4 Unique Steps To Raise Your Frequency Of Vibration

We hear opinions of vibrations and “higher frequency” or “raise your frequency” and all it seem to be is a scam. Because it’s trendy, doesn’t mean it’s a scam.

There’s one logical explanation I described before to prove that:

Even the atoms in the rocks vibrate on any frequency, but because they are firmly attracted they stay fixed.

When we heat solid particles, the heat causes the atoms to increase its motion. When the motion increases, the attraction between atoms causes them to move a little further apart.

It is also the other way around. If we cool a solid particle it reduces the motions in the atoms, but what’s most important is that they never stop to vibrate. Every form and every “not-movable” object vibrates.

So as matter, peoples energy vibrate all the time. It is invisible and it affects us as soon as we interact with each other.

Vibration can be inferior or elevated. It depends how we sail our days.

Of course, it is logical that positivity delivers higher frequency of vibrations, but we spurn a crucial question “Do you know who you are?” We cannot elevate frequency if we have blank answer on this question. Maybe I am happy around nature, and it doesn’t necessarily means that everyone is.

Most people in this lifetime do not know who they are and why they are here. We are a vibrant, incredible, beautiful and amazing wellbeing’s. Every one of us is an amazing being of light.

The exact sentence above, needs to be submitted in our DNA. And in this article, we will try to make that feasible through applicable routines.How To Raise Your Frequency Of Vibration In 4 Unique Steps

1. Meditation

It’s cliché, right?

Articles on positive energy and ‘high frequency’ may all say that meditation will make us positive, but that’s awry information.

That’s why I even wrote an article: mediation is not what everyone say it is. It’s something what I call, a starting point, and I rather recommend it in the morning.

So, let’s extend this connotation.

Whole life we engulf information’s and experiences, and traumatic experiences tend to cause a little trouble. They block the way we think. Imagine them as security not letting your get in the club.

Now, meditation is not going to make us go to the club, but it will remove the security, or a bit fancier, it will give us a free VIP pass.

We clean our mind up, allowing ourselves to vibrate easier on higher frequency. Meditation is not happiness. Meditation is cleaning our path to happiness. Criminals and psychopaths meditate too! It’s a purgatory, not an act of happiness.

To cause higher frequency, we meditate to ‘calm the storm’, allowing us to go to the next step.

2. Begin to think!

On the second step, after cleaning ourselves up, we begin to think.

Some may say: “Calm your mind and bla bla.” No! That’s what we did before. Now, we think for ourselves, not minding what others say. Even if this sounds like bull*hit to you, close this, right now!

You choose who you want to be, and choose which things get in your mind. Our minds are not pr*stitutes, like society and media wants us to be. We all have one invaluable organ, a mind, a bonsai. We have tree inside our heads that needs to be cut and watered.

From this point, we have a mind on our own.

The second step is to think from our consciousness. Two people may not perceive same thing as positive, as we said before.

Someone like to party and live on the beach. Someone likes more a rooftop building apartments, or house on a hill (not hunted.) Some like to travel the world and soak cultural habits. Some like all of the above, but what matters is that everyone is attracted positively to different things.

We need to aim for global good, and lifting others up. We know that is right! We know deep down.

So begin to think, for the last time. Think on a way that makes you positive, so you will drum those vibrations in you.

3. Be HONEST to yourself

We can lie whenever we like, but lying to ourselves is the most toxic thing we can do. ( B.t.w Lying is almost always wrong.) For example, when my grandmother was sick, I lied to her that she looked great and she got her color back and looks refreshed. In a couple of hours, she did feel great! My lie triggered a placebo effect.

So lying is rarely a good thing, usually for good purposes.

But lying to ourselves can cause so much trouble in those vibrations, that we can get stuck in a moment for our whole lives.

In one coffee shop near me, 50 people were given an anonymous papers to write all that’s stuck in their hearts, so it would make them relieved from what lies deep inside them. All the papers were glued on the walls (it’s kind of artistic coffee shop.)

What I read from some guy, made me write this 3rd point. It was:

“I have a girlfriend for 5 years and I still love her.”

What do we have to say more? This guy lives half of his life, not trying to cope with his momentum state.

He may be honest on his paper, but accepting and letting go is also a part of it.

So when we feel something, we need to be honest with it.

The point is do not have anything to write on this papers. We need clear hearts.

Don’t throw any more skeletons in your closet. We need more space to begin to think (which was number 2.)

4. Live healthy

If we want to function properly, we have to satisfy one customer. It’s our body.

I firmly believe we are souls, and from this soul, we make everything possible through our bodies.

Now, to pass through, we need to give something. There are no bodyguards. We took care of that. Now we need to make one more thing satisfied.

Our bodies are made perfect. All we do is prevent from occurring physical errors.

Imagine you have a house, and you want that house maintained. You may have water problems, or you may need to change some light bulb, but your house is perfect in the beginning.

If we don’t keep that house, the results would be negative.

Smoking cigarettes (broken window), heavy alcohol drinker (broken tables and chairs), excessive narcotic (front and back door missing.) You see, we just destroy our ‘houses’ with bad habits.

We can get our brain some food, we can include some superfoods in our diets, we can laugh more whereas it’s the best medicine.

Get your blood pumping and increase your vibes. It’s not a scam, and definitely not a blasphemy. We need more positive people around! Let’s reverse the fact that negativity and pessimism became an automatic response.

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