What Is Your Mayan Spirit Animal?

Knowing your spirit animal is vitally important to understanding Mayan Mysticism and Mayan Spirituality.

Our spirit animals give us insight into our personalities, our needs, our desires, and our spirit paths.

However, unlike a traditional astrological zodiac, our Mayan spirit animal represent our spirit guides and the traits they lend to us, rather than a deterministic statement about who we are.

Date of birth remains important; however, as the Mayan calendar counts differently than the modern Gregorian calendar that we use in everyday life, and the Maya looked to their calendar for almost all forms of spiritual guidance.

The Mayan calendar is actually much more accurate than our own, and therefore yields more exacting measures our true selves.

Below is a list of the Mayan spirit animals and some information about each one.

January 17 – February 10

Spirit Animal: Bat

Those with the bat as their spirit animal are widely seen by others as some of the most exciting individuals.

Indeed, bats are very adventurous and are often the center of attention.

While bats are often seen by western tradition as a nefarious animal, the bat Mayan spirit animal is anything but. Bats make excellent leaders and are well respected for their air of authority and their capacity to project their dreams and visions for the future upon others.

Bats can be quick to judge or speak their mind without thinking first, but the insightful folks who are smart enough to keep company with bats know to expect this and, indeed, rely on it.

Bats are frequently corporate managers, advocates or foremen, but the truth is that they tend to excel no matter what the environment.

February 11 – March 15

Spirit Animal: Wolf

The winter’s wolf is fiercely loyal and trusted by all.

Wolves are usually seen by others as very stable individuals, even when inside the true self is always in turmoil.

Wolves are known to be persistent and resilient, even at the risk of being seen as stubborn by others. Wolves are seen as strong allies and lovers of art and good conversation. When other spirit animals need to sound their ideas off another, or talk about major life changes over a beer or glass of wine, the wolf is usually the first person they call.

Wolves are highly pragmatic and logical, and so their advice is invaluable to others. They tend not to show their teeth unless impassioned by righteous indignation, at which point heaven help he who finds himself on the receiving end their anger!

Wolves are most often found in jobs that require teamwork, as they thoroughly enjoy the sense of belonging. Athletics, tourism and hospitality, engineering and military are all common career paths for the typical wolf.

March 16 – April 13

Spirit Animal: Snake

While in modern times we associate the snake with deception, the ancients viewed the snake as a sign of luck and hope for the future. People with the snake spirit animal are big dreamers and tenacious lovers. Their strengths include courage, compassion, and idealism. Snakes need to beware of a dual nature, however. If a snake does not feel that her efforts are paying off, she can fall prey to the darkness of narcissism, greed, and vanity.

However, for the most part, snakes are full of energy and vitality, and they are clever wordsmiths. Most snakes are gifted with a burning intellect, which the right people see as an indispensable asset. Unfortunately, most others are unable to see the intelligence of the snake, because the snake often deals in high-minded concepts that are beyond the reach of others. Snakes should take care to share their ideas only with those who are capable of appreciating them, otherwise they can find themselves in trouble.

April 14 – May 10

Spirit Animal: Jaguar

The Jaguar is the greatest enigma of all the spirit animals. Jaguars are full of  contradictions.

They seek comfort and security yet they constantly search for new adventures. Jaguars can often be seen as commanding individuals, even though they present themselves to the world with a calm and cool demeanor. The Jaguar is the benevolent master planner of the Mayan spirit animals, and jaguars are usually known for getting their way without ruffling too many feathers.

Jaguars are often found in real estate, politics and management, since their diplomatic yet steadfast personalities are well adapted to those fields.

May 11 – June 10

Spirit Animal: Fox

The Fox is the great influencer of the Mayan spirit animals.

Armed with his strong internal moral compass, he tends to use his clever wit and sense of humor to involve others in the pursuit of greater goals.

However, the Fox often feels a strong desire to be alone. In his periods of isolation he becomes reflective and introspective. This alone time is vitally important because it is during these periods that the Fox recharges and prepares to shine once more. When the Fox is recharged, nothing can stop him. Even the strong leadership of a Bat must bend to the will of a Fox at his best.

For this reason, the Fox thrives in politics, entertainment, and fund-raising. On the other hand, other spirit animals may see the Fox as secretive, which greatly conflicts with his own self-image as an “open book.” Those with the Fox spirit animal must be careful with the feelings of others by being honest and upfront about their needs.

Unfortunately, the Fox can have a difficult time maintaining friends and love relationships if he neglects placing a strong emphasis on communication. However, once these obstacles are overcome, those with the Fox spirit animal will forge strong, life-long relationships with very special and talented people.

June 11 – July 16

Spirit Animal: Monkey

Mighty Monkey, no one can ever know the overwhelming obstacles you’ve overcome. No one knows of your trials because they are so great that no one would even believe you if you tried to explain. This doesn’t bother you on a day-to-day basis; however, because you are content to wow others with your grand ideas and visions.

I speak directly to you Monkey, because too often you feel alone despite the fact that you are constantly surrounded by people.

