What You Learn From Meditation Is Not What Everyone Says You Will

It decreases anxiety, increases emotional stability, increase creativity, happiness, develops intuition, and most of all, peace of mind.

What you learn from meditation is that has benefits, eventually, a massive ones. But …

I’ve done it for over a year now, and it really worked out. I am still doing it and it will expand to the rest of my life. However, I discovered something that hasn’t worked for me. First it was strange, and afterwards was so clearly broken.

The thing that didn’t worked was the part where I wasn’t pursuing my vision. While meditation silent the frantic tempo and made me hear my inner voice, I wasn’t listening nor pursuing it. And the little voice started soaring and screaming inside of me.

I couldn’t smile naturally anymore. All my positive energy was drained. I couldn’t party like I used to. One day, everything exploded, and there was the little voice.

I started hearing that little voice, and I was fused perfectly with it. I was able to cope with every problem, laugh like crazy on the small things, and started doing warmhearted things for people!

However, what I’m trying to catch to you with this is that you must cope with your inner voice if you want to get the most out of meditation.

I was a cheerful individual and talkative, but meditation told me that I wasn’t happy with that. Instead, I wanted to be wise, not a clown.

While I gained that, I lost my joggling balls. I couldn’t cope with people like I used to, and I wasn’t listening to my voice. Eventually, I was nothing to anyone, not even for me.

Opened a business as a co-partner, still not happy. As a matter of fact, even worse. I was unhappy.

So when you start with meditation, and to fully obtain your peace of mind, combine with the voice inside. If you can’t hear it, it might feel like meditation is total blasphemy. Like my former thought on it.

And I don’t think anyone has ever told online about this. All you can hear is “meditation is perfect!” it gives you peace, calmness, reduces stress, and so on. But as lot of money can bring happiness, it could lead to the most destructive habits.

When something doesn’t feel right about meditation, I might think this is the answer.

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