14 Ways To Catch a Liar Before His Nose Grows

You remember Pinocchio? Yes the wooden kid. His nose grew every time he was lying. In the world today, however, liars aren’t punished if they’re not caught. Even if their nose was growing, plastic surgery is so eminent, they will get that done too!

However, there is a way to catch a liar. The way they behave, talk, and use body language, we can get that falsehood off their mouth.

There are 14 ways to catch a liar before we actually believe that phony.

1. Liars usually make too much or too little eye contact. If someone is incapable to look you in the eyes or is staring you down, that person may be trying to cover his skeletons

Broj 1

2. Liars tend to speak without using contractions: “I DID NOT” have an affair with another woman

Broj 2

3. A deceiver will often show signs of discomfort by turning away from you

Turn away

4. The body language of a phony is revealed by: rapid blinking, dilated pupils, pitch changes, less smiling, shrugging shoulders, fidgeting, and crossed arms


5. Unless they’re professional actors or psychopaths, liars tend to stutter and hesitate when they are speaking


6. Liars often provide additional information without really need to do so


7. A liar will use your words to answer a question


8. A guilty person will get defensive, whereas an innocent person will often go on the offensive


9. A liar might unconsciously place objects (book, coffee cup, a drink, etc.) between themselves and you

Last man on earth

10. A liar’s timing tends to lag between gestures/expressions and words


11. Oftentimes liars give inconsistent explanations


12. They also over-emphasize details. When people are trying to avoid telling the truth, they often fo cus on an obscure point instead of the key issue


13. Watch out for frequent touching of the face, throat, and mouth. For example, a liar might scratch his/her nose or behind the ear

Oh, my throat

14. Be wary of pursed mouths. While lying, a person may set his or her mouth in a narrow line

Moth narrow
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