Others see your strength more easily than you, and they assume that because you appear stronger than they are that you don’t ever need words of comfort or reassurance.

Rest assured that your core friends and family love you very dearly, and they need you much more than you may think. Your genius is well noted by others, and even if few of them agree with your politics or your ideas about love and relationships, deep down they know that you have been right all along.

Their resistance isn’t evidence of disagreement, but instead their way of telling you that they wish to be persuaded. In fact, you’ve been persuading people for your whole life, which is why you find yourself drawn to careers like writing, journalism, law, and activism. Never let the world’s darkness dim your light, because yours is the light the world needs.

July 17 – August 14

Spirit Animal: Coyote

Coyotes are sometimes too clever for their own good.

Their keen eye for ethics is often too far ahead of the others, who mistake the coyote’s insight for folly.

Coyotes are deep thinkers, but for good reason they tend to have a lot of shallow people in their lives. This is because it is the coyote’s role to elevate others, to engage those who truly need it with deep conversations.

Coyotes may be sharp dressers, but in truth they’re unconcerned with the superficial world. Coyotes constantly seek to improve themselves and expect the same from others, which usually leads to frustration and disappointment.

Thankfully the coyote’s strong resolve needs only short breaks to recover from these disappointments, which is why it is commonplace to see coyotes working as teachers, professors, instructors and mentors.

August 15 – September 9
PiranhaRed bellied Piranha

Spirit Animal: Piranha

The Piranha is easily the most misunderstood of the Mayan spirit animals. While the world often sees Piranha as a villain, this perception couldn’t be farther than the truth.

Piranha always have the best interests of others at heart. What sets the Piranha apart is her willingness to make the tough decisions that others aren’t strong enough to make. This often makes the Piranha appear as the bad guy, even though the Piranha knows that big gains later won’t come without some sacrifice upfront.

Thankfully, Piranha’s are steadfast and capable of absorbing some blame so long as they receive a modicum of recognition at the end. Moreover, the Piranha is incredibly brave, perhaps the bravest of all the Mayan spirit animals.

This is why we often see Piranha working as first responders, in law enforcement, and as counselors and advisors to others. Piranha tend to have excellent taste, whether is be in art, clothing, or music. Piranha also make formidable lovers, and nightmarish enemies.

Smart people know never to cross a Piranha.

September 10 – October 14

Spirit Animal: Turtle

The turtle is the true rogue of the Mayan spirit animal kingdom. This is particularly surprising because turtles have a knack for blending in, becoming covert weirdos in a world of normal people.

The unkeen eye might easily mistake a turtle for anyone else, as turtles have a gift for remaining inconspicuous.

The truth is that turtles are never happy unless they are secretly engaged some type of subversive activity, whether it be quietly adding an extra spoonful of sugar to their tea or plotting a revolution.

The typical turtle might have a secret hobby, or a place they go often that no one knows about. For this reason turtles are disproportionately represented in government administration, clandestine operations, and the most dangerous game of all: high-end fashion. But no matter what the job title, you’ll find turtles operating with the utmost discretion.

October 15 – November 13

Spirit Animal: Owl

The universe recites a certain melancholic poetry to the owl.

The owl does not know himself, nor even the most basic characteristic of his place in the world. He does not know if he is lucky or unlucky, introverted or extroverted, an optimist or a pessimist.

This is not because the owl is imperceptive, but instead precisely the opposite.

The owl’s great gift and great curse is his ability to always see both sides of the coin. The owl is perhaps the only spirt animal to truly understand the duality of the universe, and to live apart from the constraints that imposes upon others. This can make it difficult for the owl to get along with other spirit animals, but it can be a great asset when judging people and situations. The owl never sees in black and white, but instead in hundreds of tones of grey.

This is why we see owls drawn to professions like art, literature, anthropology and music. The owl always feels compelled to help others see past false dichotomies and over-simplified notions of right and wrong.

November 14- December 12

Spirit Animal: Dolphin

Those with a dolphin spirit animal are always looking for fulfillment and meaning, finding it in reading, hobbies, and a tight-knit circle of friends.

Dolphins tend to be patient planners, who genuinely care about others and are always considerate with people’s feelings. The dolphin has an emotional intelligence that is unrivaled by any other spirit animal.

This is why it is so common to see dolphins working as social workers, teachers, clergy and counselors. Other spirit animals may espouse lofty ideas about making the world a better place, but dolphins are the ones that are truly committed to changing it, one person at a time.

December 13 – January 16

Spirit Animal: Armadillo

The armadillo is the most idealistic of the Mayan spirit animals.

Armadillos are unconventional and intellectually independent, without being cynical. This is because armadillos have a gift for seeing the world as no one else does. They are keen at pointing out what they perceive to be wrong with things, but they tend to do it in a way that overcomes any defensiveness their opponent may feel.

Armadillos are intensely creative and often remarkably well humored. This may explains why so many comedians, social commentators, actors, and poets are armadillos. Armadillos are a joy to be around, and they tend to be the life of the party.



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