4 Inspiring Ways To Develop Perfect Mental Health

Even though an ice cube can improve mental health, let’s go further analysis…

Life is a hell of a journey where challenges are inevitable. We’re apt to view challenges as obstacles or opportunities that can either create strong mental health or destroy it. Do you see life as something beautiful, wonderful, an opportunity for growth, love, and development? Or do you view life as a grind, working for a living and to provide with the mindset on the weekend when you will have time to relax? What makes one mentally and emotionally strong? Do you even ask yourselves questions to free your mind?

Below are a few simple suggestions to empower yourself both, mentally and emotionally.

1. Always Move Forward

As we mentioned earlier, life will present challenges, but keep moving  forward one step at a time. Keep progressing. You might not be at your 8.000 step when climbing a mountain, but you can take the next one and then the next one. Eventually you will get to the top.

In physics, Newton’s first law of motion states a body in motion tends to stay in motion, where the third law states a body at rest tends to stay at rest. So it is essential to keep moving forward. Over time you will begin to gain momentum to where you can reach your goals, dreams, and yes greatness!

When do you start seeing improvement? When do you start seeing results? No one ever started off being great at anything. Start putting yourself in situations out of your comfort, or push yourself daily to the edge. Take a step each day to go out of your comfort zone, until you being to feel comfortable. This is where mental and emotional strength is achieved. It’s doing those extra reps at the gym, studying for those extra 30 min, and running the last mile of a marathon.

2. Look Back Only To Appreciate

Most individuals will look back and become very judgmental, thinking “I haven’t made it that far”, “I’m not getting any better”, “I’m not losing  any weight” and so on. When you look back in this manner all that you do is lose confidence, making it more difficult to achieve your outcome.

Others look  back and think you know what “I have gone far enough”, “I know my goal was to lose 20lbs, but 15lbs is good enough”, and so on. This type of looking back brings about contentment. In order to develop mental and emotional health and strength you should always be striving to improve. Appreciate your efforts, but, don’t allow it to divide you from greatness.

When looking back notice the areas that you have made progress in. Progress equals power! Looking back can be a great tool just to see how much you have moved forward. A great football analogy is every inch matters; it’s not a game of yards, but inches. Progress is good and you should appreciate that in yourself and your efforts. At the end of the day it’s about the journey, not just the goal itself.

Energy flows where your attention goes. We as humans have what’s known as the Reticular cortex and the reticular activating system which acts like heat seeking missiles. What we focus on these systems look for that specifically. If your goal is to lose 30lbs and that is your focus then the reticular cortex will bring stimuli to your awareness that will provide support to accomplish your goals. This means challenges as well. Again it’s all about growth and development. In order to grow one needs to be stretched.

Take some time out today and reflect for the sole purpose to see how much you have grown.

3. Don’t reinvent the wheel

Do what is necessary to gain the skillset you need to live out your dreams. This can be done from a variety of facets; books, coaches an d mentors, mastermind groups, seminars, or podcasts. What you want to do is write a list of the people that have accomplished what you are trying to accomplish, and then follow their footsteps. You can eliminate 10 years of trial and error just by reading a book or listening to a podcast. Once you have found the “success clues”, commit to achieving your results, with your newfound clues!

4. You are who you surround yourself with

This step goes hand in hand with step #3.When you surround yourself with people that have achieved or are closer to achieving what you are striving for what happens is your brains will actually sync up. Research from Princeton University showed that brains actually sync up. The study indicated a listener’s brain activity mirrored that of the speaker’s brain activity. This has also been shown during music, play, pray, and meditation. There is great truth behind the adage you are the average of the five people you surround yourself with.

You have potential, tools and resources, now commit yourself to your best life ever!

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