Message To All Humanity! We Need This NOW More Than Ever! [Video]

In the movie, The Great Dictator, our favorite old timer “Charlie Chaplin” gave the most brilliant goose bumping speech of all times.

Greed has inducted our lives. We would rather live rich in misery than poor in happiness. The greed has twisted our point of view. The TV, Rich People, Commercials, Movies …

It made us think that smiles and yachts come together, that happy families come with big houses, that power will bring us happiness. IT IS ALL WRONG.

We control the machines, they don’t control us. They are made by the materials that this world provides us with through all these years. Dead animals, meteors, evolution … These are all things that happened 4.5 billion years ago, since the planet earth was one piece of rock. We use this precious elements to build weapons and nuclear weapon, things that kill massive group of people. For what? For showing power to one another ?

It takes 4.5 billion years of evolution to come at this exact point, and couple of seconds to destroy that.

So far greed has succeed. All the religions were built to destroy it, to shackle it. I would fight with someone who says any religion is wrong! In the beginning they were are all made to help people and unite them. Unfortunately even the religions got affected by greed. It is all about greed and taking money from the people.

Today success is valued how much we take from the people, not how much we give to people. The accomplishments and aim for purpose got directed toward the money, not happiness.

Why they say “the happiness is in the small things”?

It’s because it just feels real from your gut to sleep with your pet, to see people do good deeds, to see old couples still in love, to eat a cold watermelon on a hot sunny day, to laugh at your own jokes.

When people realize that there is nothing but pain and suffering in being greedy than being happy, spiritual, and united, the world will find it’s “nirvana”.

Video from: Namaste 1001

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