70 One-Liners That Will Help You Break Any Barrier! Knowing These Will Shift Your Perception

Sometimes all we have to do is remind ourselves of some things. Vast part of our moments fade away just because we let our automatic pessimism talk, instead of our vital consciousness.

These one-liners will shift your perception of life and help you break any barrier in life. So simple and awe-inspiring.

Number 7 and 25 specially got me …

1. Believe that even the smallest compliment can save someone’s life.

2. Remember that one person can change an entire nation.

3. Understand that kids are smarter than we make them out to be.

4. Just because old people are old, doesn’t mean they’ve lost their youth.

5. Talent can be found under the dirtiest rock or in the most hopeless slum.

6. Just because someone is poor in wealth doesn’t mean they are poor in spirit.

7. Poverty is the greatest gift you can give a person. It is only then that they will have a choice to either become valuable or die as a quitter.

8. Let the naysayers say nay and allow the criticizers to criticize: in the end you will have found greater happiness having pursued your dream.

9. If a baby can smile living off of only breast milk and a mother’s love, you can smile too.

10. The prettiest people can do the ugliest things.

11. You are no different than the squirrel on that branch. You both eat a lot, hibernate for the winter, and have a tendency to be curious of humankind.

12. From the CEO of a major corporation to the lowly janitor who sweeps where his boss stands; they are all insecure.

13. To be creative is the most valuable thing in the world; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

14. People conform because there is strength in numbers, but true strength comes from the person brave enough to stand alone.

15. Unrealistic goals are hardly ever achieved not because they are impossible, but because everyone is too scared to make them real.

16. Don’t be afraid to let those go who are hindrance to your high self-esteem, the life blood of your success.

17. Embarrassment is a pointless emotion that only serves to confuse and over exaggerate reality.

18. The only ways to stop negativity is to avoid it completely or face it head on.

19. Irrational self confidence is worth more than rational defeatism.

20. To live in no one’s reality but the one you’ve created for yourself is to achieve true happiness.

21. Giving is one of the most underrated tactics to getting what you want.

22. Fear the person who dreams unrealistically; one day he may acquire what he desire.

23. Everyone has a weakness.

24. Live and die as your passion; to be known as anything else is an insult to your existence.

25. Do not deprive yourself or others of the gift of cartoons. Their creativity, hilarity, and curiosity have made me who I am today.

26. Quiet patience and adaptive persistence are the two keys to perpetual happiness.

27. Never feel ashamed of your natural instincts. They are there for a reason.

28. Look at the people you are following in their footsteps. Is that the person you wish to be?

29. Don’t indulge in distractions that are short-lived and derail your long term efforts.

30. To create a piece of art is to exist as a God within your mental domain.

31. The movers in this world are the ones who create and consume only what coincides with their ultimate vision of themselves.

32. Things are never as they seem. Always dig deeper to find the gold beneath the rock.

33. Stereotypes don’t come out of thin air; all that is left for you now is to disprove them.

34. Any crack in your resilience will be exploited if you don’t patch it up from time to time.

35. Being assertive is a sign of a steadfast will.

36. Negative people don’t deserve your time; positive people crave it.

37. When your beliefs are tested, bring evidence to prove them wrong (granted you actually feel the need to).

38. When you have the strength to ask for more even after being knocked down countless times, there is nothing you can’t achieve.

39. To look down to the ground is a sign of weakness. Look forward to showcase your unshakable confidence.

40. Even one who is deaf can produce the most beautiful music.

41. How much do you want success? How far are you willing to go?

42. A true genius is one who can sit for hours intensely focused on what he loves.

43. Do not screw around with your time. It is the only thing within your absolute control.

44. The only sense of entitlement you should feel is toward living your passion.

45. The answers are always right in front of us. Just open your eyes.

46. If you do not want to put in the work to make your dreams real then you do not deserve the right to put down anyone who fails in trying.

47. The human brain contains 15-33 billion neurons; do not tell yourself that you are not creative.

48. Do not let yourself fall into despair; it is a massive waste of time and emotion.

49. People don’t tell you to try new things because it sounds “adventurous”. They say it because it actually works.

50. If today was your last day, how many of these words would you actually follow?

51. To be an authority of any kind, you must earn and emanate respect.

52. When in doubt, just laugh. Find amusement in how absurd your situation is then come out of the gate with full force.

53. Don’t admire those who are simply hard workers with lots of awards under their belts. Idolize the people who are successful by working hard doing what they love.

54.  Life won’t let you you get by with being stupid. You have to have knowledge of some kind to live in this world.

55. Don’t confuse being stupid with being stubborn. Sometimes trying harder is all it takes.

56. Do NOT allow anyone to disrespect you or make you feel less than you know you are.

57. Don’t blame someone else for being better than you. Blame yourself for not working harder.

58. Hard work is not something we should run away from. It’s pointless work we should fear.

59. Don’t carry everything on your shoulders; that’s what friends are for.

60. When you’ve lost your spirit, spend some time with youth. Their thirst for life and exploration will no doubt re-invigorate you.

61. The fact that nothing in life is guaranteed is both a blessing and a curse.

62. There is never only one choice: you don’t have to go up after you hit rock bottom. You can also choose to stay there.

63. Sometimes you have to realize when you just aren’t good at something; this is the best time to regroup.

64. Using old-age methods to solve new-age problems is setting yourself up for failure.

65. When you’ve been sitting in the same spot for hours, trying to get something absolutely perfect, give yourself more than just a pat on the back.

66. Not many people will risk everything in order to achieve what they want; in other words, be a risk taker and you will reap the rewards.

67. Even when you know you’re close to the finish line, never let up.

68. The only thing you can change about people are your relationships with them.

69. What’s happened in the past is done. The future does not exist yet. The only thing in your mind should be what you’re doing now.

70. You may be a great writer, a doctor, a lawyer, or a banker, but at your very core, the only thing we are best at is being ourselves.

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