There Will Be Unhappiness When You Chase Your Dreams, But It Will Be Worth It!

I remember when I was young, and usually had “the talk” with my parents: “what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Once my mother told me something that made me really angry and distracted me from chasing my dream. I guess I was too young to grasp the truth back then:

“Nothing is easy in life. What you want to do is going to be hard as hell. Make sure it’s the real thing to do. You are young now, but you need to know this.”

I didn’t even want to chase my dream. I mean, it’s hard, why would I do that? But when you’re 13 years old, you still haven’t faced the world.

Another situation (or scene from a TV show) reminded me of the same exact thing I spoke with my mom.

It was an episode of Vikings. Something the main character (Ragnar Lothbrok) said to his son, got me really thinking:

Bjorn Lothbrok: She brings unhappiness and difficulty.
Ragnar Lothbrok: I know it is hard for you to accept.
Ragnar Lothbrok: But unhappiness is more common than happiness.
Ragnar Lothbrok: Who told you you should be happy?

It doesn’t matter what the situation was. This sentences made me stop and wander upon his words. The truth is, unhappiness is more common than happiness, so what do we strive for?

A post in Psychology Today states that the best emotion is hope, which brings one question: “are you hopeful, or hopeless?

Our dreams tend to be the most elusive part of our lives.

It’s 6 o’clock, we wake up and chase something that may never be our reality. We may rise one staircase up, but the dreams is a staircase rising above the skies. We get to realize, we’re still nowhere, or one step ahead heading nowhere.

One day our dreams are plain as a day, the other are simply nothing. You can really divide by zero every “hell” you went through until that day.

Some think money is the case, and chase it endlessly till the end of the world. They can do the ugliest things to walk the roads of riches and diamond rings, without knowing that all of it is a media scam, nor will bring happiness in their lives.

Some even believe all they do is work to survive and that thought alone creates the world for them.

We can jump from individual to individual for eternity.

No matter what happens, and that some days we just want to explode and leave everything behind, we have to remember one thing: we are chasing our dreams.

The picture in your brain of who you want to be will always stay there. It may change some colors, get some mini corrections, but it will stay there as long as you don’t pursue it. One way or another, your dreams kill you.

We have to remind ourselves every day that chasing our dreams will never be easy, never. But what’s more important, that it is even more important than happiness and unhappiness, is that it will be worth it in the end. And only the ones who are on the way know this as a fact!

If you have something to add, I would gladly answer you in the comments section!

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