5 Definite Reasons Why Most People Are Continuous Failures

We’ve seen it all over again, and we always struggle with it, aiming for success.

Our brains want something quick like a lottery. Something that doesn’t shed a sweat, but brings a LOT in no time. This concerns every goal we want to fulfill, and every achievement on the road.

The reasons we will discuss why people are continuous failures can be applied in everything you fail, and we will see why it happens continuously.


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1. Wrong definition of success

Looking at success dull, as big houses, yachts and money, is the first mistake done by ignorance. If we still see success like this, it means that we haven’t read a single book, nor listed any podcast.

In a world so rich with information, ignorance is a choice, and a very stupid one!

People are so excited to spread how they succeeded, and wrote millions of books with their private experiences on the road, that we can’t think alike after reading them.

We know that’s the right way!

Every successful person describes success as his own experience, but they all have the same common intense feelings and emotions on the way. They all say the same: “It’s never easy, but it’s definitely worth it.”

How we should see success is a matter of ego.

Spirituality demote ego as much, it became something evil.

Ego is feeling where nothing can harm you anymore. Ego is something we should strive to build up, even with meditation, because ego is the state where nothing can stop us, and if it does, we’ll find another way.

We have fragile ego of not going against our fears. It’s the state where we cannot do anything, or we are afraid of it.

Successful people face their fears, and give armor to their ego. People wouldn’t like to see people with big ego based on their fears. Why would we hate Kanye West (the ego man), if it doesn’t concert our life? It’s because we have fears that he’s over us, which he is, if we see it that way.

That’s why successful people have so much ego. Even if you take all their money, they will regain them all over again. They possess the confidence to solve problems.

“Success is the confidence to solve problems.”

2. We cherish feelings over values

As this guy said it, our krypton is our endeavor. It’s feelings that breaks down the whole picture we see in front of us.

If we have a project with a deadline, and we have 2 more days to finish it, but we also “feel” like going to our friends birthday, it’s most definitely true! You have your friend’s birthday, and you need socialization. But what’s more important is that you have to choose between feelings over values.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We can put the value on going to that party, but that choice keeps us from every success we need to get. Why? Because sometimes life is going against our feelings, as Henry Ford says:

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”

We have to choose what’s more important: us going to execute our goals, or getting at that birthday party, getting couple of bites from that sweets, or sleeping a bit longer.

No one can make us do things. False friends can only lure us to do these stuff, saying: “come on, you overdo this, take a break.” And then again, is it going to be a break, or we still have our goals going against your wind?

3. We still think excuses will help us

Even if I we tell this now, give yourself a couple of days, and you will see that it will fade. Excuses will lurk like ants, and we’ll have them again on the list. So what’s the cure?

What I did once, that really help me get passed making excuses was a 30 day challenge.

I read somewhere that 30 days going without a single excuse, will lesser the habit of making excuses, if not fade completely.

From day one, I had it tattooed in my mind not to make excuses for the rest of the month.

Once we walked in the rain it was freezing outside and I said to myself “if you told that it was freezing and it’s that clouds fault, what could possibly change? Stop the rain?!” We were all with short sleeves, so there wasn’t anything we could do, but to pass the distance of 2 miles on the rain.

Actually I learned a lot from that rainy day.

We have to acknowledge that excuses are going nowhere, unless we take action for it. Actions speak louder than words! It’s a motivational paradox, but it’s clean truth.

Excuses doesn’t travel far. They travel short and fail.

If you’re cold, take long sleeves. If you’re overweight, Google a diet and take action. If you’re failure, find your vision and pursue it. But this, but that, are all just a messed up excuses.

4. We don’t give credit to our uniqueness

I just found a statistic that 91% of all artists were undiscovered.

If there’s something we all share, it’s our mystical brain. And we don’t have to fully understand it to know that we hold immense power in our heads.

Just by not making it knowable, holds great power, even with the bizarre technologies we have today.

What we have to do is ask ourselves questions. One of the most powerful human tool is the power to soak righteous information’s for you.

Maybe some mathematician formula may not concern my area of expertise, but some may succeed with those information.

Our goal is to find our passion and spread it out. It’s not making money, it’s finding passion, something you want to do endlessly without feeling completely tired of it (because sometimes you’ll be tired of it, based on your feelings).

5. We don’t ask enough questions

Not only we have to constantly ask ourselves questions, but we have to ask other people questions. Someone who’s already been there before you.

If I ask someone with successful self-improvement website, they will be more than happy to answer me, because authentic success always wants’ to be shared.

It’s the selfish tiny successful people who do not travel far.

One of the 5 crucial mistake for continuous failure is that we do not ask enough successful people questions. Never be ashamed, afraid to ask or mail some of your human heroes. With these technology today, I am completely sure that I can even get even Eminem to answer me a couple of questions.

We should strive for greatness. We have the power to do so, every minute of the day. Tomorrow and Monday are only excuses. Start now!

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