31 Photos That Brilliantly Capture The Beauty And Horror Of Human Life. #17 Is Bizarre!

These photos capture the diversity of the human race, reminiscing us that on this planet everyone lives different life, happy and sad. These images are beautiful and touching.

The following breathtaking photos are combined so we can acknowledge one thing: “happy or sad, we are all in this together.”

“Cosmic time is the same for everyone, but human time differs with each person. Time flows in the same way for all human beings; every human being flows through time in a different way.” ― Yasunari Kawabata

1. A boy rescues his sister from underneath the rubble of their home in Syria

2. Toshimana, an apprentice Geisha in Kyoto

3. Yezidi girl carries an assault rifle to protect her family against ISIS

4. A mother and her 3 year-old daughter, who were attacked with acid by their husband/father

5. Girl that survived 11 days in Siberian Forest

6. Blind albino boys in their boarding room at a mission school for the blind in West Bengal, India, 2013

7. 3 weeks-old newborn with albinism happily sleeping with his cousin in Kinshasa, Congo photo Patricia Willocq

8. “I’m fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to die in.”

9. Siberian Family Meal

10. Lawyer and assistant

11. Nihang Sikh

12. Public bus passengers try to rescue a woman who tried to commit suicide by slitting her wrist with a fruit knife

13. A boy of the nomadic Suri tribe of Ethiopia, in traditional face/body paint and attire

14. Iowa couple of 72 years finally gets married

15. 13 year old eagle huntress Ashol Pan; Mongolia

16. The face of a Chinese coal miner

17. A Palestinian girl with a Kalashnikov rifle, amid Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza City

18. Beautiful eyes!

19. 7 Year Old Syrian Rebel

20. Rice Farmer in Small Villiage, Vietnam

21. An 18 year old IDF soldier pauses after a long run in full gear and battle paint. By Asher Svidensky

22. Tea time on the Yamal peninsula

23. Malagasy girl walks among the Baobab trees

24. Ethiopian girl from the Hamer tribe

25. A Monk And His Brother

26. A poor farmer’s son graduated

27. A girl from the minority Yazidi sect rests at the Iraqi-Syrian border crossing in Fishkhabour, Dohuk province after fleeing Isla

28. Mother and Daughter

29. Taking a break at Burning Man

30. Alcoholic Father with child

31. 2 Year Old Offering Food To Her Handicapped Mom

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Reference: Imgur Breathtaking Photos of People

Inspired by: True Activist



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