction these days is that we don’t give the spotlight to others. We just sit on a table, meeting, debate, or a negotiation to tell about “you”. What are “you”, what are “you” going to do, what do “you” feel like, what do “you” need … All of the following are false. The exact “you” word has no excessive need in the charisma.

Being charismatic is a selfless act, while you sit in the shadows and give the spotlight on others. Have you ever noticed that the best leaders give all the credit to the people? Honestly, who would’ve done it without the people, and by saying it, it makes you a charismatic, magnetic, and positive human being. It’s the right thing to do!

Next time you go to interact with people, try to avoid “you” for a while and see what happens.

2. They don’t hide emotions on the spot

You and me (not literally me and you) have been in a conversation where we’ve been put under pressure to show emotions that will help the participant. Sometimes we don’t feel like we need to reveal, even though we know it’s the right thing.

Charismatic people don’t hide the emotions when it’s crucial to use them, and that may be the foremost reason why they are so easy to speak to. Because, again, the reason why you interact is to help in the same way you want to receive that help.

I know you are sometimes trying to play “tough” in front of others, so you may demonstrate your skill to control your emotions, but that’s the adverse effect. The exact toughness, when it is crucially vital to show, needs to be revealed. And this does not include losing your phone, although you may spill some drops from your heart (in private!).

Divide your toughness on spots where you need to be tough and where you need to reveal, because in the end, both include boldness.

3. They put aside the self-importance

Rule #1: give the spotlight, remember?

Your self-importance is the effect of giving people reason to be important. How is this possible?

Well, how would you be important if you were the last person on earth? Would you be important then? Of course not. You need people to claim that.

Gladly you’re not the last person on earth, so we can continue.

If you know you are important you think about others, and if you “think” you are important, you think about yourself.

Self-importance is thinking about others, and selflessly doing it, we adopt the crucial manner of charisma.

So, bottom line is that you need self-importance, as soon you know the righteous definition of it.

4. They give before they receive, and mostly they never receive

Don’t confuse this from the beginning. It’s not about money, or material goods. And it’s not necessarily that it isn’t. I already confused you, so let me explain.

Giving someone anything that can be given is a thing that most people do for getting something in return. If you give money to someone, you want them back, right? Charisma is not free money, don’t get me wrong!

Giving is an act of choice, since this is a free world. First, you should think twice where you choose to invest the time of your life. So before you start giving, even your slightest of time to someone, know that you do this for you, while you also do it for them. Not everyone is charismatic, not everyone is going to respect that you’ve wasted your life (literally life) on helping them.

So before you “give” charisma, have a mindset that you are doing to feed your own soul, not to get a pearl necklace for it.

5. They are perfect listeners

Ask people about their day! Do a warm hearted thing for someone.

If you are wise enough, you already know that we are all sponges, and we suck (mostly good knowledge) while we are alive.

At the age of 87 a wise man said:

“I am still learning” – Michelangelo

If a 87 years old, really REALLY wise man still learns, you can still learn too!

The only way to learn is to observe and listen others. In that way, we can benefit in both ways.

Try to focus on the other person. Don’t shift your mind to unimportant stuff while you make a conversation. Throw all your attention to the “now” and you will be a great listener.

6. They have the body language

There are scientifically proven ways to dominate people without saying a word! But let’s leave that thing for another time.

Think about your own gestures. When you speak, does your body language fit your thoughts, or do you look nervous, uncaring, or bored? If you’re passionate about something, do your gestures communicate this?

As you know, body language can say a lot about how you feel about yourself, without you really noticing. It can also help you seem more approachable to others. The wrong body language can make you look indecisive and shy, so it’s important to motion in a way that shows you’re confident and engaged.

A charismatic person stands tall, has the and walks with steady, determined strides.

Walking with good posture is simply an extension of standing with good posture. Keep your head up, shoulders back, chest out, and eyes looking straight ahead.

When you meet someone, give a firm handshake and look the other person in the eye.

7. They are easygoing

I have a sense that charismatic people love being alive, and that’s what makes them charismatic.

It feels like you want to be a part of their life. They are so easygoing as you would love to be around them, even without saying a word.

These are not regular steps of how-to. These are steps which you need to adopt as your own ways of caring yourself.

I firmly believe that everyone is charismatic, but either they are not the truly-selves they want to be, they are in the wrong environment, or they put bad emotions in front of them to block their passion.

We need to stop and start doing things to create a better life and to become a part of the charismatic people!

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