10 Signs That You Are On The Right Track When People Start To Hate You

There are miserable people all around us. We might never want to look this way, but the truth is people hate other people fortune “based” on their misfortune.

Miserable people feel even more miserable when they approach happy people. Based on their life and struggle, they expect more in return compared to others.

I do believe we all different ways to walk, but I believe the harder the better! And when we walk that way, we know there will be haters all around.

We will explain the reasons behind it in 10 signs that you are on the right track when people mock behind your back.

1. You know that luck is one’s own creation


If we’ve learned something from work, struggle and life itself, it is that the energy we spend on doing tasks and sticking to our values instead of emotions, returns x10 times when we least expect it.

And yes. Some may receive a better hand sooner rolling the dice, but every time we roll them, we get an extra chance on getting double six.

Basically, we create luck by making more and more chances. Too bad many of us regret not taking chances when the situation hands it in a platter.

Know that me and you don’t deserve anything, unless we earn it. That’s how luck works.

Imagine what would be the outcome by hating people and downgrading ourselves because we think life is a bingo? The outcome is one of those miserable people we mentioned in the beginning.

2. You own something valuable


In general, it’s because of physical possessions, and rarely on the emotional state.

Maybe you’ve earned something better, maybe it was a heritage, or that you are too positive! Yes that happens too. But the main reason is that people think the creator threw you in a lucky womb.

I was devastated to hear how many people I’ve made good conversations with, and thought they’re my buddies, turned out to be gossiping as soon as I leave my chair. It’s just the mechanism how they react. I’m positively sure you’ve been all over this.

The conclusion is that many of your buddies, colleagues, and close friends are not your magic mirrors from snow white. Only your closest family members may cheer your success in every sphere, and if you’re happy enough, some of your friends. Otherwise your ears rings.

3. You value your time

time management survey

After college, the most crucial lesson we need to grasp as the law of life is that time is the most valuable resource. It’s the ugly truth! We can’t get it back. It literally kills us.

If we value our time, we may not always have time to see people. I mean, we could be drinking coffees and laying in our bed the whole time, but in that case we haven’t learned a thing of valuing time.

Now, if we value time we can’t always answer all the calls. S*itty and worthless conversations are not on the line if you’re visionary.

Upcoming, they may feel insecure of our dedication to achieve something big so it comes back down to hating us in many ways.

Our goal is to value time by asking ourselves questions: Is this going to be of any good? Is it worth the time? Am I going to regret this, or it will bring me good in any way?

We all have the same amount of time in a day. How we use it, it’s based on our values as a human beings.

4. You are outrunning people

Outrun people

Is it a promotion, a personal success, or a new major value we’ve brought in our character, these things may give us boost on the track.

Life is a race. It’s been since prehistoric times when males separate themselves from the alpha, the great leader. Everybody wants to be an alpha, but not everyone has the courage to overcome the fears they face.

Something that helped me open my views was a question: what would you do if you’ve had no fears?

Our views expand by getting better values and pursuing them for a span of time. The day we expand our views, is the day we outrun people. It can arouse struggling emotion to outrun some of your buddies, but that’s the reason you couldn’t soar like an eagle.

Give people a helping hand, but if they still fall back, you’ve got a finish line ahead.

5. You know mocking doesn’t travel far
Mocking People

It’s really dumb, but some people start to mock because they have nothing else to say. They need attention on their empty being and they attract with backstabbing. How empty-minded should someone be to do that?

We know mocking is one of the lowest ways possible to make conversation. Only worse is fighting with the participant.

Talking behind someone’s back doesn’t travel far. It may give us some points in front people, but it will definitely take more on the long run.

Every time you sense you’re about to talk bad about someone, think if you’re able to say that to his face. Be a real person for once. Take down your mask.

6. You know the past changes

Past changes

Only people who are hurt and ignorant to learn something from the past can say that people and things will always stay the same.

We’ve all been hurt, dozens of times. It’s the wounds we heal that make us stronger. The hardest lessons are learned from the most dreadful experiences.

The Japanese art form is quite symbolic on this topic. Kintsugi is the art of repairing pottery with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.

If we don’t think the past changes, it means that we didn’t learn anything from it.

“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.” – Muhammad Ali

7. You know “you” has nothing to do with “them”

Pointing fingers

Based on our experience and things we did in the past, we’ve spilled our bad emotions on other people’s faces. This can arouse a longtime enemy, a bad breakup, and even a death case!

We need to learn to control our emotions, and the way we do that is by focusing on our self-control. We can be only punish by our anger.

When we focus to control our life as separate from everyone else’s, we can learn how to cope with our emotions based on “us” rather them throwing it on “them.”

8. You know you can’t climb by throwing someone down

Helping hand

Climbing the ladders to a higher emotion, vibration, energy, or success, is exactly the opposite of pushing someone down.

Sometimes I even think that’s why most politics fail to keep a country in a good stance. It’s because all they do is compete by killing themselves to win the throne. It’s no different for the “voters.”

We cannot be happy nor successful by being a floor machine. Everything we get, we need to spread out. Therefore, happiness is the essence of sharing higher vibration with people. We get by giving. It doesn’t mean that you should go bankrupt now and throw it all away, but don’t be the American tourist (from the story).

Push people up the ladder as much as you can.

9. You know people in general are losers, and you are not one of them

Winner or loser

Deep down we are all winners. We have to find that inside us and use it in the physical world. The reality is, major part of the people are losers. They are probably not happy, not successful, nor are a good company. Mostly because they have very few values, if not any.

That’s the reason why is it so hard to be happy or successful. Because you have to decide that you are not a loser. You are capable of spreading your uniqueness, and you will do that whatever it takes you to do.

Stretch out yourself, and be ready to rule your world! You are not anyone in general, you are unique individual that possesses unique powers to make this world a better place for you and everyone around you.

Find your wining ability and spread it out.

10. You are open-minded


It may be a bit sarcastic, but this Dave guy is totally right!

We can’t be in a mind jail for a lifetime. We have to be capable of expressing ourselves so others can see our inner part. How can you be happy and successful otherwise? By being alone in a world full of people? Acting Will Smith in “I am legend”?!

Close minded people are ignorant. They don’t allow protocol in and out of their head. We call that mind prison.

What did we conclude:

Happiness only comes to those who are on the right track. The good life comes to those with moral values. We cannot let our emotions control us. We can always reconsider otherwise and store a box with good habits.

Make the rest of your life, the best of your life! Join the good life.



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