Negativity And Pessimism Became An Automatic Response

Chit chatting with friends, making online conversation, writing articles on debatable (even if it’s not so debatable) topic, we attract people with opinions.

“To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.” – Aristotle

And of course, people must have opinions. But what is deviating is that automatism has become a negative response, globally. Negativity dominates.

It’s an easy try. Say to your closed ones that you want some change, or give example of how you want to move from the city. “That’s beautiful” or “That’s a great change for you!” We both know that’s not what you get.

“Have you taught what awaits you there? Are you sure you want to risk everything you have here?” That’s what you’ll probably get. It was just a dull example.

However good people may want things to be for you, they will either fear your change of how that will reflect on their life, or they get information from the “dark” side of the brain. Both ways, the dark side affect the automatic response.

To find proper environment with positive people is the hardest thing these days. People combine and last friendships with similar judgments. And then we are confused, why is it so hard to get what you want, pursue your vision, do a leap of faith, or get out of the comfort zone. It’s because we are dense pessimists in a place where energy floats.

I find it easiest to pursue my dreams when I am isolated. No one tells me what I should or shouldn’t do, how should I keep in mind about the cause, or how I waste my time. But something is missing of the puzzle. A good and positive environment. People who know what they want, they are positive about it, and they need people alike.

Imagine what you’ll be able to pursue if people around you filled you with positivity and encouragement with things you love doing. Even cheer some of your stupid ideas, the ones you learn from. The world around you becomes different. You are whole new “you.” The fog is out of your brain, your safety button is off (the one that always stops you to “protect” your momentum state) you are wiped clean and you wake up determined , positive, and a vision waiting for you to be grasped. I even got delighted just by re-reading this last part.Negativity And Pessimism Has Become An Automatic Response

How To Find Your Positive Environment?

What we learn every day, how we respond on things, creates a kind of nutshell. You are surrounded by people with whom you belong. If you ever questioned who’s guilty about your unhappiness, poor mindset, or empty pockets, I think I have the answer. It’s because of you. You are guilty. And your environment too, but you choose the environment, which makes you guilty, again.

“But why is this guy saying this? Does he ever walked in my shoes? Does he know what happens in my family and how people treat me?”

I don’t really know any of it, but I point my finger again. It’s your fault. With bold letters.

What happens around you can be changed.

“There is no reality except the one contained in us” – Hermann Hesse

As Jim Carey says in his speech: Life doesn’t happen to you. it happens for you.

It’s up to us to send our message to it on the things we love to be surrounded with. That message is created first with thoughts, and continues with our actions. We must act on creating the message to the universe.

When we read and hear “send your message to the universe” mostly in books on self-improvement and inspirational speeches, we think it’s kind of creating a message with our thoughts and sending that up high. Apart of it it’s true. We do create the first step in our brain, but thoughts stagnate, and even create pessimistic outcome, if we don’t transmute them in action.

The brain is simple. It is limited. That thing up there only wants safety. It’s just how it works, and it’s doing a great job! It saved me, you, and people before us, a thousand times. These things, you know, when if you were 1 minute before at a particular place, or when the clutch in your car got stuck and car ran before you on the red light? It’s not by chance. It’s a inside feeling. I’ve been saved by it at least 20 times in my life. I have more lives than a cat!

Actually, the brain is made to be challenged off the limits. We should make him do the safe parts, but not in the small acts, where we should be getting a new job, or asking a girl out, or these similar deeds.

The positive environment comes as a reward. People with greater visions, above the automatic responses and pessimism, combine each other on the way.

Albert Einstein – ‘If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.’

The goal itself creates genuine nutshell and environment of people.

What you need is change of view. Deleting the automatic response, getting away from the black sheep’s in the herd. You need to clean yourself off the things most people think and do. Success, happiness, and a good life doesn’t come from pessimism. Those things are positive created with positive niche.

What we need to learn is not always compassion, and kindness. We need to think positive and wise. Those two things understand how it’s to be compassionate and kind with others. If we can do that, instead of artificially learn to be compassionate and kind and good person, we can change the world.

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