8 Toxic Type Of People You Should Avoid Like a Virus

If ‘me and you’ think alike, then you are something special.

You might have something deep inside that you firmly know is going to make a difference in this world, but you keep your old patters with the same people over and over again. So what’s the problem?

The problem is that you are the product of the people you most surround yourself with. It’s nearly impossible to succeed at anything if you don’t circle with the right people. You will find happiness, freedom of thought, and you will attract good things like a magnet.

First you need to spot the rattlesnakes.

Here are the 8 toxic type of people you should avoid just a virus.

1. The Control Freak

If you happened to be around some of “I know everything” guys or girls, those are the control freaks.

It doesn’t matter if you bring facts on the table, or even show PhD doctors talking about particular subject. They just know everything. Your words rarely mean a thing in any type of subject. You have no power there.

Successful surrounding in life or in business structures of people who combine knowledge and produce something bigger. Mr. know it all have no place in both.

Imagine what could this person do in a group project …

2. The Judge

“The judge” will filter any opinion his own way. Even if judges look for evidence, these people don’t even bother with it. It’s like they have Thor’s hammer in their hand instead of gavel.

Don’t ever take advice from this people. Not only they are horrible listeners, but they might even answer through their stuffy filter based on their personal judgment. They just have no observation over the situation. What they think it’s right is final answer for them.

3. The Arrogant

Now, it’s far away from confidence. Arrogance makes awful mistakes while it produces hatred and intimidation. Confidence inspires people to make better choices based on facts.

Confidence is earned. We can smell a confident person, while arrogance is only the suit of confidence with no values. You can dress like a professional runner, but that’s the least what makes you one.

Distinguish arrogance from confidence, and as soon as you do step aside from the first one.

4. The Envy

It’s clear that it’s in the human DNA to compete. But even when you do sport, and even if it’s kickboxing as I did, two bloody people in a ring barely breathing that fought for 9 minutes, end the match and hug each other like brothers. And you can feel there is almost never envy for one another.

Envious people can’t be friends, just because of the fact that they never think good for your success, or anything that makes you happier based on their level of happiness.

If people are not happy because of you, have them out of your life. You just don’t need people with voodoo dolls trying to put more needles on you.

5. The Liar

You remember Pinocchio? Yes the wooden kid. He got his nose grown because of lying. In the world today, however, liars aren’t punished if they’re not caught and you might have some in your niche.

You cannot possibly get around people who carve false reality for you. Liars tend to believe what they lie, so that makes it even harder to notice if you have one around you.

This might help you: (14 Ways To Catch a Liar Before His Nose Grows)

6. The Gossipier

Gossipier – most insecure people. They tend to gossip to rely on something that makes them feel better. They are most toxic when people find out about their spilled lies.

The truth is twisted, feelings get hurt, and enemies are born.

You got yourself a cancer in your environment! Although they are very good at something, and that is creating negative environment for a short period of time.

7. The Negatives

To be honest I was surrounded with many of them, and the minute I stop hanging out with them, I made a giant leap in my life (even thought it wasn’t easy at first).

When you have pessimists in your circles, you cannot ask for advice from them. They just function based on automatic response.

Simply said, you cannot soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded with turkeys. They will eat your wings out just by giving you negative comments.

8. The Victim

Successful people that know how to handle their lives, know one thing: “they are the product of their life.” Everything you do is completely your choice and your fault.

People who think life happen to them are not one, but 10 steps behind with their thinking. It written in almost all books. We are the product of our life. That’s what we humans have, the power of choice. Too many people choose defeat, and failure instead of getting back up again.

We just don’t need those people around telling us the world is against us.

We’ve got to take control over who we build relationships with, who we hang out with, and who we work with. Those three things carve us in one person.



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